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It was the very first time that I sewed pants with cuffs – I already had this silk for about 2 years in my stash, I thought the print is hard to match. But at H&M I found this wonderful blouse in spicy color (“brick red”) and also a handbag. So the look was complete in my mind, and I sewed these silk pants.
I think the pattern # 114 is not really true to size, I would sew 1 size smaller next time. It’s very wide. But I like it, it’s comfortable especially when you use a non-elastic fabric.

My accessoires are self-made, too. For the long necklace I used leather straps and a recycled gold colored plate from an old handbag. The earrings were a bargain and I customized them with tassels.

Have a nice day,
Philo from House of Philo