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I just made my first winter coat ever! I love it! I lined it with super warm winter fleece!!! This jacket is based off of Butterick 5252, but I have changed to much of it, you can’t really tell anymore. I moved the pockets from the front seam to the side seam. I ignored the weird frills and added 2 inches to my sleeves. The bottom was extended 9” to make the jacket go all the way down past my knees. I also drafted my own belt and added belt loops on the side seams 3.5” below the arm hole seam. I also changed how to finish the sleeves and hem. Instead of however it was telling me to do them, I finished them the way you would a men’s suit jacket. For the sleeves I opened the sleeve lining sleeve and finished it that way. For the hem, I finished by turning the garment inside out and sewing the lining to the outer fabric leaving a hole to flip it back, then hand stitching the hole together.

You can see more of how I made it here: http://samssignatureseams.com/2015/11/12/warmest-winter-coat-ever/