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Based on a Vintage McCalls Pattern (6405), Levenia is a flirty rework of a Victorian dress design. Combining elements of Views A & B from the pattern, I decided to shorten the skirt length quite a bit from the wedding dress length because, damn it, it’s summer time here in Dante’s Inferno (aka: central Texas). This dress was super fun to sew until it came to the lace yoke insert at the collar. This Victorian detailing really makes you want to throw a sewing machine right out a window, lol;)

My dress form is considered a size Medium, so the dress size comes to an 8 or so. Beyond the collar, there’s some lovely little design details at the dresses back (zipper is powder blue) and sides of skirt (triangular godets to add fullness to the skirt), and the sash is made from black velvet combined with cotton fabric same as dress). Dress is %100 cotton. It will be available on my Etsy site in the next couple of days;)