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This look was created for one of my final two collections in graduate school, “Phoenix Rising.” The top and skirt were created using draping and flat patterning. The top’s textile was bleached several times to achieve a layered appearance. The textile was then shredded and deconstructed with a power Dremel hand tool. The design goal was to create a collection of garments that referenced previous work by myself, but in a new way. The collection was to burn away my previous designs to make way for a new chapter upon graduating from grad school.

Red lace was deconstructed and appliqued on to represent new life. A silver metal stud was put in the middle of each flower to add shine and dimension.

This is the third look and shows an advanced amount of bleaching. Each look would feature less and less denim as it is burned away. Less and less denim would also be featured.

The overall look consists of a deconstructed denim top with corset lacing and a hand dyed deconstructed silk skirt with a deconstructed denim waistband. The skirt was originally beige colored silk that was hand dyed with an acid dye to create a red shade that matches the lace applique.