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I sewed this dress last week. I had 3.5 meters of challis fabric I bought on sale, and as I read in the description of this pattern “With such intricate fabric, the style can afford to be plain”, I knew this was the right fabric for the right pattern.
Although it’s an easy project, it took me more time than usual because it has many details, specially the smocked seams, it was my first time using the shirring elastic, my mom recommend me to use the elastic on the lower bobbin and use the presser foot as a guide for the distance between each line of the smocked seams, it was a total of 8 lines with one centimeter approximately between them. Then I had to cut 8 cm to the hemline because it was too long for me.
I used a black satin bies tape in the arm holes and at the neck cut to make a contrast. The only alterations I did were the side slits and the neck strip. I closed the slits a little bit more because there were very revealing (I don’t have sexy legs like the model) and instead of sewing a fabric tie strip I recicled this tassels from an old skirt.