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Kimono – Burda Handicrafts Special: Silk Painting – 4/1992

This was made out of one of the few largest pieces of fabric that I have in my stash: it is a left-over unused portion of a roll of vintage floral cotton from the early 70’s. It was given to me by a dear friends’ mother, she’s now passed but I can remember her with this. I didn’t realize the pattern was full length maxi to the floor lol. Features include a long belt, and side air vents at the hem. I was also given a metre of corded fringing from another friend which was attached to a blue satin strip, and so I used the satin strip to make a thin edging all around the front opening, and also sewed the fringing into the sleeve seams. I then finished the bohemian look with a kind of criss-cross fish-net macrame-style knotted pattern that I made up, after being inspired by the web. Location: Parnell