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It’s been a while since I sewed much. I moved to knitting for a while as I like the portability.
Anyhow, back to sewing.
This is a luxurious silk top from Burda 02/2008, which I have in Russian. I describe this as luxurious because, although it is a tiny top, the wrap collar, cut on the bias uses quite a lot of fabric. I’ve also done some hand sewing in parts and this adds luxury to the garment.
This blouse is a really simple idea, with a front and back cut on a fold and then the collar is cut on the bias. There are no fastenings, as to get it on over the head, just release the collar and then pull the drape back into position.
The collar is quite versatile and dependent on fabric choice it can flow. Or you could have the drape hanging long, down the back.
I’m off to make some more of these beauties, and if anyone has the instructions in English, I would love to see them!