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A cropped jacket for Fall. Check! This particular jacket is especially unique because it doesn’t have a typical collar— the wide lapels in front are sewn into the shoulder seams, offering a retro-vintage look. We created this jacket by combining two burda style magazine patterns, the pattern to the right and the motorcycle jacket with peplum. We made a few changes: We added the peplum in the back, we made the sleeves a bit more modern and slim, we added piping to the lapels and front panels to complete the retro look.

The fit of this pattern is actually really great. The lines of the silhouette look tailored and sharp but there is plenty of room in the armhole to move freely this jacket. Wear it over a dress and leggings, or with wide-legged trousers for the office. If you’re a beginner thinking this project is too challenging, check out the wide lapel jacket without the peplum, created by a member as her first sewing project!