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This week BurdaStyle Sewing Handbook contributor and prolific member squirrellypoo shares with us her take on our ‘80s-centric geometric sheath dress.

In her words: I loved this sheath dress the second I saw it, and I didn’t need much persuasion to see it’d be the perfect double-duty holiday dress – it’d work equally well for both my husband’s fancy birthday dinner and any Christmas parties.

On second thought: Though on reflection, it might be a bit too sexy for my office party!

On fitting the pattern: As this was a close fitting sheath with a non-stretch fabric, I opted to go right ahead and make the only fitting alteration I ever make with Burda patterns, and even then it’s only occasionally – I removed 2cm above the waist line across all the vertical panels so the waist of the dress is more in line with my own.

On stylistic changes: The only style alteration I made was to alter the sleeve length to be full length rather than bracelet length. To do this was a serious no-brainer – I just laid a regular Burda full-length sleeve underneath this one (Lydia is my go-to!), matching up the underarms, and marked the new length. Then I just extended the sleeve seams down to the line. Done!

On full busted garments: If you usually require an FBA (Full Bust Adjustment), it’d be super easy to do one on this pattern – the little “wings” attach onto a glorified princess seam, so you just need to cut those off your pattern on the marked lining line, do your FBA, and then reattach them when you’re done. That being said, this is a low cut, very close fitting dress, so if either of those descriptions make you nervous, you can a) make a taller inset triangle piece to raise the neckline and/or b) go up one size in the skirt pieces or use a stretch woven fabric.

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