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Conceptual creator of clothing & BurdaStyle member CarotteSauvage has brought new meaning to our Lydia top with an innovative sleeve design. Here’s her inspiration:

Inspiration comes in many shapes. Endless analogies can be drawn from nature or manufactured objects for garment construction. Take analog film (in this case, 16 and 35 mm) as an example. When physically handled one can notice the intricate geometric patterns on the side of the celluloid strip. This is the soundtrack of your film you are holding. It is called Optical Sound. It is the system used by a projector to play back sound from a film strip. The sound is exposed onto the film as a clear modulating line against a black background. The projector reads the track by passing in between the exciter lamp.

Source of Inspiration: Recipes for Disaster by Helen Hill

Now imagine: Circles, ovals and rectangles modulating around your arm. How would they drape if turned into a sleeve? The exciter lamp in your brain starts generating an uncontrollable voltage!
The tutorial proposed is a variation of the Lydia pattern and features some ‘well-rounded’ sleeves and a collar boat. The top has been made in jersey knit. The construction principle of the sleeves can be applied to all patterns and types of fabric. Extensive explanations end here. The Instructions of this tutorial are delivered with an optical soundtrack. Sadly, we are not in possession of an adequate online streaming device to actually hear it. However, the explanatory sketches should be ‘optically sound’.