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As mentioned with the posting of Nora’s gown, when Nora and Benedikta went to the Bambi Awards, we had the golden opportunity to make both their gowns. Benedikta’s gown is a work of art. The multi-tiered ruffles swing and flare from a diagonal body with an a-symmetrical elegance. In her own words Benedikta explains: “This gown, made from Silk Crepe with Lycra combined with Silk Taffeta, was inspired by the designer I worked for right out of school. Besides many other useful tips, he taught me how bias is done best. His techniques replaced the side seam with something called an X-seam. The X-seam, visible on each side of the bias-cut dress, creates a criss-crossed seam from the bust dart to the hip dart. At first, the pattern pieces may look quite unfamiliar but you will see what a rich way of pattern making opens up once you’ve gotten used to it.”