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For many of us, we are in the beginning of Autumn and thinking about how to stay warm and stylish in the cooler weather, so we looked to prolific BurdaStyle member melonhead to create a coat to fit the bill— and we’re totally in love!

In her own words: “I was inspired by the mod style of the 50s and 60s. I’ve fallen in love with all things 50s lately…this is probably due to the all-day marathon of Pushing Daises episodes and seeing all the adorable clothes that they have in it. I loved the piping details seen in Orla Keiley’s collections and I wanted to create something similar to that effect. So I sewed piping on the collar, pocket flaps, and tab on the back of the coat.”

On the sewing process: "I found the pattern instructions to be a little confusing when it came to sewing in the lining and making the vent in the back of the coat. The pattern called for shoulder pads, but I left that part out. Because of that, I had to make some slight adjustments to the sleeves and armholes of the coat. I also made the length a couple inches shorter and added a tab to the back of the coat. Overall it was a very fun coat to make, but I think a couple adjustments could be made to the pattern instructions to make it a little easier to understand. "

P.S. Melonhead takes all of her own photos using a tripod. We <3

P.P.S. For those in the Southern hemisphere this could make for a great Spring coat too!