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    • kmazzetta VintageModern Design Challenge

      Added Mar 14, 2012


    • VintageModern Design Challenge - Blouse to Dress

      Added Mar 14, 2012

      I based my entry loosely on the Sateen Blouse pattern. I added tucks, darts and a collar to the bodice, keeping the V-neck shape and sleeves. I also added a little skirt, thinking to make a puffball shape. That was too difficult to draft though, so I settled for plea…

    • Red Sateen and Lace Blouse (with heart!)

      Added Mar 14, 2012

      I made a black lace and satin blouse for the VintageModern Design Challenge. This one is a day too late for the contest, but I enjoyed working with the simple pattern it …

    • VintageModern Design Challenge Romper

      Added Mar 13, 2012

      I created this romper using the free jumper pattern. I felt that the lines on the pattern were similar to what would work for a romper. I had this fabric already and thought that it would make a great summer look. I kept a few things from the original pattern, but I …

    • VintageModern Design Challenge Summer Purse

      Added Mar 13, 2012

      My entry is based on the Summer Purse from the Vintage Notions book.

      Last summer I was on a mission to make a bag that I could wear around my waist while on my bike, but that I could also wear on my shoulder so as not to have to walk around with a hip sack when I …

    • VintageModern Design Challenge Amy's Western Bag

      Added Mar 13, 2012

      Like my other project, Amy’s Bag, this Western Bag began with The Metropolitan IJ758. I’m a cowgirl at heart, with a great collection of barkcloth, so I thought it would be fun to make this Western piece into a fun, kitschy handbag.

      I made a few changes to the pa…

    • VintageModern Design Challenge: A Patchy Bias Dress

      Added Mar 13, 2012

      I made this dress from the pattern I created by combining the two Indygo Junction patterns, The Best Bias Skirt and the Garden Party pullover. The first version of this pattern is the Grapes of Wrath Dress which is also entered in the contest . I posted a photo of th…

    • VintageModern Design Challenge sateen pattern becomes a new classic shirt

      Added Mar 13, 2012

      I chose the Sateen Blouse free pattern. I added a placket and a collar. The base of the shirt is in a cream and the color is in a stark white. I used the pattern to create a cropped button up I plan to wear for the summer and I could easily dress up or down for work/…

    • VintageModern Design Challenge- Anna Rose Bag

      Added Mar 13, 2012

      Option 1 — Indygo Junction Pattern — Anna Rose Bag
      User Name: Aukling
      email: aukling@gmail.com
      name: Pam Smith

    • “VintageModern Design Challenge” Magic Bias Slip

      Added Mar 13, 2012

      I used the Magic Pattern, Magic Bias Slip for Summer Frocks on page138 of Amy Barickman’s Vintage Notions.
      I was surprised at how well the Bias Slip fits! I thought that it would be baggy and loose, but on the body it clings and moves. It is so seductively sexy …

    • VintageModern Design Challenge: Modern Day/Vintage feel

      Added Mar 13, 2012

      I chose the vintage Slip-On Jumper Dress for my inspiration! As soon as I printed the page with the pattern, it hit me as to what I needed to do:) I love Dior’s ‘New Look’. He was my inspiration for this outfit. I have always admired his defining waistline and flar…

    • Cook's Delight VintageModern Design Challenge

      Added Mar 12, 2012

      VintageModern Design Challenge
      Apron based on the March Magic pattern Slip Over Apron from Amy Barickman’s Vintage Notions Book. I had an idea of how I wanted to alter this pattern but circumstances prevented me from fulfilling this “vision” (I had foot surgery-no…

    • VintageModern Design Challenge -- "Stop the Presses" Jacket

      Added Mar 12, 2012

      My entry for the Vintage Modern Design Challenge is based on Option One, using Indygo Junction’s Trench Topper pattern.

      When Downton Abbey’s Lady Mary asked Sir Richard not to print her scandalous secret in his newspapers, she wore a magnificent, full length coat …

    • VintageModern Design Challenge - Flower Button Trench Topper

      Added Mar 12, 2012

      I decided to take on the Indygo Junction Trench Topper for this challenge. It’s my first coat so it definitely took me out of my comfort zone. When I finished the muslin, I thought, “Wow, it actually looks like a coat!”

      I made a few changes to the pattern. …

    • VintageModern Design Challenge - Jumper Dress

      Added Mar 12, 2012

      I made this using the Jumper Dress – One of Indygo Junctions free E patterns.

      I omitted the sleeves and turned them into a kimono type sleeve, adding a cuff.
      I also changed the neckline to a v-neck and added extra fabric to the center front for a folded back …

    • VintageModern Design Challenge - Jumper Coat - MarthaHaskins

      Added Mar 12, 2012

      Hi everyone!

      I used the free Slip-On Jumper Dress ePattern from Indygo Junction for this entry in to the Vintage Modern Design Challenge. I made the sleeve cuffs extra long, the pockets a bit deeper, curved the neckline at center front, and made it in to a coat …

    • Scallop Edge Dress – VintageModern Design Challenge

      Added Mar 12, 2012

      For this dress, I used the Slip-On Jumper Dress pattern with a few changes for a fun yet modern design. I moved the center seam to the back of the dress and added an exposed metal zipper and decorative button flap closure. Two button flaps adorn the front neck edge. …

    • VintageModern Design Challenge, Playful Over Top Tunic

      Added Mar 12, 2012

      I put 2 pairs of fabric ribbon so that we can tie them in many ways .
      Let’s create our own style . It’s just fun and playful……………..!!

    • VintageModern Design Challenge Amy's Bag

      Added Mar 12, 2012

      “The Metropolitan” IJ758 was my starting point for this bag. Like the purses in the pattern photo, I created mine with a piece of vintage barkcloth from my collection, then lined it with linen and trimmed it with faux suede. I just love the combination of textures!…

    • VintageModern Design Challenge Trench Topper

      Added Mar 12, 2012

      It was so hard to chose just one pattern, but eventually I chose the Indygo Junction Trench Topper. I settled on view 1 without the belt. I used the sleeves from view 2. The fabric is a gorgeous green/ blue herringbone wool. I lined it with black raw silk. The button…