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Added Dec 30, 2010

by soaringviola

Paderborn, Germany






Made this 40s Style Wool Skirt from the current BurdaStyle Magazine (01/2011 – yes, I was pretty fast this time!). I loved the pattern in the moment I saw it, but I am not quite sure if it really fits me – guess it makes my hips look even worse than they already are :-x

The pattern was really easy and fast to sew. I lengthened it because I am pretty tall, but am not sure if it was a bit too much – what do you think?

Material Notes

Dark grey pure new wool for 12 Euro per meter – a great offer at my favorite fabric outlet store :-)




Fall, Winter
Garment Type

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  • Charlie_in_blue_on_the_wharf_-_closer_large

    Jun 23, 2012, 03.21 PMby PrettyCharlie

    Cute pattern, and you can’t go wrong with grey. I think your hip issue is caused by a couple of issues with the waistband:

    1) It seems just a wee bit smaller than the top of your skirt, causing a slight bump where they meet. This makes you look like you are squeezing into the skirt and also draws your eye to the disparity btwn waist and hips.

    2) In this picture, the band seems darker than the skirt. Dark colours draw the eye in, and lighter ones placed near them seem larger (or more forward) by comparison. This would work if it was a design feature, but it would have been executed differently.

    3) Truthfully, I think that waistband is just a teeny bit narrow, or that may be an optical illusion created by the issue in point 2. Once again it just doesn’t fly as a design feature. :( I’d suggest you find an A-line skirt (a pattern, a magazine pic or whatever) that you LOVE, take a close look at its overall visual balance, and deconstruct the relationships between its component pieces.

    4) The band seems to tip slightly forward, creating the visual impression that you have more booty than you probably have while also emphasizing your tummy. It also confuses the eye about where your natural waist is, detracting from the natural clean waist finish you were likely looking for. Combined with issue 1, you will naturally feel it makes you look heavier in that area.

    5) In this pic the hem, of course, emphasizes the horizontal aspects of the skirt, but sounds like you’ve taken care of this beautifully. :)

    6) You’ve paired with a lovely shirt, and without the waistband issues it would be a perfect choice. But the naughty waistband issues are currently emphasized by the horizontal sleeve elements.

    There are some more complicated ways to solve these issues, but many of them could be helped by wearing a wide black or very dark elastic belt with a cute vertical buckle. Darker will be OK in this case because a wider belt will look visually balanced and in-keeping with the vintage vibe. If it’s the right size, it will smooth the bumps below the waistband and hide the way the band seems to tip forward. As a bonus, it will prettily emphasize both the soft flat finish of the skirt and the sheen of the top. This kind of elastic and the buckles are easy to find, too.

    And Sweetie, there is nothing ‘worse’ about you! You are naturally curvy without being unhealthy looking. Look at the pencil arms and bodies of many of these models and celebrate your womanliness! :)


  • Missing

    Mar 6, 2011, 12.30 AMby gailp

    I bought this pattern: are there any directions to go with the download? Yes, I know, it’s fairly easy but there are 3 different panels and, apart from the obvious center back I can’t figure out which of the other panels goes where! And how many of each? Love the skirt but help would be appreciated.

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    • Cimg4603_2_large

      Mar 6, 2011, 12.07 PMby soaringviola

      Mmmh, yes, I remember that I also was confused by it, hope that I get it right now… There are 3 different pieces, the one placed at the fold of the fabric is the front center piece, you´ll need only one of it. The small one are the back center pieces, which you will sew togehter and add a zipper, so you´ll need two of it (mirror inverted, so cut them from folded fabric). The third piece is for the sides, you´ll need 3 of them EACH SIDE, the pieces on each side are also mirror inverted, so cut 3 from the folded fabric and you´ll get 6 pieces. Sew 3 same looking pieces together to get one big side piece.

      So now you have a front center piece, two back center pieces and two big side center pieces for left and right, each made of three. But now there is one hitch – I couldn`t figure out from the pattern and the instructions which of the side pieces is left and right… Maybe the english instructions are better but I guess I sewed the “outside round” edge of the side piece to the front and the “inside round” to the back – hope you know what I mean…

      Wish you luck and fun while sewing! The whole thing was pretty easy and fast to sew, the only problem is the confusion about the pieces…

  • Missing

    Feb 20, 2011, 05.34 PMby chaostotal

    I’m gonna do this pattern, too. The skirt looks great on you, but I would recommend to replace the machine made hem seam with an invisible hand made stitch.

    I would also recommend not to put your shirts and blouses into the skirt, but to wear it over the skirt, like the brown pullover on the last two fotos, because then it accents your hourglass figure and makes your curves look absolutely stunning!!!

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    • Cimg4603_2_large

      Feb 23, 2011, 11.14 AMby soaringviola

      Thanks for your advices! I discussed the hem thing already with katexxxxx and I think you are both right – I was just too lazy to redo it yet :-x

      But I am still not very confidend about how my hips look in it – even with the pullover over it…

  • 985f0154fdefdf284531d76b36fbffee7a42548e_large

    Dec 31, 2010, 01.34 AMby katexxxxxx

    I think it looks fine. Just loosen off the hem stitching (it’s a little puckered), and press the hem edge, and it’ll look really professional. (Just press the lower edge of the hem, not the top edge: you don’t want the top edge of the hem to make visible ridge on the outside.)

    I love the blouse you’ve teamed it with: looks like something straight out of Foyle’s War! :)

    4 Replies
    • Cimg4603_2_large

      Dec 31, 2010, 10.39 AMby soaringviola

      Thanks about the compliment and the advice :-) In the original pattern they just finished the hem with a zic-zac-stitch what I thought could look a bit “unfinished” and a “real” hemseam would look better. But your right, I also wasn´t quit happy with how it turned out…. So maybe I gonna give your way a try :-)

    • 985f0154fdefdf284531d76b36fbffee7a42548e_large

      Dec 31, 2010, 11.25 AMby katexxxxxx

      I’m about to make an 8 gore wide flared skirt (hugs hips, flares like a trumpet below the hipline), and will probably finish that with an overlocked edge turned up and hand stitched…

      I’ll be lining my skirt, and will stop the lining drifting with a French tack on each seam.

    • Cimg4603_2_large

      Dec 31, 2010, 01.01 PMby soaringviola

      Uuh, wow, that sounds really professional… I usually go for the easy solutions ;-) Curious to see the result! I didn´t line my skirt as the fabric is very soft and not scratchy at all and the pattern didn´t need it. But if you go for a skirt more hugging the shape of your hips I am sure lining will improve the fit a lot!

      About the boots: I so love them! I also have large (size 8) and wide feet (for any reasons my high heels fit anyway, usually my feet have the exact shape of the purple shoes on my icon ;-) ) and so was happy to find them! I´ve got them from a cheap fashion lable so I was lucky they didn´t cost much but on the other hand I fear they won´t be with me for so long… But shouldn´t it be easier for you to get shoes in UK? I lived there a couple of month and guess it´s much more choice for people with big, wide feet than in Germany…

    • 985f0154fdefdf284531d76b36fbffee7a42548e_large

      Dec 31, 2010, 01.32 PMby katexxxxxx

      My feet are small (UK size 4-4.5) but very broad across the toe and narrow at the heel: duck feet shaped! :D

      I can usually find something decent if I pay £50 and up, but never slip-ons or courts without a strap. I just flip-flop out of them.

      I got some knee high boots from Aldi for my birthday: I got the size 6 so they were wide enough for me to wear with my walking boot socks to keep me warm, and the legs have straps and buckles so I could adjust for my fat legs! Very steam-punk and only £16! Plastic, but they are waterproof!

  • J_s_painting_large

    Dec 31, 2010, 12.39 AMby lizajane09

    No, I think it is the perfect length! I am making something similar right now. I love the way it looks with boots.

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    • Cimg4603_2_large

      Dec 31, 2010, 10.42 AMby soaringviola

      Thanks for your compliment and comment, so I guess I don´t have to shorten it :-) I also like the boots version a lot, makes the skirt more wearable for everyday

    • 985f0154fdefdf284531d76b36fbffee7a42548e_large

      Dec 31, 2010, 11.27 AMby katexxxxxx

      The boots are great, but I also love the shoes. I have very wide feet, so good shoes are hard to find. I envy you those! My lovely brown wedges have died of old age!

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