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waistcoat a little bit different

Added Jan 30, 2012

by martinK

Rotterdam, Neth...






first I will say that I am not 100% happy how this project came out. It began with drawing the pattern, especialy the collar becaus of the asymnetry. But I am glad that the waistcoat is finsh and it is wearable. The fabric I foud in my mother’s closet where it has been waiing for about 30 years to become a garment. So it’s realy vintage! It’s a high quality woolen tweed and it was nearly 4 meters. So I have enought fabric left to make a maching paar of pants. A jacket in a red-bown colour is already cut, but I have no time to do it at the moment.
I made the bias binding with the fabric for the jacket. Linning is sewed by hand. Bronze buttons.

Material Notes

woolen tweed




Fall, Winter
Garment Type

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  • Bildschirmfoto_2013-05-13_um_10_05_20_large

    Aug 6, 2017, 02.39 PMby Nähsalon

    Genial! LG

    1 Reply
    • Img_5432_large

      Aug 18, 2017, 07.26 AMby martinK

      Danke! :-)
      Leider ist das gute Stück für meinen Geschmack etwas zu kurz. Ich habe die Weste schon lange nicht mehr getragen. Es wird Zeit, dass ich eine hoch geschnittene Hose dazu mache…..

  • Missing

    Mar 13, 2016, 12.36 AMby Jusglo

    Can anyone make this asymmetric vest for me

    1 Reply
    • Img_5432_large

      Mar 13, 2016, 08.13 AMby martinK

      You can do it!!!
      welcome to the sewing community :-)

  • Gothamjuki_large

    Jan 8, 2013, 11.38 PMby GothamJuki

    Superb…you just inspired me. Thanks!

    1 Reply
    • Img_5432_large

      Jan 9, 2013, 08.26 AMby martinK

      you are welcome :-) I am curious about your first project on burdastyle. Yhink we can learn a lot from an expert.

  • 2742_62672356091_369962_n_large

    Jan 6, 2013, 03.05 AMby Omar T

    Loving the binding!!

    1 Reply
    • Img_5432_large

      Jan 6, 2013, 10.26 AMby martinK

      thank you Omar :-)

  • 865f116d-1c86-4998-b4d7-90e69fc50127_large

    Jan 5, 2013, 04.00 PMby kinuegloria

    Your waistcoat creates a splendid atmosphere!

    1 Reply
    • Img_5432_large

      Jan 5, 2013, 04.51 PMby martinK

      thank you!
      I like classical garments with a special extra :-)

  • 20040101-imag0010-3_large

    Jan 3, 2013, 10.55 PMby razieh khalili

    I am waiting for your new idea.

  • 20040101-imag0010-3_large

    Jan 3, 2013, 11.59 AMby razieh khalili

    Hi martinK. Truly you are a tasteful artist

    1 Reply
    • Img_5432_large

      Jan 3, 2013, 09.19 PMby martinK

      you make me blush :-) thank you for your compliment!!!
      I hope to make a fitting pair of pants very soon of the same fabric. Be sure they will be a little bit differen :-)

  • 32265_1370636557812_1588698428_850337_4765026_n_large

    Oct 16, 2012, 07.11 AMby Robert Falls

    I like design of this waistcoat. I like the way you brought over the lapel and asymmetry of the front of your waistcoat. Genius. Very inspirational!

    1 Reply
    • Img_5432_large

      Oct 18, 2012, 10.34 AMby martinK

      thank you very much for your compliments, Robert !!! :-)

  • Img_2356_large

    Sep 11, 2012, 05.20 PMby fairladyofcardigan

    This waistcoat is absolutely gorgeous. Just . . . wow.

    1 Reply
    • Img_5432_large

      Sep 13, 2012, 07.45 PMby martinK

      you make me blush :-)
      thank you very much for the comliment!!!

  • 72301_10151492361261206_864686871_n_large

    May 13, 2012, 09.24 PMby JPGagnon

    I’m in love with this vest. Great work!


    1 Reply
    • Img_5432_large

      Sep 13, 2012, 07.44 PMby martinK

      I’m in love with it, too :-)
      thank you Jason!

  • 2013-11-22_14_09_29_large

    May 2, 2012, 02.30 AMby kora-vetch

    Sooooo nice. I love this vest. I want to see more.

    1 Reply
    • Img_5432_large

      May 2, 2012, 09.07 PMby martinK

      thank you, for more you have to wait til june. Then I will make a pair of pants of the same fabrik, certainly with a special effect :-)

  • 7477921d82b9cd62dad6abe75756cb0b30ea2282_large

    Mar 26, 2012, 08.38 PMby flowergirl22

    very nice, the colour design, and the fact that its a mens waistcoat,, good on you , looks great

    1 Reply
    • Img_5432_large

      Mar 27, 2012, 08.34 AMby martinK

      thanks for your kind words!

  • Dsc01330_large

    Mar 24, 2012, 10.39 AMby nishavinod2009

    amazing workmanship!

    1 Reply
    • Img_5432_large

      Dec 30, 2016, 06.28 AMby martinK

      thank you! I am a craftman with all my heart :-)

  • Missing

    Mar 13, 2012, 01.05 PMby nancy2001

    Oh Martin, the waistcoat is incredible. I love the design, the piping, and the impeccable workmanship!

    1 Reply
    • Img_5432_large

      Mar 13, 2012, 08.25 PMby martinK

      thank you so much for your kind words :-)

  • File0012_10_large

    Feb 9, 2012, 02.03 PMby jennyrecorder

    Martin your workmanship is exquisite, did you follow a tutorial for doing the lining?

    1 Reply
    • Img_5432_large

      Feb 9, 2012, 05.03 PMby martinK

      thank your for your kind words! The whole sewing part is done without a tutorial. The linning was actualy the easyest part. Just substract the facing and add 2 cm for the edges, sewing the darts and fix the linning into the waistcoat sewing by hand.

  • Bild_large

    Feb 8, 2012, 03.08 PMby zaarissima

    ganz großartig! gefällt mir ausgesprochen gut!

    1 Reply
    • Img_5432_large

      Feb 8, 2012, 06.59 PMby martinK

      vielen Dnak für’s Kompliment.

  • Pojedyncze_29_09_2012_o_18_39_2_large

    Feb 7, 2012, 07.49 PMby Bartas DubLinski

    Great design, I’m impressed!

    1 Reply
    • Img_5432_large

      Feb 7, 2012, 08.55 PMby martinK

      thanks a lot. Go on and you will do this too

  • Img_0258_large

    Feb 7, 2012, 10.42 AMby buddingnaturalist

    Oh my gosh- I would wear that! Will the matching pants be knickerbockers? http://www.burdastyle.de/burda-style/hauptkollektion/herrenhose-kniebundhose-maennermode-sportswear_pid_11_3444.html This would be an awesome outfit for riding around on -it looks very warm. Well done!

    1 Reply
    • Img_5432_large

      Feb 7, 2012, 11.55 AMby martinK

      thank you so much for you enthusiasm. No, the pants will long

  • Dscf6507_large

    Feb 6, 2012, 09.19 AMby urbandon

    Wunderschön! Sehr einzigartig.

    3 Replies
    • Img_5432_large

      Feb 6, 2012, 09.29 AMby martinK

      Vielen Dank! Wir können also auch in Deutsch kommunizieren :-) Gut zu wissen.
      thank you for your kind words. So we can communicate in German, Good to know.

    • Dscf6507_large

      Feb 6, 2012, 09.37 AMby urbandon

      Ja! Ich lerne Deutsch

    • Img_5432_large

      Feb 6, 2012, 09.51 AMby martinK

      Sehr gut! Von nun an gebe ich nur noch Kommentare in Deutsch. :-)

  • 2013_042342013jungledress0014_large

    Feb 3, 2012, 09.24 PMby SENEBO

    Bring back the waistcoat i say the only small problem with it is probably the dart by the buttons maybe turn it into a shaped seam. the style and fabric you used are great and would look well on a lady as well.

    1 Reply
    • Img_5432_large

      Feb 4, 2012, 08.46 AMby martinK

      yes, the dart is the reason why I’m not 100% happy with this waistcoat. If I make a second one I will solve the problem.

  • Missing

    Feb 3, 2012, 08.08 PMby chelseasmith

    I would like to formally propose to this waistcoat. We would have a wonderful life together. grins I’m so impressed by the work of some of the men on this site! Plus, tweed makes me happy.

    1 Reply
    • Img_5432_large

      Feb 4, 2012, 08.44 AMby martinK

      sorry, but nothing can devorce me from my waistcoat :-)

  • Sam_0020_large

    Feb 3, 2012, 01.19 PMby wardrobe-cat

    WHAT THE!!!??? Not happy? Oh please. :/ It’s perfect. Stunning. Perfect, perfect, perfect!!!!

    2 Replies
    • Img_5432_large

      Feb 3, 2012, 05.48 PMby martinK

      now I have to believe it

    • Sam_0020_large

      Feb 4, 2012, 05.10 AMby wardrobe-cat

      Yes. You. Do.
      Any chance of a pattern or turorial? I’m sure I’m not the only one who would want it. :)))))))))))) Please? All those wonderful edges, fantastic joins and, and, well… Just everything!

  • 555601_501658813193233_862358384_n_1__large

    Feb 2, 2012, 11.02 AMby joost52

    Fact: MartinK rocks Seriously man, it’s daring, it’s different, it’s awesome :)

    1 Reply
    • Img_5432_large

      Feb 2, 2012, 11.13 AMby martinK

      thank you guy! If burda isn’t into menfashion we have to do it ourselfs! And we too want to reach the status of featured member, don’t we? :-)

  • Eabe_large

    Feb 2, 2012, 07.42 AMby erikawessman

    Thank you so very much! That would be so nice of you :-)

  • D874145e09ac5c947f5ead2f00604325b4a98190_large

    Feb 1, 2012, 12.15 PMby zrael

    I love it ! Especially the asymetric collar ! Good job !!!

  • 20120128154939_large

    Feb 1, 2012, 09.43 AMby Vanessa Leigh

    Gorgeous job!

    1 Reply
    • Img_5432_large

      Feb 1, 2012, 10.33 AMby martinK

      thank you!

  • Missing

    Jan 31, 2012, 09.55 PMby Petitemess

    What a great work! I love the lapel detail and the buttons.

    1 Reply
    • Img_5432_large

      Jan 31, 2012, 10.33 PMby martinK

      thanks :-)

  • P1090540kl_large

    Jan 31, 2012, 07.35 PMby kerstika

    Oh wow, I love it!

  • P1090540kl_large

    Jan 31, 2012, 07.35 PMby kerstika

    Oh wow, I love it!

  • C9c58f92ed60d1987d1a711106e37cb70262f08a_large

    Jan 31, 2012, 04.05 PMby anajan

    Such an inspiring piece! Love the lines!

    1 Reply
    • Img_5432_large

      Jan 31, 2012, 04.27 PMby martinK

      thanks a lot!

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