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Tweedily Mee

Added Feb 21, 2012

by kelepso

Miami, Florida, ...






This project has been a long time coming. I made it Mid-January and Inspite of, I am happy that I finally have the chance to share it with you.

Recently, I applied for a new job and decided to make myself a 2-piece suit, since I don’t currently own a matching one appropriate for an interview. I’ve been wanting to try my hand at tailoring a suit for a while and was inspired by a tweed ensemble discovered in GQ Magazine. Although tweed is not the “norm” in Miami, I love the sophistication of the material.

The jacket is a McCall’s pattern (M6087) and the pant is self drafted. I shorten the jacket a lot because I’m petite and I didn’t want it to look oversized. (That’s the beauty of being able to sew for oneself.) The pant pockets are made of the same lining found inside the jacket. In hindsight, I would make sure the interior pockets are made of the same fabric of the pant. The contrast was too extreme. The pants were also a bit rushed (to be worn for a party), so the finishing on the inside isn’t the best.

The fabric is actually an upholstery textile. I grabbed it for a great price. Although it looks lovely and you can’t tell it’s upholstery, the sewing process was tremendous because it frays a lot.

Overall it’s my first suit and I’m proud of the effort; and I am looking forward to making another one, among other tailored pieces for myself.

(The last photo shows me at the party I attended in January.)

Please visit and join my blog at www.ze-menswear.blogspot.com

Material Notes

Upholstery fabric, shoulder pads, buttons, woven interfacing, lining




Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter
Garment Type
Business, Classic, Evening Wear, Mod, Preppy, Vintage

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  • 32265_1370636557812_1588698428_850337_4765026_n_large

    Mar 14, 2012, 03.17 AMby Robert Falls

    WoW!!!! What a great suit. This is just one of the projects that I plan on taking on. Thanks for the inspiration. :- )

    1 Reply
    • 5196510037_0646d0f80e_o_large

      Mar 14, 2012, 05.22 PMby kelepso

      Thank you and best of luck! If I may offer a word of advice – TAKE YOUR TIME so your construction is nice and neat.

  • Autoportrait_noir_et_blqncpm_large

    Feb 22, 2012, 04.40 PMby antony chauvin

    Super costume, qui vous va comme un gant

    Great suit, which fits like a glove to you

    1 Reply
    • 5196510037_0646d0f80e_o_large

      Feb 23, 2012, 02.56 PMby kelepso

      Merci beaucoup

  • Img_7820_large

    Feb 22, 2012, 09.47 AMby anna agyekum

    I think it looks great :)

    1 Reply
    • 5196510037_0646d0f80e_o_large

      Feb 22, 2012, 02.54 PMby kelepso

      Thank you anna!

  • 100_1411_2__large

    Feb 22, 2012, 01.32 AMby pambox

    Looking incredibly dapper. Employers should beg you to take their jobs – what company wouldn’t want such a snappily-dressed man working for them?

    1 Reply
    • 5196510037_0646d0f80e_o_large

      Feb 22, 2012, 05.24 AMby kelepso

      Awh, that’s so nice of you. Thank you!

  • Pojedyncze_29_09_2012_o_18_39_2_large

    Feb 21, 2012, 08.47 PMby Bartas DubLinski

    Cool! I like so much! Looks amazing :-)

    1 Reply
    • 5196510037_0646d0f80e_o_large

      Feb 21, 2012, 11.44 PMby kelepso

      Thank you Bartas :-)

  • 555601_501658813193233_862358384_n_1__large

    Feb 21, 2012, 04.37 PMby joost52

    Marry me?

    4 Replies
    • 5196510037_0646d0f80e_o_large

      Feb 21, 2012, 07.18 PMby kelepso

      You’re too cute :-) You can be my BurdaStyle Partner

    • 555601_501658813193233_862358384_n_1__large

      Feb 21, 2012, 07.23 PMby joost52

      Well in that case, let me just say that this blows my mind. It’s gorgeous, the style, the fabric, the color, the cut. I am super impressed by your work, inspired too :)

    • 5196510037_0646d0f80e_o_large

      Feb 21, 2012, 07.28 PMby kelepso

      Thank you joost52 :-)

    • Img_5432_large

      Feb 21, 2012, 09.57 PMby martinK

      don’t be desperate, there will be a cute guy for you, too. hahaha
      But I understand your proposal. :-)

  • Img_5432_large

    Feb 21, 2012, 08.30 AMby martinK

    I was waiting for a while for this project :-) I looks fantastic!!!! congrats!!

    2 Replies
    • 5196510037_0646d0f80e_o_large

      Feb 21, 2012, 03.20 PMby kelepso

      Thank you Sir martinK

    • Img_5432_large

      Feb 21, 2012, 07.04 PMby martinK

      Oh, I didn’t know that I am a member of the nobility

  • Holliebell_large

    Feb 21, 2012, 07.48 AMby freakusbzzz

    Very spiffy outfit and a dashing man to go with it!

    1 Reply
    • 5196510037_0646d0f80e_o_large

      Feb 21, 2012, 03.21 PMby kelepso

      Thank you blushing

  • Img_2599_large

    Feb 21, 2012, 07.08 AMby susupusu

    Wow! Good job!!

    1 Reply
    • 5196510037_0646d0f80e_o_large

      Feb 21, 2012, 03.21 PMby kelepso

      Thank you susupusu

  • Poe_large

    Feb 21, 2012, 06.37 AMby ladykatza

    That’s pretty darn snappy there! You look great and I send you many job getting vibes. I know its a tough market out there, so good thing you have an awesome suit!

    1 Reply
    • 5196510037_0646d0f80e_o_large

      Feb 21, 2012, 03.21 PMby kelepso

      Awh Thanks ladykatza :-)

  • Dsc09595avatar_large

    Feb 21, 2012, 06.31 AMby Ralf Schmitz

    my dear kelepso!

    I LOVE TWEED and i love your suit! you did a great job on these 2 pieces and you can be very proud of your finish on them! BRAVO (and i hope you got the job!)

    1 Reply
    • 5196510037_0646d0f80e_o_large

      Feb 21, 2012, 03.22 PMby kelepso

      Thank you Ralf! Your projects are an inspiration because you do a lot of tailoring (suits).

  • Charlie-deeshadows1_large

    Feb 21, 2012, 02.55 AMby smallone

    Total awesomeness….. sooo nicely done!

    BTW typically only you get to see the inside of your pants….so if you hadn’t told the people who use Burda Style we’d all, over 1/2million of us registered users, would be none the wiser ;)

    1 Reply
    • 5196510037_0646d0f80e_o_large

      Feb 21, 2012, 03.38 AMby kelepso

      I know. I think it’s just a confession I needed to express. Lol! Thank you :-)

  • Bulgaria_and_france_burgundy_2012_101_large

    Feb 21, 2012, 02.25 AMby schnui

    Me again; have a look at this video that I found on a fabric Facebook site- Tessuti Fabrics in Sydney, Australia.http://player.vimeo.com/video/16443611?title=0&byline=0&portrait=0 I hope this works for you- it is a short video about the handmade suit industry in Naples, Italy. Really beautiful!!! If you can get it to work, google, Tessuti Fabrics. Good luck.

  • Bulgaria_and_france_burgundy_2012_101_large

    Feb 21, 2012, 02.20 AMby schnui

    Wow!! You have done a wonderful job making your suit and you look very swish in it. Hope you got the job too.

    1 Reply
    • 5196510037_0646d0f80e_o_large

      Feb 21, 2012, 03.38 AMby kelepso

      Thank you for your comment and sharing the video :-)

  • Ella_and_mama_large

    Feb 21, 2012, 02.12 AMby Pet Mama

    Looks amazing! so professional!

    1 Reply
    • 5196510037_0646d0f80e_o_large

      Feb 21, 2012, 03.39 AMby kelepso

      Thank you!

  • Patti_12-28-2011_large

    Feb 21, 2012, 01.50 AMby patti-r

    Good Job, nice color!! I also like tweeds. Looks good on you!! Hope you got the Job!!! Sneaky Tips. go to a high end men’s clothing store check out the type lining & fabric in the pockets, many of us have done this. The US Dollar measures aproximately 2 5/8" inches by 6 1/8" LOL…Okay I will behave now..

    1 Reply
    • 5196510037_0646d0f80e_o_large

      Feb 21, 2012, 03.39 AMby kelepso

      Thanks patti-r :-)

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