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The Rusty Dress

Added Feb 28, 2017

by Elpida Kyriakou

Athens, Greece






When I get the Burdastyle magazine I first look at the tall size models (and I’m usually disappointed…) The same happened with the January issue: I didn’t like this dress at all. I usually prefer dresses which clearly define the body shape…
However, after some time I got to like it more and more, though I still find it weird. I paired it with this equally weird rusty print farbic and the whole dress cost 5.6 euros! I admit that now I love it and I wear it a lot. I’ve just discovered how flattering that kind of dress can be !

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  • St_patty_90x90_large

    Mar 27, 2017, 02.23 AMby Mokara

    It’s a fantastic dress on you Elpida, at firtst I thought wow, this is a different style for her, but then I realized you kept your unique artistic style in the form of fabric selection and how you styled it.

  • 24740795_10214319449315104_2072983197_n_large

    Mar 17, 2017, 09.55 PMby Madcinderella

    Looks great and I love the fabric!

  • 03003e1f_2_large

    Mar 17, 2017, 03.53 AMby sewing fanatic

    total style here elpida! I love the way this style skims the figure, and yours looks stunning with the prints and colors complimenting each other! =D

  • Bestme_20160530141245_large

    Mar 6, 2017, 06.38 AMby Maria Loupa

    Τι ωραίο φόρεμα Ελπίδα! Είναι κάτι πολύ διαφορετικό απο αυτά που ράβεις συνήθως αλλά σου πάει τρελά! Το ύφασμα είναι πολύ όμορφο και ταιριάζει απόλυτα με το στ’υλ του φορέματος. Εγώ τα αγαπώ αυτά τα φορέματα , είναι για όλες τις ώρες. Οι φωτογραφίες είναι τέλειες και σου πάει το μαλλί να το έχεις σγουρό.

    1 Reply
    • Profil1_large

      Mar 6, 2017, 06.37 PMby Elpida Kyriakou

      Ευχαριστώ Μαρία! Το φόρεμα είναι πράγματι πολύ βολικό. Όσο για το σγουρό μαλλί, είναι το φυσικό μου που δεν μ’ αρέσει καθόλου….

  • Burda_large

    Mar 6, 2017, 02.19 AMby izbott

    You look fantastic! It really is a great dress Elpida.

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  • Dsc_7091_large

    Mar 5, 2017, 12.51 AMby bellifontaine

    Wow! Amazing choice of fabric! The colours are so rich! The dress looks artistic and elegant! I have been thinking a lot about this model but have not settled on the color yet. Bravo!

    1 Reply
    • Profil1_large

      Mar 5, 2017, 04.22 PMby Elpida Kyriakou

      Thank you Katya! You said the word “artistic”, so I have to say that my original plan for this dress, was to hand paint it with Matisse inspired motifs. I’d been thinking about it for almost a month…. But the triangular shape of the areas didn’t help, so I gave up…And then I found this print and decided to give this pattern a last chance…

  • Olga_large

    Mar 4, 2017, 02.39 PMby RedBelka

    Gorgeous dress! Love this “weird rusty print” :)

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  • Dsc_0676_large

    Mar 4, 2017, 08.26 AMby camelia db

    I love it! The fabric is really nice and you look beautiful. It is something different than your usual silhouettes but it fits beautifully.

    1 Reply
    • Profil1_large

      Mar 5, 2017, 04.12 PMby Elpida Kyriakou

      Thank you! It was nice to make a dress that requires no fitting at all, no adjustements, nothing…Just easy going sewing!

  • 407339_10100418526751045_21408808_46143903_1270046542_n_large

    Mar 3, 2017, 06.24 PMby chrissy CHRISSY


    1 Reply
    • Profil1_large

      Mar 5, 2017, 04.06 PMby Elpida Kyriakou

      Thank you so much :-) I wasn’t really excited with both the pattern and the fabric, but their combination worked out well…

  • Image_large

    Mar 2, 2017, 12.38 AMby Tzai

    Να σου πω, εχω ανάμεικτα συναισθήματα γι’αυτο το φόρεμα, σίγουρα έκανες καλά που το έκανες κοντό, ειναι κολακευτικό σαυτο το μήκος, νομίζω πως πρεπει να εξαιρευνησεις το στυλ αυτο γιατί σου πάει αυτή η γραμμή!

  • El_large

    Mar 1, 2017, 07.57 PMby Ellen Hatteland

    This is so Chic!! Love it :)

    1 Reply
  • Dscf2008_large

    Mar 1, 2017, 07.51 PMby sarahsdaughter

    WOW I think this dress was designed for you. It’s perfect.

    1 Reply
  • _34_large

    Mar 1, 2017, 06.57 PMby liliv-1

    Πολυ ωραιο και το φορεμα και η ποζα σου στην πρωτη φωτογραφια! Και το κατσαρο μαλι παει με το ολο στυλ! Αν θελεις μπορουμε να παμε καμια βολτιτσα την Παρασκευη μετα τη δουλεια. Εγω ισως κατεβω ουτως η αλλως, οποτε αν θελεις πες μου.

    2 Replies
    • Profil1_large

      Mar 1, 2017, 07.20 PMby Elpida Kyriakou

      Καλησπέρα Βασιλική. Κι εγώ πρέπει να πάω για υφάσματα αλλά την Παρασκευή δεν έχει Μετρό! Θέλεις να πάμε το Σάββατο; Να πούμε και στην Αϊντα.

    • _34_large

      Mar 1, 2017, 09.16 PMby liliv-1


  • Img_3918_large

    Mar 1, 2017, 03.37 PMby chula123

    I have to admit that I felt the exact same as you about this dress, didn’t really like it at all when I first saw it, but looking at yours I want to make it now :-))

    1 Reply
    • Profil1_large

      Mar 1, 2017, 05.47 PMby Elpida Kyriakou

      Yes, this dress can easily be “misunderstood”. But it can have so many interpretations! I’ m sure you’ll make a great one!

  • 20150626_191713_large

    Mar 1, 2017, 11.20 AMby lomarilou

    Εμένα αντιθέτως Ελπίδα αυτά τα φορέματα μου αρέσουν τρελά! Τα θεωρώ πολύ στιλάτα κ ιδανικά για κάθε μέρα. Δεν βολεύουν καθόλου στο θηλασμό βέβαια, οπότε για εμένα είναι απαγορευμένα..! Πάντως εσύ καλά έκανες και άλλαξες γνώμη γιατί το συγκεκριμένο σου πάει πάρα πολύ! Να το χαρείς σου εύχομαι!

    1 Reply
    • Profil1_large

      Mar 1, 2017, 05.19 PMby Elpida Kyriakou

      Γεια σου Μαρία…Έχεις δίκιο… Αναθεωρώ πολλά πράγματα τελευταία για τα ρούχα και το φόρεμα “σάκος” πραγματικά το απεχθανόμουν και νομίζω ότι δεν το έχω φορέσει ποτέ στα 47 μου χρόνια. Κάλλιο αργά… Εσύ το μωρό και τα μάτια σου…Άστα τα ραψίματα για μετά…Μιλάω μήπως σαν τη μαμά σου;

  • 1-day_31_mmm_2017_009_4_large

    Feb 28, 2017, 08.34 PMby lisascarolina

    Adore everything about your gorgeous version! Love the contrasting flounce fabric! I will definitely be making this one soon too! :)

    1 Reply
    • Profil1_large

      Mar 1, 2017, 05.13 PMby Elpida Kyriakou

      Looking forward to your version :-)

  • P1030031-2_large

    Feb 28, 2017, 05.55 PMby zoaki

    Beautiful interpretation!

    1 Reply
    • Profil1_large

      Mar 1, 2017, 05.11 PMby Elpida Kyriakou

      Thank you :-). Your comment was makred as inappropriate, I don’t know how I did it…

  • 100_2178a_large

    Feb 28, 2017, 02.51 PMby kisses

    Cool dress…..like the print very interesting and nice

    1 Reply
    • Profil1_large

      Feb 28, 2017, 04.56 PMby Elpida Kyriakou

      Thank you! It’s something different anyway:-)

  • Avatar_large

    Feb 28, 2017, 02.17 PMby SurMesure

    Love it, so inspiring! Now that I’ve seen yours and Maria, I’m convinced:I need one!

    1 Reply
    • Profil1_large

      Feb 28, 2017, 04.55 PMby Elpida Kyriakou

      Thank so much! I’m sure you’ll love it!

  • 11865051_10153538248612387_1057386715620973186_o_large

    Feb 28, 2017, 11.06 AMby Beccki

    Great us of the black ruffles with the print i thin the dress is very flattering on you as is the length.

    1 Reply
    • Profil1_large

      Feb 28, 2017, 04.53 PMby Elpida Kyriakou

      Thank you Beccki! It’s the ideal dress for the days you don’t feel very comfortable with your belly :-)

  • Img_3596_2__large

    Feb 28, 2017, 07.29 AMby Maria Hayek

    There it is! Very nice dress Elpida! And interesting fabric. It’s nice with dresses with shape but subtle A-line dresses can be so flattering and sometimes slimming as they barely show the curves and leave the rest to the imagination :)

    1 Reply
    • Profil1_large

      Feb 28, 2017, 04.51 PMby Elpida Kyriakou

      Thanks Maria! I was wondering why nobody had made this dress yet and in three days we have three different bautiful versions!

  • 20170310_191639_large

    Feb 28, 2017, 06.42 AMby Mary Athey

    It’s gorgeous elpida and your photos show it of perfectly. This is a perfect match of pattern plus fabric. The contrasting ruffle suits the dress x

    1 Reply
    • Profil1_large

      Feb 28, 2017, 04.50 PMby Elpida Kyriakou

      Thanks Mary! It’s something different anyway:-)

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