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summer flirt dress, burda 07/2012.*133

Added Nov 2, 2013

by Mary Athey

Antrim, Co Antri...






I made this dress for a cancer charity night. We attended it earlier and had a lovely time. My family has been hit by cancer and i lost my best friend to it in june. I only used the top bodice section of this dress and drafted my own bottom section. I love this dress and think it’s one of the prettiest i have made, my mum kept saying get up and dance and show it of lol. ’ i could’nt find my strapless bra so i had to use a crap multiway one!! This is a fabulous pattern from burda and i hope you like my spin on it . I have gone from not liking long dresses to loving them x

Material Notes

Lycra based jersey


Garment Type

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  • Photo_on_2-7-13_at_10_36_pm_3_large

    Nov 10, 2013, 06.11 AMby BeeZee

    Mary this is such a pretty dress and you look like you’re having such fun! Good work!

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    • 20170310_191639_large

      Nov 10, 2013, 08.44 PMby Mary Athey

      Thank you so much beezee. I love taking a pattern and then seeing what i can do with it x

  • Swirlblouse1_large

    Nov 7, 2013, 05.58 AMby slmnstyle

    Lovely dress for a lovely woman. You wear it so well! My condolences on the loss of your best friend recently. Cancer is never kind.

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    • 20170310_191639_large

      Nov 7, 2013, 06.15 AMby Mary Athey

      Thank you so much slmnstyle, the last good night we had out to.gether was last xmas’s zumba party. Lorna and me had a fabulous night dancing and laughing. It’s hard to beieve she was gone 6 months later. I still hav’nt removed her number of my phone. I miss her like mad. I catch myself saying"oh i must tell lorna this or lorna will laugh at this". She left us all far to soon x

  • Picture1_large

    Nov 4, 2013, 06.46 PMby KristinaBerisha

    great dress Mary . Great as always . you are so sweet person so dress has to be tip top on you . Love your work x

    1 Reply
    • 20170310_191639_large

      Nov 4, 2013, 10.06 PMby Mary Athey

      Thank you so much kristina for your wonderful comment x

  • Me1_large

    Nov 4, 2013, 03.07 PMby fashionfreek

    What. Lovely dress..suits you well.x

    1 Reply
    • 20170310_191639_large

      Nov 4, 2013, 03.20 PMby Mary Athey

      Thank you so much fashion freek x

  • 100_2178a_large

    Nov 4, 2013, 03.39 AMby kisses

    Lovely dress in a beautiful print….Mary you are certainly owing this style. You look fab and it is perfect for the charity

    1 Reply
    • 20170310_191639_large

      Nov 4, 2013, 06.38 AMby Mary Athey

      Thank you so much kisses, that’s a lovely compliment coming from the queen of prints. Cingratsnon getting into the best of oct. The print was turquoise chocolate brown caramel and cream but it looks black because of the dark photos!! Hope burda sorts this soon x

  • 05-06-08_1311_copy_large

    Nov 3, 2013, 04.31 AMby zsyzu

    Very nice Mary! I like the fabric you chose and the construction is really good too!

    1 Reply
    • 20170310_191639_large

      Nov 3, 2013, 08.29 AMby Mary Athey

      Thank you zsyzu, it’s one of my favourite dresses now. It’ll get more wear next year as it’s freezing here now x

  • Image_large

    Nov 2, 2013, 08.35 PMby JillStraw

    Great dress, Mary. I love the changes you made to it and the fabric. You must have been the hit of the event in such a great piece. My condolences on your loss. My family and friends as have also been hard hit by cancer. I believe in supporting the search. Recently, I read an article that there is a vaccine in the works which will attack cancer cells only in the body – essentially turning them against themselves and causing them to destroy themselves instead of healthy cells. A huge step in cancer treatment – the best part is it is not specific to any one type of cancer. We need to stay on top of research and development in the this field. A cure for cancer – a dream of so many affected by it and the researchers working toward it for ages – could mean a hard blow to the cancer industry as a whole revenue-wise. Follow developments and if trials prove to be successful, it’s important we stay on top of the FDA in the US and other countries.to make sure they approve it for use! – to save lives and cure sick people. Revenues and jobs should not be a consideration in approving a vaccine that can save lives and get rid of cancer. Polio, rubella, and many other diseases have been nearly eradicated when vaccines are used. Survivors, friends and family of those who lost their fight are a stronger argument for approval. Life is about living and quality of life, not a corporations bottom line. Keep an eye out, everyone and make your voice heard – together we could drown out the greed and irresponsibility of those who would lobby against approval for a cancer cure! Blessings. Jill

    1 Reply
    • 20170310_191639_large

      Nov 2, 2013, 09.47 PMby Mary Athey

      What a lovely post jill, thank you so much for that. My sister read an article about a new drug they where working on as well. It’s to late for my friend lorna but hopefully it will work and lives will be saved x

  • Imagejpeg_29_large

    Nov 2, 2013, 07.25 PMby Byanka Ayala

    Beautiful dress! Love the colors… you did an amazing job. I would like to try and make a long dress, just not to excited to work with stretchy material.

    1 Reply
    • 20170310_191639_large

      Nov 2, 2013, 07.34 PMby Mary Athey

      Thank you so much, stretch fabric with lycra and jersey is my favourite fabric to with, no zips lol. I would advise you use a zigzag stitch and change your needles regularly. I change mine after every project. Let the machine feed your fabric and don’t hold it to tight. Try on scraps first. A dress like this holds its shape and dos’nt wrinkle which is a huge plus x

  • P1030604_large

    Nov 2, 2013, 05.52 PMby RedDynamica

    Aaaah! oe la la! amazing! you look fabulous in it! I love it!

    1 Reply
    • 20170310_191639_large

      Nov 2, 2013, 07.10 PMby Mary Athey

      Awww thank you so much for your lovely comment x

  • Sdc13661_large

    Nov 2, 2013, 05.10 PMby Oksana Starzhynska

    The colours and fabrics are great in their mix and your changes made the pattern more… evening and generally: who is sexier than you, Mary? :-)

    4 Replies
    • 20170310_191639_large

      Nov 2, 2013, 07.13 PMby Mary Athey

      Oksana that is such a lovely thing to say. I am so critical about myself and about what i make. I sat with my coat on for ages until my mum made me take it of. A man said i nearly gave him a heart attack when i stood up lol. This is another burda fab pattern x

    • Sdc13661_large

      Nov 3, 2013, 04.21 PMby Oksana Starzhynska

      I say this because, in fact, I learn from you to be myself in any age in the sense of our clothes preferances. I mean, I’m 43 and already think that I must keep to some taboos in clothing but when I see you, I only realise how stupid it is to change own tastes if they express ourselves in the best way and it makes us ageless. You are an example for me to follow in it.

    • 20170310_191639_large

      Nov 3, 2013, 05.05 PMby Mary Athey

      Oksana, i was forever asking my daughter do i look ok, i was so worried about people thinking i was trying to dress younger?? Now i don’t give a hoot!! I dress for me and i think i suit what i wear. I will never wear a mini lol that’s not what i like anyway. I love fitted dresses and love vintage styles. My style has evolved and i think i dress well. Of course it helps when i ger compliments and what woman dos,‘nt want to look hot!! I know i do lol. You look lovely in everything you make and remember age is only a number. My.mum is coming 72 years young in january and she looks fantastic. I want to look like her when i’m that age, mum has great bone structure and a genuine zest for life x

    • Sdc13661_large

      Nov 3, 2013, 08.40 PMby Oksana Starzhynska

      That is exactly what I start thinking after some time of being here and thank you for a nice talk – your view really inspires me! And you look very hot, always:-)

  • Img_2860__large

    Nov 2, 2013, 03.33 PMby cris orange

    Mary, you surely were the star of the nicht with this dress, you literally shine in the dark! :-)

    1 Reply
    • 20170310_191639_large

      Nov 2, 2013, 07.16 PMby Mary Athey

      Thank you so much cris. What a compliment coming from you. The fabric i used for this dress was just gorgeous and it hung so well and flowed nicely when i walked x

  • _34_large

    Nov 2, 2013, 01.06 PMby liliv-1

    You made this pattern totally yours!! I love your dress!

    3 Replies
    • 20170310_191639_large

      Nov 2, 2013, 02.06 PMby Mary Athey

      Thank you so much liliv, its a shame the photos are so dark?? I had to take my original ones of and lighten them which was a pain as i preferred the origonals x

    • _34_large

      Nov 3, 2013, 09.24 AMby liliv-1

      you can repost it Mary with your original photos when the problem is fixed!

    • 20170310_191639_large

      Nov 3, 2013, 09.27 AMby Mary Athey

      Thanks liliv, i’m not the only one this is happening to. I noticed last week but i thought it was my phone x

  • Img_0492_large

    Nov 2, 2013, 01.01 PMby joelle1112

    Your dress looks amazing, Mary! Sorry for the loss of your friend.

    1 Reply
    • 20170310_191639_large

      Nov 2, 2013, 02.06 PMby Mary Athey

      Thank you joelle, i believe she is always with me x

  • Ellen1_large

    Nov 2, 2013, 10.23 AMby Ellen Hatteland

    Wow! what a beautiful dress Mary! it’s gorgeaus on you and I agree with your mother – you had to go up and dance! :)) I’m sorry for your loss…

    3 Replies
    • 20170310_191639_large

      Nov 2, 2013, 10.33 AMby Mary Athey

      Thank you ellen, lorna was the liveliest and loveliest person i ever met. We had such fun to.gether and layghed our way through life. She passed away on my birthday age 43. I miss her like crazy.
      I contacted burda about the photos ellen?? I took my origonals of and lightened them all even though they where bright to start with?? It’s so frustrating x

    • Ellen1_large

      Nov 2, 2013, 10.50 AMby Ellen Hatteland

      It’s so hard to loose a friend that early and it’s so meaningless and it’s hard to understand… I really hope that some day there will be a cure for cancer. A lot of research has be done, but there are so many different types of cancer to cure..
      I hope there will be progress for the photos soon! :)

    • 20170310_191639_large

      Nov 2, 2013, 10.55 AMby Mary Athey

      Me to ellen. Cancer is all you hear about these days.
      i hope burda gets on to this and sorts this photo problem out x

  • Rita_for_burdastyle_photo_large

    Nov 2, 2013, 07.31 AMby rita61

    Your dress looks wonderful. I like the way you changed it up. Glad you were able to participate in a Cancer fundraiser; that is so awesome. I can understand how you miss your friend, but I’m sure she was dancing as she was watching you! That is awesome that your mom does so much with you and encourages you to show off your wonderful creations. :-) Cancer took both my lovely parents. I beat cancer last December, because it was found in time, and I had an awesome surgeon! Still waiting to see your cape….hint….

    2 Replies
    • 20170310_191639_large

      Nov 2, 2013, 09.50 AMby Mary Athey

      Thanks rita,
      i’m so glad you kicked cancers butt!! It’s an awful thing to happen to anyone. My friend lorna fought for 5 years and 3 months, she passed away on my birthday age 43. It was her 44th birthday on our last night on holiday. We raised a glass to her. I loved her and i miss her. We had such fun to.gether. lornas in some of my projects rita . One being the peplum tops. We had blue wigs on x

    • 20170310_191639_large

      Nov 3, 2013, 09.36 PMby Mary Athey

      The capes finished rita, thankfully as i thought i was never going to be happy with it. I’m just waiting on a good dry day to get it photographed and then i’ll post it x

  • P3160237_large

    Nov 2, 2013, 06.45 AMby Anjovis

    Lovely dress Mary! You look great. Just yesterday I was thinking how I own zero long dresses (except my ball gown which doesn’t count since I hardly ever get to wear it :D). I need to make one! Yours is so inspiring. And I love your cat!!!

    1 Reply
    • 20170310_191639_large

      Nov 2, 2013, 10.51 AMby Mary Athey

      Thank you so much anjovis i never thought i suited long dresses but i made one for my recent holiday anyway. Once i got used to walking in it , there is a knack to not stepping on the hem lol. I was of and running i now have two and plan to make more. Give it a go x

  • Bulgaria_and_france_burgundy_2012_101_large

    Nov 2, 2013, 04.08 AMby schnui

    Gorgeous Mary. You look so happy and beautiful in your dress especially when you have had so much cancer sadness with friends and family. I don’t know a family these days that isn’t traumatized cancer. Sewing helps me cope with this dreaded disease and I am sure it does for you too.

    1 Reply
    • 20170310_191639_large

      Nov 2, 2013, 10.54 AMby Mary Athey

      Hi schnui and thanks, losing my friend hurt me deeoly and i miss her like mad. My sister was diagones just over 2 years ago with stage 1 breast cancer. She had the op and a reconstruction and after a hellish couple of years shes doing well. Its my mum i feel for the most xx

  • Pics_139_large

    Nov 2, 2013, 02.32 AMby Mbaliyethu

    I love your dress, it looks really good on you too. I have to agree with you, something is up with the settings on this site’s server. I also love the fabric, good job.

    1 Reply
    • 20170310_191639_large

      Nov 2, 2013, 02.35 AMby Mary Athey

      Thank you so much, check out the forums?? Apparently theres something wrong?? I noticed a lot of dark posts but i thought my phone was doing it x

  • 20170310_191639_large

    Nov 2, 2013, 01.38 AMby Mary Athey

    The photos on my phone are really good so i don’t understand why these came out so dark on burda?? I will have to lighten them to.morr x

    1 Reply
    • Simba_nov_06_large

      Nov 2, 2013, 01.28 PMby nrobson

      true my pics are coming out dark too ? shrug

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