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Outfit for Bikram Yoga

Added Jun 18, 2011

by ichigogirl

Stockholm, Sweden






So, I’ve taken up Bikram Yoga (used to do Ashanga but I needed some variety), i.e. Hot Yoga, as in yoga in a really hot and humid room. I really like it!

I quickly discovered though that you can NOT (at least I) yoga in capri yoga pants, I did the first time and it was painfully warm. So I bought a pair of hideously expensive yoga shorts first thing!

Then I discovered that I really needed two sets of clothes since I don’t have the time to wash them often enough to be able to work out as often as I like (I also needed more towels, I use up three every time, two to cover my mat).

Hence this outfit, at a fraction of the price of the first one; a pair of shorts (a simple copy of the ones I bought) and a top (a copy of one of my favourite bikini-tops).

All sewn on my serger (overlock).

And big relief: I bought a loop-turner, it’s one of the best sewing gadgets I’ve come upon yet! The drawstrings wouldn’t be the same without it (and they would have taken a few times longer to make)

Easy peasy!

(oh and if anyone else here is into Bikram, you’ll know mr Bikram himself has actually banned the colour green from his studio. I feel like an ashtanga yoga-rebel when I roll my green mat out, heheh. Lucky me he’s not there to tell me off).

Also blogged here

Update: instructions on making it added!

Material Notes

Polyester (?) jersey




Garment Type
Knits/Jersey, Polyester

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  • Nig_large

    Oct 27, 2014, 09.26 AMby nasrilee

    nice stuff

  • Missing

    Apr 8, 2013, 09.24 PMby misterbonnie

    This is so great! I have purchased many pairs of the ‘original’ shorts, but after 6 years it’s time for a yoga wardrobe update and I’m not sure I can stomach the ~$50 price tag.

    Where did you find the fabric?

  • 00_ico_120_large

    Oct 10, 2012, 03.42 PMby Mike Collins

    I had no idea Bikram hates green. I get to use a mat for free because I’m an annual member in Boston, but green is my favorite color. Now, thanks to you, I’m on a quest to find green yoga shorts. Don’t get me wrong, I love Bikram and his sequence but I pay my dues and think for myself, know what I mean?

    1 Reply
    • Vatten_large

      Nov 7, 2012, 12.26 PMby ichigogirl

      Haha, go get them! And I agree. I love my green yoga mat :-)

  • Img_5077_large

    Jun 23, 2011, 02.50 AMby dewreb

    Ah! I don’t think I could tolerate bikram, as I can’t even tolerate a hot tub, but your toned body is convincing me that I should get back into yoga! Has the outfit been staying in place pretty well throughout all the poses?

    1 Reply
    • Vatten_large

      Jun 23, 2011, 11.08 AMby ichigogirl

      Oh, THANK you!
      I think you should get back into yoga also because it’s like an injection of happiness and peace of mind, at least for me. And it makes you fit at the same time (perfect combination). But you look really fit in your bathing-suit pics (I remeber being impressed by them, bathing suit, guts and fitness).
      Well, it’s stayed in place pretty well, the shorts really well but I spaced the cups of the top a bit too far apart so if I don’t tie it tight enough the nipples show a bit during the extreme forward-bending asanas. Fortunately everyone is focused on their own workout and not on me during class, and I usually remember to tie it properly :-)

  • Pic_large

    Jun 23, 2011, 02.19 AMby Nessa *

    Wow! These shorts are so cute! I prefer swimming-cycling-running, but I’m going to make some of these up in silk as underwear/sleepwear. Thanks so much for instructions!

    1 Reply
    • Vatten_large

      Jun 23, 2011, 11.11 AMby ichigogirl

      Thank you! I look forward to your version, I think it could turn out really cute (and comfortable too). Great idea!

  • Cali_large

    Jun 22, 2011, 03.17 PMby threadsquare

    Great yoga outfit! Now I’m definitely turned off from Bikram, with the whole nasty carpet thing and the weird personal aversion to green. Ha! I’ll keep sweating at boot camp, in the green grass. I sooo need to get a loop turner. It’s one of my least-favorite tasks without one.

    1 Reply
    • Vatten_large

      Jun 23, 2011, 11.13 AMby ichigogirl

      Hehe, he seems a bit excentric, mr Bikram, but I must still recommend trying it out. I actually love the sweatiness of it, it’s very cleansing (and then it’s shower-time). Bringing one’s own towels to stand on is a very good thing (compulsary, I think).
      Bootcamp sounds like a lot of fun! I’ve wanted to try it out but I’m not brave enough…. :-P

  • Ghetto_girl_goes_to_colo__large

    Jun 22, 2011, 01.59 PMby turtlegirl00

    thanks so much!!! yes—we have carpet and it icks me out when I see my sweat dripping into it… if mine is i am certain everyone elses is. I am so excited to try this! thanks again!

    1 Reply
    • Vatten_large

      Jun 23, 2011, 11.17 AMby ichigogirl

      Yeew, sounds nasty. I kind of believe though, that the world us westeners live in is actually too clean for it to be really healthy, so if you’re lucky it’s actually beneficial… ;-)
      Anyway. Lucky you stand on your own mat and towels during practise!

      You’re welcome! Do post if you make something based on it :-)

  • Image_large

    Jun 22, 2011, 10.37 AMby loyl8

    I’ve been really meaning to take up Bikram yoga but just havent had the money. I guess if I stop buying fabric i would have money too :) great idea for when i do start up. looks great!!

    1 Reply
    • Vatten_large

      Jun 23, 2011, 11.27 AMby ichigogirl

      All Bikram Yoga studio’s here in Sweden seem to have an offer to try it out for 7 or 10 days first and yoga as much as you like at a very reasonable price (here it’s the price of 2,5 classes if you buy a prepaid ten session-pass). That’s how I tried it out and realised I like it. Maybe it’s a worldwide thing, it seems like there are quite set rules.
      I can symphatise with the fabric shopping… I avoid thinking about the value (cost) of my stash…

  • Cara_kiss_large

    Jun 21, 2011, 10.36 PMby caramia-made

    This outfit is adorable. And you’re so fit! Dayammmm :)

    1 Reply
    • Vatten_large

      Jun 22, 2011, 09.08 AMby ichigogirl

      Ooooh, thank you!

  • Ghetto_girl_goes_to_colo__large

    Jun 21, 2011, 10.05 PMby turtlegirl00

    omg! I am laughing so hard I can hardly type—I am in my third week of bikram—outfits way to spendy for me and sewing skills are eh… I had no idea about the green color—there is green on my mat—no one has said anything! weird! this ensemble is so adorable! I too began in capris—yikes! and I agree—you need multiple everything if you do it every day. you should post a tutorial! this is so cute!!!

    2 Replies
    • Vatten_large

      Jun 22, 2011, 09.07 AMby ichigogirl

      :-)! I found the ban on green when I googled Bikram on the internet, apparently he’s had a bad experience involving something green and thus banned it. Weird.
      Another thing I find weird is that he’s decided all Bikram-yoga studios have to have carpeted floors, yeeeew. Fortunately the Swedish health authorities have put a ban on carpets in work-out facilities so the studio’s here have wooden floors instead, I’m very greatful!

      I’ll post simple instructions on how to make the shorts, they’re SO quick and easy to make, you must try it out!

    • Bssquare_large

      Jun 22, 2011, 02.16 PMby marcy harriell | oonaballoona

      oh that’s so great you only have wood floors; in NY it’s carpet and sooooooo gross…

      i wonder what that green experience was all about. total win on your yoga gear; that shite is so freaking expensive!

    • This is a question
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