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Olive Green Dress 03/2015/118

Added Mar 4, 2015

by liliv-1

Athens, Greece






Hi, this is my trial version of the Piped Seamed Dress 03/2015/118. This pattern is so cute and flattering! I used a thin and drapey fabric I had in my stash for years. I think the result is nice and plan to wear it a lot. I’m cutting my second fuchsia version tonight!




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  • Missing

    Mar 2, 2016, 07.37 AMby tpmike

    Lovely dress

  • Beachgirl_large

    Apr 15, 2015, 12.16 PMby Paolo Monteverde

    wirklich beautiful

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    • _34_large

      Apr 15, 2015, 01.09 PMby liliv-1

      thank you

  • P1320150_large

    Apr 12, 2015, 11.22 PMby Irina Schwab

    This just looks fab, liliv! I love the colour and they way you wear it! Just fab, good luck!

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    • _34_large

      Apr 13, 2015, 04.32 PMby liliv-1

      thank you very much Irina!

  • Meg_healy_burdastyle_90_90_large

    Apr 10, 2015, 04.14 PMby MegH

    This looks fabulous!! Would you want this version to be entered in the Ultimate Member Model Challenge? Since it is from one of the qualifying patterns?

    Best, Meg

    1 Reply
    • _34_large

      Apr 10, 2015, 04.39 PMby liliv-1

      thank you very much! Of course I want!

  • Missing

    Mar 25, 2015, 01.57 PMby janabg16

    Eyxaristw para poly gia th vohtheia kai gia thn grhgorh apanthsh! :)

  • Missing

    Mar 24, 2015, 03.19 PMby janabg16

    Teleio to forema kai soy paei para poly! Etoimazomai na to rapsw aytes tis meres, alla exw mia aporia. Mhpws tha mporoyses na moy peis poso ifasma xreiasthkes, giati leei mesa 2,40 m kai fardos 1,40 m, alla moy fainontai para polla. Eyxaristw poly ek’ ton proterwn.

    1 Reply
    • _34_large

      Mar 24, 2015, 06.00 PMby liliv-1

      To burda leei toso giati bazei to zonaki sto losko opote xreiazetai polu yfasma. Ego xreiastika 1,5 m giati den ebala to zonaki sti loksi kateuthinsi tou nimatos alla to ebala kanonika, opos deixnei kai sto nyfiko diladi.

  • 03003e1f_2_large

    Mar 18, 2015, 11.57 AMby hello Itsme

    gorgeous, striking dress Liliv, love it to bits! beautiful cut, waist, and texture xx

    1 Reply
    • _34_large

      Mar 18, 2015, 04.22 PMby liliv-1

      Thanks a million nadia r!

  • Image_large

    Mar 13, 2015, 10.10 AMby Tzai

    Πολύ ωραίο, το πράσινο ειναι το αγαπημένο μου χρωμα. Αυτό που μ’αρεσει σε σένα ειναι ότι επιλέγεις μονόχρωμα υφάσματα κάτι που κάνει κατα την γνώμη μου πιο εύκολοφορετο ενα φόρεμα. Εγω παρά σέρνομαι απο τα εμπριμέ και δυσκολεύομαι να τα φορέσω στη καθημερινότητα μου.

    1 Reply
    • _34_large

      Mar 13, 2015, 04.54 PMby liliv-1

      Κι εμενα ειναι το αγαπημενο μου χρωμα το πρασινο! Δεν το ειχα σκεφτει αυτο που λες για τα εμπριμε υφασματα, μαλλον ομως εχεις δικιο! Εγω επιλεγω μονοχρωμα γιατι δειχνει καλυτερα το σχεδιο του φορεματος με αυτα κατα τη γνωμη μου. Αλλα βεβαια μου αρεσουν πολυ και τα εμπριμε!

  • Sdc13661_large

    Mar 11, 2015, 03.02 PMby Oksana Starzhynska

    You are a real Fairy of the Olive Garden here! So nice fitting and colour style! I like you in this dress much better than the magazine’s girls and am glad to see the dress made in this way. Wonderful result!… why it didn’t occur to me…:-))

    1 Reply
    • _34_large

      Mar 11, 2015, 03.41 PMby liliv-1

      Thank you very much for the wonderful comments, they mean a lot ot me!

  • Profil1_large

    Mar 8, 2015, 10.17 PMby Elpida Kyriakou

    Το φόρεμα είναι πολύ όμορφο και σου ταιριάζει πολύ. Το έχω στα “προσεχώς” και περιμένω το κατάλληλο λουλουδάτο ύφασμα. Έχω μόνο μια επιφύλαξη για το μικρό μέγεθος. Όταν βλέπω το 17-21 κάτι με πιάνει, γιατί πρέπει να το τροποποιήσω….

    1 Reply
    • _34_large

      Mar 9, 2015, 01.13 PMby liliv-1

      Σ’ ευχαριστω πολυ! Κι εγω το τροποποιησα αν και μικροσωμη γιατι εχω μακρυ κορμο, δε μου πηρε ομως και πολυ ωρα!

  • Dsc_8169_large

    Mar 8, 2015, 01.40 AMby celestechen6

    It looks so nice. I want to make one too :)

    1 Reply
    • _34_large

      Mar 8, 2015, 04.10 PMby liliv-1

      thank you very much. It’s a really great pattern and I would love to see your version.

  • 20150626_191713_large

    Mar 7, 2015, 03.39 PMby lomarilou

    Από τα καλύτερά σου!!! Απλά τέλειο!

    1 Reply
    • _34_large

      Mar 7, 2015, 07.11 PMby liliv-1


  • Img_2860__large

    Mar 7, 2015, 02.27 PMby cris orange

    this olive colour is so nice and the pattern is really flattering!

    1 Reply
    • _34_large

      Mar 7, 2015, 03.01 PMby liliv-1

      thank you cris orange!

  • Photo_on_2014-01-23_at_19_26_2_large

    Mar 7, 2015, 03.09 AMby floralgirl

    Great style and colour for you. I look forward to this magazine in Australia. Expert sewing too.

    1 Reply
    • _34_large

      Mar 7, 2015, 12.10 PMby liliv-1

      thank you!

  • Resized952017112095201842_large

    Mar 6, 2015, 05.52 PMby seabreit

    I saw that color and knew you would have a lot of posts. It is a great color on you and not one most people can wear. The fit,length and scenery are just spot on…

    1 Reply
    • _34_large

      Mar 6, 2015, 10.48 PMby liliv-1

      Thank you for the kind comments.

  • 20170701_172352_4__large

    Mar 6, 2015, 10.44 AMby velvetribbon

    Beautiful dress, liliv. I love the color and the fit. You did a good job as always dear friend :)

    1 Reply
    • _34_large

      Mar 6, 2015, 11.56 AMby liliv-1

      thank you dear:)

  • Rita_for_burdastyle_photo_large

    Mar 6, 2015, 09.23 AMby rita61

    You look amazing in this dress; beautiful. Your photos are nice; you can see you are very happy with your dress. Green is my daughter’s favourite colour as well.

    1 Reply
    • _34_large

      Mar 6, 2015, 11.56 AMby liliv-1

      You are so kind, thank you:)

  • St_patty_90x90_large

    Mar 6, 2015, 05.23 AMby Mokara

    Nice! i agree with others, I like your version better, can’t wait to see the fuchsia one, my favorite color.

    1 Reply
    • _34_large

      Mar 6, 2015, 11.55 AMby liliv-1


  • Logo4957b_large

    Mar 6, 2015, 04.56 AMby jenss-1

    Beautiful dress! I have to agree – I like this better than the magazine versions. Pretty color also, one of my favorites too.

    1 Reply
    • _34_large

      Mar 6, 2015, 11.55 AMby liliv-1

      Oh, thank you very much:)

  • 23844_116253358396201_1180177_n_large

    Mar 5, 2015, 10.19 PMby Dissylu

    This looks so good on you! Love the backdrop. :)

    1 Reply
    • _34_large

      Mar 6, 2015, 11.54 AMby liliv-1

      Thank you:)

  • Bd108cac0a8824476921567ec40331c07e237efe_large

    Mar 5, 2015, 08.22 PMby saxsilverain

    omg, your trial version is already this gorgeous?! now i can’t wait to see the fuchsia one! :D this again fits you so well, and you sewed it to perfection! lovely job, Liliv!!

    1 Reply
    • _34_large

      Mar 5, 2015, 09.10 PMby liliv-1

      Oh, thank you for the wonderful comments!

  • 2013-11-28_10_32_23_large

    Mar 5, 2015, 08.04 PMby PennyMac

    Much better than the version shown in the Burda pictures.. This fits beautifully and the fabric is lovely.

    1 Reply
    • _34_large

      Mar 5, 2015, 09.09 PMby liliv-1


  • Img_3918_large

    Mar 5, 2015, 07.09 PMby chula123

    can’t wait to see your fuchsia version. this is so nice, love the colour, love the pattern, love it!

    1 Reply
    • _34_large

      Mar 5, 2015, 09.09 PMby liliv-1

      thank you very much chula!

  • 100_2178a_large

    Mar 5, 2015, 01.49 PMby kisses

    Love it! It fit so well and looks lovely on

    1 Reply
    • _34_large

      Mar 5, 2015, 02.39 PMby liliv-1

      thank you:)

  • 50956c51-9dd4-4ffd-9491-7f5ec6bed69e_large

    Mar 5, 2015, 01.35 PMby IDia

    ITS fits YOU beautifully!

    1 Reply
    • _34_large

      Mar 5, 2015, 02.39 PMby liliv-1

      thank you IDia:)

  • Hpim3301_large

    Mar 5, 2015, 12.06 PMby lejditea

    the dress is so beautiful on you :) perfect fit :) I’m happy to see that you didn’t have problems with this pattern.. as soon as I find right fabric, I’m also making this dress ;)

    1 Reply
    • _34_large

      Mar 5, 2015, 02.38 PMby liliv-1

      thank you:) I can’t wait to see your dress:)

  • P1050007_large

    Mar 5, 2015, 12.04 PMby ronnielee

    Dress is great Liliv. The colour is a stunner on you.

    1 Reply
    • _34_large

      Mar 5, 2015, 02.37 PMby liliv-1

      thanks ronnielee!

  • Img_9194_large

    Mar 5, 2015, 09.27 AMby kihli

    Great dress! In the magazine, both versions of this dress have heavy wrinkles at the midriff so I expected this pattern difficult, if not impossible, to fit, but yours fits really well without any wrinkles! Also your fabric and colour are much nicer than in the original!

    1 Reply
    • _34_large

      Mar 5, 2015, 02.36 PMby liliv-1

      Thank you for the encouraging comments!

  • Burda_large

    Mar 5, 2015, 02.39 AMby izbott

    I love this pattern too! You look perfect! Great color for you. Just lovely

    1 Reply
    • _34_large

      Mar 5, 2015, 02.34 PMby liliv-1

      Thank you so much for the nice comments!

  • El_large

    Mar 4, 2015, 09.39 PMby Ellen Hatteland

    Wow – So nice Liliv! I have just cut out this pattern today… :)

    2 Replies
    • _34_large

      Mar 4, 2015, 10.02 PMby liliv-1

      thank you so much! I’m waiting to see your version, is it a solid color or a print?

    • El_large

      Mar 5, 2015, 03.05 PMby Ellen Hatteland

      I haven’t decided yet, will try it out this weekend :)

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