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odd trench/rain coat

Added Oct 13, 2007

by jj1

Livingston, New ...






The knock off trench coat that I saved
the pictures from website long time ago…I like the pattern and muslin I made but I dislike the fabric that I ordered online. This coat was hanging around half done until today. I have decided to finish it so that I can move on without any guilt.
It’s still need the real belt though. That thing on the waistline is just a temporary belt. (from the Laura pattern)

Material Notes

Double faced gabardine

(good for making outdoor tent or
blackout curtain, certainly unsuitable
for garments)





To the designer that made this

design, Burdastyle.com for pattern pieces

belt , cuffs belt from Laura dress

sleeves from Steffi

and Elaine… for encouragement.

Mrs. Stylebook issue# 143-146, without them, I couldn’t do this.

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  • Grossmama_anastasia_2_1994_large

    Feb 13, 2008, 11.35 AMby staticstasy

    Yeah, I was going to say the fabric looks like the problem… Also it looks like in the original the panel in the front is narrower and the whole top is fitted… I also had a problem with fabric like that once… For such horrible fabric it’s nice though :)

  • Fddedb8d9bd9f9649fbb1c7d913ea42bbc92dda2_large

    Feb 13, 2008, 01.33 AMby emptyorchestra

    I think this is amazing. Very traditional lines with unique touches such as the off centre buttons on the back. I hope to be able to pull off such clean lines in the future. You and this site are a great inspiration!!

  • 7f14407f6050d47e4cf07db7212ac6e8bddc06d6_large

    Dec 6, 2007, 08.27 AMby cheveuxrouge

    I like your version so much better than the original. You did a fantastic job! I want one!

  • Missing

    Oct 22, 2007, 04.25 PMby enka

    this one is so great!!! thank you very very much for the how to, I’ll try it soon…

  • Efb472bd8e296043cd7cfd0eb765f2c56f8d3034_large

    Oct 16, 2007, 01.46 PMby lilo

    WOW, I love it! Love the pattern and love the color, I don’t see the stiffness of the fabric as a problem, on contrary the lower part gets a nice bell-shape. Congratulations, very well done!

  • C94b10e754a19be626dd3ae051241a7e18f9a7d8_large

    Oct 15, 2007, 02.08 PMby jj1

    Thanks everybody is so sweet. I did the semi how to for this trench. The pictures had been cut off at the top when I uploaded, some info. (such as no.)are missing, so I post the obvious one here. Hope that help.

  • 35c6c9c4ce402dfe2d2d55e815109e01ce0a8916_large

    Oct 15, 2007, 06.14 AMby senasews

    LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! I think I will try this one in spring….Did you start with a pattern thats similar to this one and then made your changes? if so wich pattern did you as a starting point?

  • B9d2cca99cbd44d16d3e10715346ddb1c53c5e69_large

    Oct 15, 2007, 12.07 AMby kallers

    Wow, I think this my be my favorite creation!

  • Ee8014d4ca996c57355c462f568cd1e7ab199fe2_large

    Oct 14, 2007, 09.19 PMby mirela

    OMG!!! You nailed it! I love the design and you a master seamstress to recreate it so well!!! Burda Style should have another level in there besides expert, MASTER!

  • B7ac9c599b960e8b2b4c593e62f5903862798f3b_large

    Oct 14, 2007, 08.54 PMby myk

    wow, that is really a big pain to work with. But it looks so good!! You couldn’t even tell the difference with the original, it’s like it’s another color version! You are really good in making patterns! I am super impressed.

  • B7ac9c599b960e8b2b4c593e62f5903862798f3b_large

    Oct 14, 2007, 08.53 PMby myk

    wow, that is really a big pain to work with. But it looks so good!! You couldn’t even tell the difference with the original, it’s like it’s another color version! You are really good in making patterns! I am super impressed.

  • C94b10e754a19be626dd3ae051241a7e18f9a7d8_large

    Oct 14, 2007, 04.28 PMby jj1

    Thank you for all the nice compliments. Ummm, you can’t really tell from the photos how stiff the fabric is…. I can’t pin on this fabric because the pin will bend and it makes holes. I had such a hard time sewing buttons on. When I press the seam open or flat, it won’t open or flat unless I use the glue on tape……… Mellow-gold ….I drafted the pattern from sloper and I don’t know where I got this design from. Kasia26…I would love to see your version!…..

  • E751d66d50aa9f9bfde4cb1b25bcd2fe30268e43_large

    Oct 14, 2007, 02.45 PMby kasia26

    I love this coat. I am thinking about making a knock off your knock off. I hope you don’t mind. Great job!!!

  • Eba31fd13ba8df2a4b1efa0700fc4d7e8318c661_large

    Oct 14, 2007, 01.26 PMby olar

    This is fantastic! and you drafted this yourself from a picture! I am sorry you are not happy with the fabric: it shows really pretty in the pictures.

  • 288a0ef0efc471fe8d01ebe55318a4a251fcad2e_large

    Oct 14, 2007, 12.45 PMby mellow-gold

    Wow!! This is a really great job! Where did you get the pattern?

  • Bf1d65a8a652c183c07a1c3478a1334b61ba5d48_large

    Oct 14, 2007, 10.39 AMby teresa-ram

    This is so great, I think the fabric looks great too, why were you disappointed with it? I’m definitely finishing my abandoned coat project!

  • 9042c0bf5223511d5cc13e721fdeef21914bb56c_large

    Oct 14, 2007, 09.12 AMby lauriana

    It’s amazing! Such a shame if the fabric is no good… it doesn’t show in the pictures! I’m very impressed to read you drafted this complicated pattern yourself, it’s got so many unusual details…WOW!

  • Sewionista_logo_neu_large

    Oct 14, 2007, 08.50 AMby julietta

    You did such a great job with the trench coat. I want one too… I actually like the version with the temporary belt better. It’s more out of the ordinary.

  • F73ae75c85bfa0c3044028abd57f1c9a2953cd72_large

    Oct 14, 2007, 05.00 AMby elainemay

    you finished it so fast! i don’t know what you were so worried about – this looks WONDERFUL. so many great details and the color is beautiful. i think the drape looks nice too- the perfect trench! oh wow— i just read that you drafted the pattern yourself based on the photos— that’s amazing!

  • 5a871a12da5dd88f8d720c5fec035f0dcbc95e6f_large

    Oct 14, 2007, 04.55 AMby leovickie

    WOW !!! I just LOVE it !! You did a wonderful job ! Bravo

  • 512e90b1e56182f8e311e9b064ffa71a6f1082a6_large

    Oct 14, 2007, 03.37 AMby fashion1

    it´s beautiful!!! you did a very good job!

  • 0572878c5780f41dd6cec02321db6cb2ce003efd_large

    Oct 14, 2007, 12.47 AMby pinkhibiscus

    Very good clone! Cool trench coat! :) I wish one day I can clone like this~~

  • 5895503519_d42bddbd6c_o_1__large

    Oct 13, 2007, 08.48 PMby nikkishell

    WOW! You are just fantastic!

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