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"Not Happy Jan" Colette Jasmine

Added Mar 28, 2012

by schnui

Brisbane, Australia




  • Sewing_projects_jan_feb_mar_2012_010_grid


I think all Australians know the saying “Not happy Jan!!!”, and this is how I felt about this Colette pattern on my body. It looks ok on the mannequin but not on me. For some reason the Colette darts don’t work for me at the bust line, so I guess I won’t be making another Colette pattern. The facings in this blouse are a bit too much and could be simplified with a self made bias. I love all the other Jasmine blouses that I have seen on this site, so it is disappointing that it didn’t work for me even after lots of adjustments.

Material Notes

Silk bought at The Fabric Store in Brisbane.


Spring, Summer

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  • Sweetlittlechickadee_julibphoto_sponsorpic_large_large

    Apr 12, 2012, 12.33 AMby julib

    This blouse is so beautiful! Was the fabric tricky to sew? I haven’t tried sewing anything quite so light yet. It’s too bad the darts didn’t work out for you, but I have also had that trouble with the darts on the Sorbetto top in the same place… they just hit in a really funny spot. Perhaps it’s worth trying to adjust it? It’s such a lovely top! :-)

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    • Bulgaria_and_france_burgundy_2012_101_large

      Apr 12, 2012, 03.01 AMby schnui

      Thanks julib. This fabric wasn’t too hard to sew. I used a microtex needle # 60/8 (Schmetz) which I find is perfect for sewing silk or any other very fine fabrics. Ironing the fabric was a different story, so I used a very low heat setting but to get a nice finish, I basted the edges before ironing. Extra work but worth it.

  • Rag_toe_003_large

    Apr 2, 2012, 07.04 AMby micbrown

    Nice work – It’s a pity it’s a ‘Not Happy Jan’ fit for you. I bet your friend is happy though.

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    • Bulgaria_and_france_burgundy_2012_101_large

      Apr 2, 2012, 11.31 AMby schnui

      Thanks, and yes my friend is happy.

  • Dsc01330_large

    Apr 1, 2012, 05.22 PMby nishavinod2009

    its a beautiful blouse, I love it!

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    • Bulgaria_and_france_burgundy_2012_101_large

      Apr 2, 2012, 06.58 AMby schnui

      Thanks, it looks better on the mannequin than on me. But looks great on my friend now.

  • Me4_large

    Apr 1, 2012, 01.13 AMby poppykettle

    Yup, I had exactly the same problem when I made the jasmine blouse. I loved the look but when I made it up, even after significant adjustments it looked terrible! So I know how you feel. The fabric is gorgeous though!

    1 Reply
    • Bulgaria_and_france_burgundy_2012_101_large

      Apr 1, 2012, 06.42 AMby schnui

      Maybe you should try the Domestic – divaonline’s suggestions as well. The Fabric Store still has this fabric, so I think I will try again because like you, I love the look.

  • Glo_copy_large

    Mar 31, 2012, 04.59 AMby domestic-divaonline

    Schnui, I responded already but was in a hurry and didn’t analyze your issues with the darts. Without getting personal and asking your size, your shape may not require darts when cutting on the bias. I find that is true for me. You were obviously attracted to this pattern. If you would like to pursue this further, I would suggest eliminating the darts and cutting the blouse on muslin and pinning it together to see if it would suit you. When you think about it, bias cut skirts work for many shapes because the fabric gives when cut on the bias. And the fabric on a bias cut blouse would do the same and maybe just enough for you – unless you are extremely busty. Just a second thought. Best of wishes.

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    • Bulgaria_and_france_burgundy_2012_101_large

      Mar 31, 2012, 05.18 AMby schnui

      Thank-you again for your comments and you are right, I really don’t need darts when cut on the bias. I am not very busty at all, so I have decided to remake this pattern without darts and do a bias binding facing at the neck line. And hopefully I will get the result I want. I just love this web site because there are so many lovely people like you willing to help with great advice and I so appreciate it. I will let you know how I get on. Thanks again and have a wonderful Easter. We have a holiday here in Australia for 4-5 days, so I will be away from my sewing machine and probably won’t retry this top for a few more weeks.

  • Glo_copy_large

    Mar 31, 2012, 01.33 AMby domestic-divaonline

    I agree about the bias instead of facings. But everything else looks so pretty! What a shame you aren’t happy with it. Send it over! : )

    1 Reply
    • Bulgaria_and_france_burgundy_2012_101_large

      Mar 31, 2012, 01.59 AMby schnui

      Thanks for your comments, that is sweet of you. I would send it over but I am sure it would be too big for you and my girlfriend has already claimed it sorry.

  • Img_6207_large

    Mar 30, 2012, 04.55 PMby The Tropical Sewist

    Such a pity but the darts do look a little low. Though from the pic it looks like the fabric is so fine and drapey – do you even need the darts? I don’t like facing like that either – I had the same problem recently too! I just chopped off the facing as close to the seam line it could go and serged it…so it ended up sort of like a very troublesome binding. Would that work for this?

    1 Reply
    • Bulgaria_and_france_burgundy_2012_101_large

      Mar 30, 2012, 11.58 PMby schnui

      Your idea of finishing the facing is a good one, especially for fine fabrics like this silk. And I have thought of not having a dart at all, as the front and back of the blouse are actually cut on the bias. Thanks for your suggestions.

  • Dscn1801-es_large

    Mar 29, 2012, 06.01 PMby libra-s

    I love the collar of this pattern! Your fabric is lovely too! It’s a pitty that fitting is not right!

    1 Reply
    • Bulgaria_and_france_burgundy_2012_101_large

      Mar 29, 2012, 09.51 PMby schnui

      Thanks libra-s and it is a pity but I think I can still get this fabric, so I will try again with a different pattern but give it the same look.

  • Annette_large

    Mar 28, 2012, 04.12 PMby Asiverson

    The blouse is beautiful, but the darts do seem low. Maybe a good friend or family member could benefit from a very lovely gift!?

    1 Reply
    • Bulgaria_and_france_burgundy_2012_101_large

      Mar 29, 2012, 12.12 AMby schnui

      Thank-you, and yes the darts are too low for me. It will be very appreciated by my friend.

  • 9c4ed43789569da4490aca761bc7537938748bf5_large

    Mar 28, 2012, 03.06 PMby marec

    This is very pretty, but if you hate the way it looks…I understand. I find Colette Patterns to be beautiful and fun to sew, but need to adjust for my bust, shoulders, and neckline. They are too big for me. Is it possible to move the dart?

    1 Reply
    • Bulgaria_and_france_burgundy_2012_101_large

      Mar 29, 2012, 12.11 AMby schnui

      Hi marec, Yes I did move the dart before I even cut the fabric; I moved it up quite a bit. I have done that for years with most patterns but this one I just couldn’t get right. Never mind, it is all a learning curve and fun as well. Thank-you for your kind comments.

  • Nanacosta_marzo_2011_large

    Mar 28, 2012, 12.42 PMby Adriana Orozco

    Very pretty and femenine blouse. >It is a pitty that you do not feel well with it. Now, I agree totally with you about the facing, because a bies would not only had made it simple to make but also it would´nt show through. Any how, it is very pretty!!!!

    1 Reply
    • Bulgaria_and_france_burgundy_2012_101_large

      Mar 28, 2012, 12.50 PMby schnui

      Thanks and it will look very pretty on my friend who I plan to give it too. I am going to attempt this again but with a Burda pattern.

  • 309294_10151565551899428_1522575202_n_large

    Mar 28, 2012, 11.44 AMby omgdora

    Why not try it the other way around? Take any blouse pattern that fits well (or even the bodice of a dress pattern), add some ease and cut on the bias. It shouldn’t be too hard to replicate the general look of the Jasmine pattern.

    1 Reply
    • Bulgaria_and_france_burgundy_2012_101_large

      Mar 28, 2012, 12.11 PMby schnui

      You are right and I guess that is why after so many years of sewing that I mainly stick to Burda patterns as they work best for me. I thought it would be nice to try something different and I did love everyone else’s Jasmine blouse.

  • File0012_10_large

    Mar 28, 2012, 09.00 AMby jennyrecorder

    Oh Marjorie, you are not having much success with the fit of the Colette Patterns are you, but I agree with everyone else, it looks very pretty, give it a second chance?

    1 Reply
    • Bulgaria_and_france_burgundy_2012_101_large

      Mar 28, 2012, 12.16 PMby schnui

      Thanks Jenny but I most likely won’t wear it. I have a friend who will happily take it and then I will adapt a Burda pattern and give it the same look.

  • 7477921d82b9cd62dad6abe75756cb0b30ea2282_large

    Mar 28, 2012, 08.51 AMby flowergirl22

    I can see that the cut on the boobs are a little low, maybee they should be a differend angle. I find with my 46DD it is hard to fins a blouse that shows your boobs in the right light, .

    Maybee you should design your own top for your figure,, but do it in a collete style.

    1 Reply
    • Bulgaria_and_france_burgundy_2012_101_large

      Mar 28, 2012, 12.14 PMby schnui

      Thank-you and yes, in future I will look at a Colette pattern and see how I can adjust it to a Burda pattern that works well for me.

  • Cimg3022_large

    Mar 28, 2012, 07.40 AMby merche

    Are you sure it doesn´t look as good on you??? Maybe is that kind of thing that you have to wear a couple of times to get comfortable with. Looks pretty good to me and very elegant!

    1 Reply
    • Bulgaria_and_france_burgundy_2012_101_large

      Mar 28, 2012, 12.13 PMby schnui

      Thanks merche, but it really doesn’t look right. Maybe it is because I have never had this problem before because I have stuck to Burda patterns for so many years.

  • Img_0509omena_large

    Mar 28, 2012, 07.35 AMby Rikamekko

    Beautiful and elegant,well done : )

    1 Reply
    • Bulgaria_and_france_burgundy_2012_101_large

      Mar 28, 2012, 12.11 PMby schnui

      Thank-you for your kind comment.

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