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Added Mar 23, 2009

By burdastyle

New York, New Yo...






Our fun, simple Kathrine dress is easy to sew and easy to wear. We love the fitted back with pleat and the full, loose movement in the front. Have fun accessorizing it, perhaps with multiple, brightly colored silk sashes, trendy bow ties, or piles of chunky necklaces. Next week, we’ll post the Plus Size of this dress, which we adjusted to better accommodate the plus figure.

Material Notes

We used a beautiful wool suiting material for the dress, and we couldn’t decide which color of the silk charmeuse we liked better for the sash, so we made both! And for the little button at the center back, we wanted it to be invisible, so we used a crochet loop, and put a small button on the inside of the dress. You can also put a crochet loop on your sash, and attach it to the dress via the same button.



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Garment Type
Classic, Evening Wear, Romantic


Hair & Make-up

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  • Simply_me_large

    Apr 28, 2010, 02.26 PMby bastor

    I love the alteration for this dress. I think is absolutely pretty, which the cinch at the waist makes all the difference.

  • Vatten_large

    Apr 27, 2010, 09.50 AMby ichigogirl

    Great re-styling! I like it so much more than the original, it’s gone from quirky/cute to really elegant!

  • Dsc02277_large

    Mar 16, 2010, 10.34 PMby redrose12

    I’m making this pattern up now, and while it’s soooo cute, the instructions are kinda terrible! Huge font, tiny pictures, barely formatted… I love the pattern, but as someone who doesn’t have internet access and needs to download instructions, making it isn’t as fun.

  • L_53e016d8c7a44e4fb96728236bd5d05e_large

    Dec 6, 2009, 04.08 AMby Dawn Marx

    I absolutely LOVE the dress. I have a question though. Do you have any tips for making it longer in the back , but the front stays the same?

  • Missing

    May 8, 2009, 01.40 PMby smudges

    I LOVE IT!!!!! Where can I find this pattern?? I’m a COMPLETE novice would I be able to do it? I have a very basic NECCHI machine 21 stitch. I’m looking for a garment that I can sink my teeth into as my forst project. Think this would be purrfect! :)

  • Hallaa_large

    Apr 7, 2009, 11.50 AMby aleah

    Would work great to all of us quite tall, slim and skinny girls. I really adore these kinds of dresses, I like them so much. :) Thanks!

  • D82a0eb813c5cd5174cbfbeab14c2f519152d251_large

    Mar 31, 2009, 10.38 AMby emazon

    I really love how this looks, but I know that I can’t wear sack dresses and they just get worse when I add a belt. I wish the designers would do more dresses with waists. Smocks are much more popular as tops right now than dresses anyway. It feels very last year, and not very fresh.

    1 Reply
    • Im000537_large

      Apr 28, 2010, 04.37 AMby Jose Zabala

      Agreed, but not even last year, maybe the last fifty years…

  • 33db86768f85e8900d6c478e1207963c009fed72_large

    Mar 25, 2009, 06.21 PMby davyjonesoverlocker

    Malissa, Malissa variations, Anda, Anda Variations and now Kathrine.

    I’d like to see a frock that isn’t so same-ish.

  • Missing

    Mar 25, 2009, 06.20 AMby linda-ross

    With all the front pleats this looks like a very elegant maternity dress. At the very least, friends and family will wonder why you didn’t tell them and strangers will be asking when you are due. Of course, if you ARE pregnant, you will be in high style. I will not be making this dress.

  • C7fbdfd5c78183572abd794ed41fe11808e7bc77_large

    Mar 25, 2009, 01.58 AMby wowandflutter

    I do like the big boxy pleats. However, the shoes! The shoes! they are so pretty, is there a pattern for those ?

  • Fdbf0b73fdadde4717b318c4958cc09049660893_large

    Mar 24, 2009, 04.49 PMby ionak

    I really like the dress but to make it for me, I’d modify it a little. I think I’d sew down the front (middle?) pleats, at least to just above the waistline. That would give me the definition I prefer without comprising the line and style.

    My first thought was a great winter dress (remember, the southern hemisphere is in autumn, it’s not spring everywhere!) with a top underneath and leggings.

    This dress typifies what I like about BurdaStyle patterns: stylish and contemporary design with room for modifications and variations.

    1 Reply
    • Im000537_large

      Apr 28, 2010, 04.40 AMby Jose Zabala

      I like your take on the situation…take what is given to you and make it better, FASHION!

  • 697c18478a2d90e0ec5763c475967d780bdcd260_large

    Mar 24, 2009, 03.10 PMby sonipitts

    Actually, I think I’d love to see this in a layered chiffon look (several layers of different colors) with gradated hem lengths. I think those pleats and the shape would be absolutely gorgeous in floaty layers of color.

    I do agree with a few commentors that I’d probably put a band just under the bust to flatter my own shape better, although I’d have to try it out first without…you never know. Either way, it looks like it’d be comfortable as all get-out, and that’s a biggie for me.

  • 6b6c015d8ac672f502ab60392ab55b1114ea555a_large

    Mar 24, 2009, 03.09 PMby chrisjalys

    I love this pattern. Can’t wait to see the plus size version. I agree with the others who have queried the fabric used, I would prefer a softer more summery cotton. I almost never wear dresses but this one is tempting!

  • 17045_1319463987803_5330744_n_large

    Mar 24, 2009, 03.05 PMby cmebd

    I think its a cute little piece – great start for a “lady in waiting” style. With dughters starting to produce this will be helpful. Maybe the back can be adjusted somewhat.

  • 078962ccc0753c16e76594b616770d888b7e5a7b_large

    Mar 24, 2009, 02.44 PMby annawilliamson

    this is really cute in theory (and on a fashion model shaped girl), but i don’t see it becoming a plus size without such drastic changes as to make it not in any way the same dress. curvy girls will just look fat in this dress – it completely robs us of the waistline that makes us so gorgeous!!

    but all you skinny girls, go for it, it’ll look great on you!

  • Missing

    Mar 24, 2009, 02.08 PMby myartificialsunshine

    I absolutely don’t understand all the complaining about this dress! It’s super cute and actually is a flattering cut—evidently some people have been wearing super un-flattering clothes. The lines are modern, and yet to me there is something timeless about it.

  • Missing

    Mar 24, 2009, 01.52 PMby jmfast

    Perfect for moms-to-be.

  • Missing

    Mar 24, 2009, 12.10 PMby handyc

    Ooh, not cute. I understand you wanted a crisp fabric to add definition to the pleats, but the shiny wool makes the arm scythes look bunchy and ill-fitting. It just looks rumpled. A fabric with a softer hand would have flowed over the body better and wouldn’t look like so tent-like.

    For itty bitty girls, this might work in a Mary Quant/Twiggy sort of way. But anyone with a moderate chest will look like they are wearing a big sack, no matter how fitted the back is.

  • Palmhand_large

    Mar 24, 2009, 11.53 AMby benew

    The white ruffle on the bottom of the dress is great. I really think the feeling of “feminine” tuxedo is really creative! I would definitely try put the sash around the waist though. The LARGE, vibrant satin bows around the neck is just…not cute. Yay burda!

  • Missing

    Mar 24, 2009, 11.52 AMby nepherym

    This would be great for anybody without boobs. Victor is right… this would be a fat-tent for anybody NOT shaped like a bean pole.

  • Missing

    Mar 24, 2009, 11.40 AMby fr8rain

    I don’t think this design would be flattering on anyone either. Be comfy if you were pregnant.

  • E065ff98e916f88c828acd3ea40e29737432b8fd_large

    Mar 24, 2009, 10.53 AMby jinxychan

    I really love this. Beautiful, ladies! Thanks for another great dress for my closet!

  • 75818032dd730b6d3991717b0a97f1dc621e4562_large

    Mar 24, 2009, 08.24 AMby ladybugs

    This is a cute dress. I made a few last summer for by daughter but never thought of making myself one. I just love how it looks. Great job.

  • Hilda_bouma_pasfoto_large

    Mar 24, 2009, 03.09 AMby barkcloth

    I like it very much. simple and stylish. I like it even better than the Paola dress. Lucky I saved my silk for it.

  • Missing

    Mar 23, 2009, 10.31 PMby scriptandserif

    I like it, but it is just me or does the back fit the model a little funny? It’s almost as if she has a very muscular back or is hiding a pair of wings underneath…

  • Bloom_roses_large

    Mar 23, 2009, 09.31 PMby cam557

    Modern and chic… I love it!

  • Da810f03a0d5db1cdb3b8d267111c9fcc7ad2eda_large

    Mar 23, 2009, 06.22 PMby auntchelle

    I like this dress. I can see this being made in many different fabrics. I doubt it would suit a body shape with large breasts tho’. Whether you are a ‘regular’ size or plus size (me) if you have large boobs this will look like a maternity dress. I’ll hold my opinion on the Plus size version until that is released.

  • P1080646_-_copy_-_copy_-_copy_large

    Mar 23, 2009, 05.53 PMby arete999

    Guys!This is just great!I love the dress!Great style,very modern! I think that it is a suitable pattern for big and small sizes.You can add sash or belt or use soft silk for flow effect.I will make this dress for myself for sure!

  • Avatar6_large

    Mar 23, 2009, 04.06 PMby ditavee

    Disagree about this not being suitable for a plus size. It’s fitted at the back and with a belt under the bust and a pair of leggings, this would be great! A nice short fitted shrug would cover the arms if you wanted. it’s heading into winter here so I’m really looking forward to adding it to my own wardrobe.

  • 5895503519_d42bddbd6c_o_1__large

    Mar 23, 2009, 03.30 PMby nikkishell

    I love this dress and can see me wearing it through winter with thick tights and a long sleeve tee underneath!

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