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Kathrine Plus

Added Mar 30, 2009

By burdastyle

New York, New Yo...






Our fun, simple Kathrine dress is easy to sew and easy to wear. We love the fitted back with pleat and the full, loose movement in the front. Have fun accessorizing it, perhaps with multiple, brightly colored silk sashes, trendy bow ties, or piles of chunky necklaces. The Plus version of the Kathrine has bust darts to better accommodate the Plus figure.

Material Notes

We used a beautiful cotton material for the dress, and we made a chiffon scarf as well as charmeuse scarf. The chiffon scarf is only one layer with a baby zig-zag hem (there is a link to this technique included in our instructions). And for the little button at the center back, we wanted it to be invisible, so we used a crochet loop (there is a link to this technique, also) and put a small button on the inside of the dress. You can also put a crochet loop on your sash, and attach it to the dress via the same button. We also sewed down the two innermost center front pleats to decrease the volume on the bust.



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Garment Type
Classic, Evening Wear, Romantic
Chiffon, Cotton, Silk



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  • Blue_large

    Jul 16, 2012, 02.08 AMby jbeckham77

    I am having trouble working out how to construct the pleats at the front of the dress. Any help would be appreciated. The PDF is low resolution so scaling up the images didn’t help clarify what is going on.

  • Buttontreelane_avatar_large

    Nov 9, 2009, 11.25 PMby quiltingmick

    I’ve purchased this pattern, and really want to make it right now … but the pattern pages have no margins on them after page 1 and therefore I get no fold lines. I’ve had no problems with the other patterns I’ve purchased.

    HELP! It’s not supposed to be this difficult, surely??

    1 Reply
    • Buttontreelane_avatar_large

      Nov 9, 2009, 11.41 PMby quiltingmick

      If anyone else ever has this problem, I discovered a solution, although it’s not ideal. When printing at home, select “shrink page to fit” but test it first on the test square on page 36 and make sure you measure the square.

      I have been trying to figure out a way to do this for days! Hopefully the next pattern I print won’t be such an exercise in frustration!

  • 9d90d56044cee31de02d020e6eddcb4d486d7232_large

    Apr 5, 2009, 04.12 AMby kikir

    I really love this dress! Why does everyone always say that plus size girls need to wear clothes that HIDE their shape, size, fat? I hate the stupid fashion rules us fat girls are supposed to follow! I am never going to not wear a dress just because I’m afraid someone will see how big I really am, or god forbid think I am even bigger, wtf?? It is totally cute, exactly what i’ve been looking for – I am definately making this dress!! :)

  • 6e3656aa7036783b3e4bbc29f34d1029385afafe_large

    Apr 3, 2009, 07.44 AMby wzrdreams

    Alden looks great in this dress!

    So here’s my comment: I am busty….. and if I go by my bust measurement that would put me in the size 44 range (depending on recent cookie consumption) but I know from experience that a 44 NEVER fits me because my shoulders and cross back are smaller. I pick my patterns by measuring my upper bust (under my armpits) which is a size 42. So, I always have to do extensive pattern work to make a 42 fit a D cup.

    I like that this plus sized version has bust darts, but since it starts at size 48 it does me no good. I would really like to see the “plus” sized versions start with smaller sizes (42-44) so that us M/L girls with BOOBS can have an easier time deciding which pattern to buy. Can’t “plus” sized really mean “curvy” sized?

    1 Reply
    • Missing

      Apr 27, 2010, 01.26 AMby denise2003

      I’ve had this problem since I was 14 years old! I was (before my breast reduction) a size 24(US sizes) on the top, by bust measurement, and a size 12 on the bottom, by hip measurement. Even now, I have real trouble finding clothes that fit properly, so I’ve been studying pattern alterations a lot. It really is stupid that all the manufacturers and even the pattern companies act like everyone has the same proportions.

  • 3a3428ec3922d929aaa557062b6f59b8ce3598e3_large

    Apr 2, 2009, 05.09 AMby sewverytall

    Alden is definitely the smallest plus size I’ve ever seen. The really bad news is, this dress makes her look bigger than she actually is! Now if it does that to someone her size, just imagine what it will do to bigger sizes, ugh.

    Also, imagine what happens to those pleats when a person sits down. There will be a big poof of fabric in front, from the pleats pulling open. The belt would help to solve this, but most plus sizes are not going to want to wear a belt.

    I agree with many other posters that have said those pleats are a bad idea. Tons of extra fabric on an already larger body doesn’t hide anything, it just makes the whole image look bigger.

    Plus sizes just need to make sure they’ve got enough ease in their clothing.

  • Missing

    Apr 1, 2009, 05.54 AMby sweet-saboo

    I also agree with many of the prior comments, that the model depicted is certainly pretty, this pattern appears to be another ‘scaled up’ version of the smaller size – with no real modification from the smaller size designs specs, once again making the widest parts of a plus-size person ( tummy & hip area) appear even wider than they already are, by adding visual bulk in the form of pleats combined with the A-line trapeeze silhouette of this dress. If anyone with a round tummy tried to wear this dress, it’d look like as though they were hiding an alien baby beneath the tent-like front. I’m sorry, but this dress is a miss. Instead, how about offering a pattern that would look professional & dressed up, or casually chic on a plus-size person…..like a body-skimming (think “ease” here, not “tent”), sheath dress with mock turtleneck, & option for sleeves or sleeveless, back zip closure, and a slight A-line skirt(once again, think “ease”, not “tent”) starting from nothing at hip – to slight A-line at – or just below knee length, no pleats, no added visual bulk. In a khaki-colored crepe de chine, it would be very pretty…and very wearable for plus size people…how about it?

  • Missing

    Mar 31, 2009, 03.48 PMby themisstress

    I have to agree with many of the coments above, while the modle is beautiful, she is not a fair representation of how this dress would look on a "real " plus size. And being one myself, i can confidently say, unless you have a perfect figure and flat stomac, not too much chest or hips, don’t bother. It will look like a maternity dress. I must also agree that once again the quality of the workmanship realy lets the dress down. We know you can do better, we’ve seen it!

  • 6b6c015d8ac672f502ab60392ab55b1114ea555a_large

    Mar 31, 2009, 02.38 PMby chrisjalys

    I have to agree with ‘emtee’ the dress does resemble the tunic/gymslip I wore to school in the 60s. That said the lines are fabulous, but on someone of my size (English 26) those pleats would not stay flat and I have had my fill of maternity style clothing! Alden does look good in it, however I also feel that she is too small to model a plus size convincingly! No offence meant.

  • Missing

    Mar 31, 2009, 02.24 PMby daisygreenlight

    She is definitely not plus size! I like the fabric choice on this dress better than the one in the “thin” version, but I think the dress overall would be cuter with the pleats on the back too. They would have to be sewn really well though to avoid the billowing out. Overall, I like that there are more options for plus size now.

  • Missing

    Mar 31, 2009, 01.02 PMby jaie

    Well, I can’t say that a St. Trinian’s gym-slip would be a bad idea :-) but I do wish (and I understand Alden to be a 44-46) but I’d like to see this on the highest end at 60. I’d have a better idea how it will lay when spread out by bigger shoulders or bust line. Not that you don’t look great dear, but I for one am a 48-50 and you look far smaller than that in this picture.

  • E4b64bee83c80798a9d4cb7f545e503a4fdce553_large

    Mar 31, 2009, 12.13 PMby lookingpast

    Alden is a great model but I’m not so sure about the dress. I just don’t see those pleats in front staying put—and if they don’t, the dress quickly becomes a maternity dress……which it might be well suited for. But the dress as is wouldn’t be suitable for the plus-size ladies I sew for. Also, the scarfs are distracting, and I’d rather not read so much about the scarfs in the description of the dress itself. (More about the dress, less about the scarfs.)

    That said, the design does have great vertical lines, both back (which I really like) and front. I may try the dress in a flowing cotton gauze or rayon and see what it would look like with the pleats sewn down.


  • Missing

    Mar 31, 2009, 11.41 AMby mainecindy

    I really want to like this dress but it’s hard to get past the fit and workmanship issues in the sample. Surely a good pressing would improve it somewhat? I don’t want to be negative but I’ve noticed these same sorts of flaws with other featured patterns. I hope Burda will take the time to improve these details so the designs can really shine.

  • Dfe3a2838f2e2bc3ef74ca6c1c2acb7bc4560e97_large

    Mar 31, 2009, 09.01 AMby jmcentee

    She is a plus-size model?

  • 730d638158c26447c24930a5e398b4110fc0d510_large

    Mar 31, 2009, 08.40 AMby ememtee

    This just needs a white shirt underneath, and you have a St. Trinian’s gymslip. Sorry to be so negative, but I thought this even when I saw the ‘thin’ version. Alden does make a lovely model though!

  • Picture_2_large

    Mar 31, 2009, 08.22 AMby alden

    Hey Everyone,

    You are all very sweet, thanks for the compliments. Just so you all know, depending on the day and how many cookies have been in the office recently, I vary between a size 44 and 46. Most BurdaModen Plus patterns start at 44 and on BurdaStyle they start between 44 and 48. Just like how lots of regular models are on the small end, it’s the same with me (but i get to eat more yummy food than they do). I hope you enjoy the pattern, I had a lot of fun wearing it and all the other outfits!

  • 990745-073_large

    Mar 30, 2009, 03.39 PMby nehmah

    I cannot help but wonder if the pleats stay reasonably flat and fall in straight lines. A front view with Alden standing erect without a scarf or belt would give a much better idea of the fit from the neckline to the hem. (While I have no personal interest in Alden’s measurements, she does look a tad too small to be a Plus. I only wish I looked that good. :) Nehmah

  • 36155bb6d119d0bcd0ae3445b222ece35bbadbd1_large

    Mar 30, 2009, 03.15 PMby camilaustral

    i’m not plus size either, but i like this very much…

    although i don’t think she is a plus size at all!!

  • 271b6230d7f4cd766994d54d0c1222933059364a_large

    Mar 30, 2009, 02.07 PMby ghainskom

    I was wondering if there was no pattern this week. I’m no plus size but I like this just as much as the original. Alden is modelling beautifully once again. The technical drawings don’t seem to have been updated, though.

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