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Jenny Variation B: Skirt With Bow

Added Dec 14, 2009

By burdastyle

New York, New Yo...






Jenny Variation B is the basic skirt with a bow tied at the waist. The Jenny pattern download includes instructions & supplemental pattern pieces for 4 projects: The basic skirt, the skirt with bow (pictured here), the skirt with suspenders, and a dress!

See them below:

The Basic Skirt

Variation C: Add Suspenders

Variation D: Make it into a dress!

Material Notes

Black shiny rayon blend, Interfacing 36” x 16” (EU 90 × 40 cm), Zipper 12” (EU 30 cm)




Garment Type
Business, Classic, Evening Wear, Preppy, Rock
Cotton, Blends, Silk, Wool



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  • Missing

    Nov 4, 2010, 02.28 PMby emmao

    I just bought this pattern, hoping to be able to create something nice out of it…But no. I don’t know if it is the language, since english is not my language, or if the instructions are really difficult to understand. Someone know where to attach the ribbon? (I know, I must be really stupid…:) )

    1 Reply
    • Missing

      Nov 8, 2010, 08.28 AMby u120418

      I ended up giving up with the bow.
      I think that you are meant to insert it in the side seam when you sew that up.
      I couldn’t even be certain which pattern piece I was meant to use, because the only one that seemed to be right was REALLY big and the pattern (as far as I can recall) said to cut two, not four (for two ties with two sides).
      I think it looks good without the bow though!

  • Missing

    Aug 1, 2010, 07.13 AMby u120418

    I am in the middle of trying to make this. I am so frustrated. The instructions and abominable. I have no idea how I am meant to attach the bow and it even took me ages to figure out which pattern piece I was meant to use. I think Burda come up with some nice stuff, but sewing is not meant to be this necessarily frustrating.

    1 Reply
    • Missing

      Nov 4, 2010, 02.29 PMby emmao

      Have you figured out where to attach the ribbon/bow? I have the same problem…

  • 9d62eb977641526a36508bf95d8f45b7677fd21b_large

    Jun 24, 2010, 07.41 AMby jennif

    How much fabric is needed for the dress?

  • Img_6890_large

    Jan 23, 2010, 07.08 AMby robynemde

    I love all the sassy ladies on this site :0) But the skirt is pretty darn cute, so I’ll still probably buy the pattern despite the extremely valid remarks.

  • Img_4408_large

    Dec 18, 2009, 01.32 AMby captaindalyn

    Very Chic, I love it.

  • 316266_154878347943168_100002630112545_224046_1797791768_n_2_large

    Dec 18, 2009, 12.57 AMby couturecutie

    Cute. I just made something like that though…. without a pattern……

  • Zwei_in_einem_1_large

    Dec 16, 2009, 09.36 PMby wunderlicht

    Who didn’t want to tie a skirt directly below the bust? and pay 7.50 for the pattern…

  • Hilda_bouma_pasfoto_large

    Dec 16, 2009, 09.04 AMby barkcloth

    Sorry Burda Style, you didn’t convince me that this is a variation. To me it still looks like a basic skirt pattern with a bow that I can make myself. Not for $7.50, oh no.

  • Img_0316_2_large

    Dec 15, 2009, 10.08 PMby sigrid

    I still would like to see the technical drawing for all the variations so as to make an informed decision about whether to purchase the pattern. I can’t imagine buying a paper copy without seeing all the views, so why should a download be any different? By the way, the new web design with the tab for the drawing is a greatly appreciated improvement.

  • Missing

    Dec 15, 2009, 07.51 PMby crimson

    I think is a nice variation and since I didn’t buy the other one I think its worth to pay the 7.50 Maybe later they can create the UPDATE YOUR PATTERN option for less money, or a B site without variations and pictures, and post either, you wont need it. But for now I appreciate this! with the bow!

  • 271b6230d7f4cd766994d54d0c1222933059364a_large

    Dec 15, 2009, 01.47 PMby ghainskom

    Based on the technical drawing, I’d say the only difference is the bow. That can barely be called a variation, can it? Seems to me like you could’ve published the skirt A as a pattern and this bow belt as a how-to, really. I also wonder why this pattern goes up to size 46 when the variation A stops at 44? I like the fabric on this one.

  • Missing

    Dec 15, 2009, 10.51 AMby ivorynoire

    Oh, now I understand why the Kiki dress didn’t show any of the variations! They’ll be added as new projects in the coming weeks…

    I like the skirt though but I do agree, it’s quite a small variation.

  • B5821dad0349e06a0fb4db0a0166ab6211c35c49_large

    Dec 14, 2009, 06.56 PMby elaine-bin

    Lovely skirt design, I especially like the style with the bow

  • Cherrys_047_large

    Dec 14, 2009, 06.49 PMby nenasew

    Love the skirt. I think its very versatile pattern. These pictures are a riot. I have never ever seen a girl dressed like bowling.

  • 20fb33df4a0c917817bd1d9027a1ba824e4a45e1_large

    Dec 14, 2009, 06.08 PMby barbaraagatha

    Oh YES! Now that I see that the version B is EXACTLY like version A, but has a big ass bow around the waist, I totally see how someone would pay $7.50 for three different variations of the same skirt. It makes sense now.

    Yet, why do I feel compelled to make my own and simply add a bow?!

    9 Replies
    • Img_3334_large

      Dec 14, 2009, 07.37 PMby Jodi Wade

      It DOES make perfect sense. Instead of an hour drafting a pattern yourself, you can spend an hour printing out the pattern, sticking all the pieces of paper together, and then cutting out all the pattern pieces!

    • 4c308a9f8ee83878f4cb44f48e67c61b7875fd57_large

      Dec 14, 2009, 07.41 PMby chelsesaurusrex

      Yeah….I’ll be saving my 7.50 for fabric.

    • D14f8ecf7fa0055814eb0ed42b36ad18904acd13_large

      Dec 15, 2009, 01.16 AMby starryeyes11

      Yeah, I am not entirely sure how this really qualifies as a variation … Adding a tie bow at the waist is not exactly a big difference from the original pattern …

    • 2248651388_b7dff371cd_large

      Dec 15, 2009, 07.32 AMby victors

      It’s very similar to the Sidonie variation 1, minus the bottom frill.

    • 20fb33df4a0c917817bd1d9027a1ba824e4a45e1_large

      Dec 15, 2009, 08.49 AMby barbaraagatha

      Now I wish to understand why Jodika comment was marked as innapropriate…
      I agree with her. And she also made me laugh. :D

    • P1011121_large

      Dec 15, 2009, 09.35 AMby alanagrace

      Jodika made me laugh too. So true. Why would you pay for all that pain and effort of buying the pattern? And why is saying that inappropriate?

    • 8756ca0d0ac074593ea7b3130f1b68431d51de7d_large

      Dec 15, 2009, 10.15 PMby kat21

      I totally agree with you and Jodika. I have been waiting for this variation to come out thinking it would be something amazingly different. A bow is something you could probably add to a skirt without an actual pattern for the bow. Its pretty much just a sash!

    • Sitting_down_-_gloomy_large

      Dec 15, 2009, 10.33 PMby sarsaparilla

      I agree too… it’s a really beautiful pattern but I could get something very similar (and cheaper!) from my fabric store without all the hassle of piecing the pages together :S

    • Img_3334_large

      Dec 15, 2009, 10.57 PMby Jodi Wade

      I just thought it was a bit over priced for what it is… I live in Hungary so $7.50 is about 2 hours pay for me (!! Yes, it shocks me too). It doesn’t make sense for me to pay so much for a basic pencil skirt pattern. Working here kind of colours my vision… When I lived in wealthier countries I didn’t really mind paying quite a bit for a nice pattern.

  • Cat_logo_large

    Dec 14, 2009, 04.52 PMby lunatepetal

    love this version with the bow :)

  • Vatten_large

    Dec 14, 2009, 04.49 PMby ichigogirl

    I imigine there will be a few of these around having christmas dinner this year, it’s very nice! And I think it’s inspired me to add an optional tie-belt to my christmas dress, thank you!

  • B9d2cca99cbd44d16d3e10715346ddb1c53c5e69_large

    Dec 14, 2009, 04.08 PMby kallers

    Holy moly, that’s a high slit! Maybe not the best bowling attire, but very cute!

  • Dscn07092_large

    Dec 14, 2009, 04.02 PMby Ana B

    I still want this pattern. I like this variation also; very cute; great to wear at the office. It is just too small for my body type (not so small.) Still contemplating… one of two things… either I learn to adjust the pattern… or I wait till I lose the next 20 lbs. and award myself…. decisions..decisions..decisions.

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