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Added Jul 23, 2011

by Adriana Orozco

San Pedro De Mon...






This is a dress for a most beautifull 17 years old girl. It is not what I am used to do, because this is a dress made in a day including the pattern. Just so so simple, but I think that very nice for a special evening. I wash the cotton lace before making it, and…thanks God!!!! it shrank so much!!!! and the lining is a gold like lurex type of fabrick that I was able to get in a retail store and that was the last piece, It has a princess cut and I work the 2 materials toguether, and left a bit of lthe lace alone on the hem line so there is the same transparency that in the unlined sleeves. Finishes where done with a simple cotton lace by the yard, and….that was it!!!! the neckline at the front and back has been treated like a swiming costume, with elastic to keep everything in place and has no facings. It really came out nicer that I spect it,!!!!




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  • Af277_lrg_large

    Sep 17, 2011, 11.46 PMby su-z

    What an elegant 17 year-old girl! Beautiful dress, simply elegant. Thank you for sharing your work.

  • Img_20160222_155241214_large

    Aug 20, 2011, 06.47 PMby milkyway

    This is so gorgeous adriana, really love it, simple and elegant

  • Bild_large

    Aug 4, 2011, 11.35 AMby zaarissima

    again a wonderful dress! You are a magician! (and I make it true – one day I fly to you for visit you and then I have an order for a dress in my bag!!!)

    1 Reply
    • Nanacosta_marzo_2011_large

      Aug 4, 2011, 02.28 PMby Adriana Orozco

      Oh Zaarissima!!! you make me smile!!! I really wish that God will give us the oportunity of one day meet!!! And….so happy I will be to take thar order from your bag!!! May God bless you!!!

  • Avatar_jpeg_large

    Jul 31, 2011, 02.07 PMby Gabriele Yorlano

    Beautiful Adriana! It’s nice to see when young ladies dress classy/elegant..and not so revealing. I bet she was stunning in this dress. Lucky girl to have you make her dress. I love your work! I am just in aw of what you do with fabric and lace!

    1 Reply
    • Nanacosta_marzo_2011_large

      Aug 1, 2011, 04.26 AMby Adriana Orozco

      Thank you so much my dear Gabriele!!! and yes, you are right, it is so nice to see a girl so classy….and Martina is just….beautifull and classy and lovely and…and… and again thank you for your nice and kind words!!!

  • 5196510037_0646d0f80e_o_large

    Jul 29, 2011, 04.00 AMby kelepso

    Your work is always lovely!!!

    1 Reply
    • Nanacosta_marzo_2011_large

      Jul 29, 2011, 12.16 PMby Adriana Orozco

      Well kelepso!!! what can I say but: thank you so much for your words!!! :D

  • Me1_large

    Jul 29, 2011, 12.37 AMby fashionfreek

    Adriana..this dress is nice. What a lucky girl to be wearing it.:-) Your projects are always nice to see.x

    1 Reply
    • Nanacosta_marzo_2011_large

      Jul 29, 2011, 12.15 PMby Adriana Orozco

      Thank you so much fashionfreek!!! best wishes to you and your family from sunny Costa Rica!!!

  • Missing

    Jul 27, 2011, 10.47 PMby BeYou TiFul

    This is so beautiful! I love it very much!

    1 Reply
    • Nanacosta_marzo_2011_large

      Jul 28, 2011, 05.20 AMby Adriana Orozco

      I am happy that you like it, and thank you very very much!!!

  • _2_large

    Jul 27, 2011, 08.49 PMby Liora Litman-Cohen

    i wish you were my sewing teacher…

    1 Reply
    • Nanacosta_marzo_2011_large

      Jul 28, 2011, 05.19 AMby Adriana Orozco

      Thank you Liora!!!! I should have films to send you in how I do my clotes, but….have no camara!!! :) thank you for your comment, must come to CR!!!

  • Richie_and_ian_051_large

    Jul 26, 2011, 06.44 AMby assets

    Just amazing I love it well done.

    1 Reply
    • Nanacosta_marzo_2011_large

      Jul 28, 2011, 05.17 AMby Adriana Orozco

      I very much appreciate your comment, thank you!!!

  • Sart_large

    Jul 25, 2011, 03.21 PMby tamezdc

    Awesome dress!!

    1 Reply
  • Dsc09595avatar_large

    Jul 25, 2011, 05.42 AMby Ralf Schmitz

    elegant, stylish, sexy, very very well made: this dress must be from adriana orozco!

    2 Replies
    • Nanacosta_marzo_2011_large

      Jul 25, 2011, 12.00 PMby Adriana Orozco

      My dear Ralf, you allways have a way to write your comments!!! so nice!!!!! thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! xxxoooo

    • _2_large

      Jul 27, 2011, 08.50 PMby Liora Litman-Cohen

      big like on your phrasing Ralfi!

  • Rag_toe_003_large

    Jul 25, 2011, 02.02 AMby micbrown


    1 Reply
  • Lussi_large

    Jul 25, 2011, 12.59 AMby lyudmyla

    So gorgeous! This is a beautiful dress Adriana!!!

    1 Reply
  • 958f82a55d1f911aea11daf7f2e4e6295bbe805d_large

    Jul 24, 2011, 09.07 PMby bohemiannow

    I totally love it!

    1 Reply
  • 11012193_10154291143778709_5088354849278823877_n-2_large

    Jul 24, 2011, 06.01 PMby Anna Aasbjerg

    Looks great! Would love to wear a dress like that! :-)

    2 Replies
    • Nanacosta_marzo_2011_large

      Jul 25, 2011, 12.03 AMby Adriana Orozco

      Thank you so much my friend!!! it will look wonderfull in you lovely figure!!! and….really, I am so sorry with the tragedy in your country…my heart is with you all!!

    • 11012193_10154291143778709_5088354849278823877_n-2_large

      Jul 25, 2011, 09.02 AMby Anna Aasbjerg

      It’s very kind of you! :-) Yes, it’s horrible, what’s happened in Norway! All of the North is in chok! (I’m from the tiny country right under Norway on a map, Denmark) ;-)

  • Glo_copy_large

    Jul 24, 2011, 05.03 PMby domestic-divaonline

    Love the simplicity of it! I admire your ability to work with less complicated projects as well as the really fussy ones. You should design dresses for the Academy Awards. I’d watch the show just to see your creations.

    1 Reply
    • Nanacosta_marzo_2011_large

      Jul 25, 2011, 12.02 AMby Adriana Orozco

      Oh Gloria!!! the comments that you make…..make me so ha`ppy and gratefull, that also make me tearfull!!!! thank you so much!!!!!!!!!1

  • Il_430xn_156061385_large

    Jul 24, 2011, 11.20 AMby suzetewilliams

    Wow! I can imagine Audrey Hepburn wearing this dress (maybe a little longer :-)). Beautiful as usual Adriana.

    2 Replies
    • Nanacosta_marzo_2011_large

      Jul 24, 2011, 02.05 PMby Adriana Orozco

      Thank you my dear suzete!!! actually, yes, it could be her style….but if you see the 17 year old that is going to wear it…….she is so beautifull…..

    • Il_430xn_156061385_large

      Jul 24, 2011, 07.26 PMby suzetewilliams

      What a lucky 17 year old! I would have been well and trully happy if I had one of those at 17… xx

  • 2222222222222222222222222222222222222222_large

    Jul 24, 2011, 04.28 AMby vji

    love the lace fabric…)))))))

    1 Reply
    • Nanacosta_marzo_2011_large

      Jul 24, 2011, 02.04 PMby Adriana Orozco

      Thank you vji!!! but belive me, when my client came with the lace……I could cry…….It look so cheap, stiff and ruff….did not like it at all, but once I washed it came softer and nice, and with the gold lining….I think that made the difference too!!!

  • 100_8780_large

    Jul 24, 2011, 04.00 AMby mojo elgin

    Beautiful, Adriana! I love that lace! Good thing you prewashed it :)

    1 Reply
    • Nanacosta_marzo_2011_large

      Jul 24, 2011, 02.02 PMby Adriana Orozco

      Thank you elgin, I am glad that you like it!!! and yes, I am happy I washed it, and also it was a bit stiff, so I left it in softener for 1/2 day and it came out with a very nice texture too!!!

  • Dsci0410_large

    Jul 24, 2011, 03.59 AMby momsgotanewhobby

    Wow, fast and fabulous fashion. This is cute.

    1 Reply
  • User_9697999_1238456472431_box_large

    Jul 24, 2011, 12.11 AMby Timea Schmidt

    Love the gold lining. It gives such an edge to the lace. Great job Adriana! Your sewing is so neat, you should be an example for everyone.

    1 Reply
    • Nanacosta_marzo_2011_large

      Jul 24, 2011, 02.00 PMby Adriana Orozco

      Thank you so much timi55!!! Coming from such an expert as yourselve, I feel very flatered with you comments!!! thank you again!!!

  • 060_large

    Jul 23, 2011, 11.41 PMby max

    Simply beautiful!

    1 Reply
  • M_290808a2ad8e6202241b78c584782f13_1__large

    Jul 23, 2011, 09.51 PMby lunaloo

    This is a beautiful dress… and I am in awe of the sleeve perfection :)

    1 Reply
    • Nanacosta_marzo_2011_large

      Jul 24, 2011, 01.52 PMby Adriana Orozco

      Thank you so much!!! the sleeves are one piece with dart on the elbow, that is all, but thank you for your appreciative comment.

  • Ooobop_thatched_house_large

    Jul 23, 2011, 09.00 PMby janene

    Wow! But only you Adriana can make something ‘so simple’ look so absolutely stunning. Gorgeous lace and amazing low back. Am wondering how the bra thing works or not… she is 17 after all!

    2 Replies
    • 100_8780_large

      Jul 24, 2011, 04.01 AMby mojo elgin

      My daughter #1 had a backless stick-on bra one year for prom…

    • Nanacosta_marzo_2011_large

      Jul 24, 2011, 01.51 PMby Adriana Orozco

      Thank you janene!!! in this case….she does not even needs a bra. If I had made this one for an older woman, I will have put cups in a small lining inside…..but this is for a bust that is in the right place!!!! jajajaja

  • Holliebell_large

    Jul 23, 2011, 08.50 PMby freakusbzzz

    How funky! Aren’t small projects fun.

    1 Reply
    • Nanacosta_marzo_2011_large

      Jul 24, 2011, 01.49 PMby Adriana Orozco

      Thank you!!! yes!!! I wish I had small proyects more often!!!

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