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Added Jan 16, 2007

By burdastyle

New York, New Yo...






Combine Esther with anything, from a black dress to some pants or a little mini skirt. Made out of a knit bought by the yard, it is not hard to assemble. Just make sure to use a sewing needle with a round tip (for knits) in order not to break any threads while sewing.

Material Notes

Knit, Rib




Garment Type


Black Dress

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  • Sop_large

    Sep 5, 2016, 06.14 AMby DeborahRodriguez

    it is nice….

  • Full_size1_large

    May 29, 2015, 01.55 PMby Rehanamark

    This is awesome

  • Img_0258_large

    Apr 29, 2012, 07.01 AMby buddingnaturalist

    Please make this avaialble as a print at copy shop option. I don’t like sticking/ taping A4s together and don’t have any space in my apartment for laying out and pasting together bits. Not to metion I would prefer to use the time sewing!

  • 11258216_10206641305901111_7249394459930650298_n_large

    Apr 5, 2012, 11.35 PMby nouvellegamine

    “Real” women don’t body snark.

    Nice sizist BS people. I hope you feel better now.

    very cute sweater, btw. i’ll have to keep in it mind for next autumn.

    2 Replies
    • Bitchdresssmall_large

      Apr 29, 2012, 07.17 AMby dstasko

      HI, I"m sorry if anyone interpreted my comments as being “sizist” or snarky. I was not making a personal attack on the model or on anyone in particular.

      Eating disorders are rampant in the fashion industry, which in turn influences countless women and girls and their body images. You will rarely hear about this issue in fashion magazines, but it can kill. When I see models who look like they are suffering from anorexia, I will say something about it.

      It’s interesting that Burda decided to delete all comments on the other side of this discussion.

    • 11258216_10206641305901111_7249394459930650298_n_large

      Apr 29, 2012, 04.41 PMby nouvellegamine

      @dstasko “It’s interesting that Burda decided to delete all comments on the other side of this discussion.”

      i’m not sure what you mean. do you think Burda leaves up comments criticizing plus women? i mark as inappropriate any body critiques i come across. i don’t remember your comment(s).

      “When I see models who look like they are suffering from anorexia, I will say something about it.”
      Unless you know those women personally or they have stated they’re suffering from an ed, you are making assumptions about a person’s health based on their appearance. There are people in this community who have similar bodies. Negative comments about any body shape are cruel regardless of which body shape you’re targeting.

  • Missing

    Apr 5, 2012, 07.52 PMby Brenda Verastique

    We can’t sew humans but we can sew clothes. Let’s stick to what we are on here to do, which is look at clothes that we can sew. Nice sweater by the way.

  • Img_20160627_1931324622_large

    Apr 5, 2012, 06.31 PMby fmsarawlove

    Sorry to continue on with this topic, but I just wanted to say that I’m really surprised and disapointed with how some members of the BurdaStyle community feel the need to criticize the way the model looks. I just think it’s rude. Unfortunately, it seems that even in this community there are people out there that feel the need to put another person down based on the way they look.

    Moving on, I really love the style of this cardigan! So big and cozy – I’m excited to work on this over the weekend. I think it would look pretty in blue for the spring. Thanks Burda!

    2 Replies
    • Img_0419_large

      Apr 9, 2012, 03.22 AMby Indi CF

      Insane I agree!, That model looks amazing ok there are different color to suite different tastes, I just think that some people are naturally slim, like me and we get it from the not so thin and they put as down to the point that when I was in High school I felt so bad as a thicker person would feel.

      The model looks awesome!!!!
      the Sweater looks even better… great job!!!

    • Img_0419_large

      Apr 10, 2012, 08.51 PMby Indi CF

      I am sorry I have to bud in and say this in fact… nope not sorry!, I believe that when people put others down wether it is due to their over-weight or slimness in a way they are insecure about themselves and they try to feel better by doing so. It is Rude!, I don’t like bullies and people that pick on others unacceptable!, as Brenda’s comment states above * lets stick to what we are here for be creative create clothing as beautiful as this sweater… :-) and be happy with whom we are.
      Love and creativity rules <3

  • Cimg0225_large

    Nov 7, 2011, 04.58 AMby yxhb2008


  • Gres_headress_1957_large

    Jul 11, 2011, 07.40 AMby tasallison

    strange and unusual shape.. good job burda!

  • Ipportrait_large

    Jan 4, 2011, 02.53 PMby imposterpockets

    Can anyone offer suggestions for finding thick, textured knit such as that used in the example project? The only rib knit fabric I can find is very thin and smooth.

  • Missing

    Jun 12, 2010, 12.42 AMby eddajo

    That looks so cozy. I’m imagining it in a sweatshirt-knit.

  • Img_0260_large

    Feb 5, 2010, 09.46 PMby lolliepeeps

    The back band for size 40 measures 35" and is supposed to be cut on the fold (which is 70") but the fabric is only 60." Did I miss measure something?

    1 Reply
    • Missing

      Mar 24, 2011, 01.45 AMby ohannab

      Did you figure that one out yet? I’m having the same issue

  • 8c417ddcb0f8b46f4db526ddb94dcb445f63fe19_large

    Dec 16, 2009, 08.30 PMby ambermommy

    is that a black paperclip holding the belt tight in the back view???

    1 Reply
    • Img_0024_large

      Feb 25, 2010, 03.20 PMby Natalia *

      it looks that way.

  • 14d05e9122578c35ec3c52ee18fe2c92baf50d0f_large

    Dec 16, 2009, 05.58 PMby kbdesigns74

    Does this really require 3 yards? That seems like a lot… I’ve got 2 yds at home of the perfect sweater knit for this! If you’ve made this sweater, can you please post and advise…

    1 Reply
    • Missing

      Apr 5, 2010, 06.12 AMby ktseams

      Yes, it really does require 3 yds. I tried to cut mine today with 2 and the 2 yards was only enough for the neck, cuff and lower back piece. It’s the way they are cut along the grain that makes them take up so much fabric.

  • 3a3428ec3922d929aaa557062b6f59b8ce3598e3_large

    Dec 16, 2009, 03.04 AMby sewverytall

    floatingworld…to get a good idea of how the front looks without the belt, click on “Instructions” at the top of the big photo. It shows a drawing of the jacket, and the pattern pieces. It helped me to see what this pattern is really like. This looks very comfy and cozy. I also like the idea of bands on the sleeves…very easy way to lengthen the sleeves, if needed.

  • 2796cb63cbb8ab386b83463843e729dc8d419b33_large

    Dec 16, 2009, 12.09 AMby floatingworld

    This looks great, but it would be great to have some photos without the belt, because it makes it hard to see how the front drapes.

  • E54918bba5280ba8769be5f60b56fdec2006ca88_large

    Dec 15, 2009, 09.59 PMby phrannies

    I wanna make this with a boiled wool. Mmmmmm.

  • 806bdb60bfc4f8206a5bbcf3637ac0526a4c13f1_large

    Dec 15, 2009, 09.23 PMby littlelupin

    oh i’d like to have this, but i haven’t tried working with knits before…

  • Aee0dfb9571ef6c0888e25541f97e2cd4e5e0268_large

    Sep 30, 2008, 07.23 AMby justmica


  • 30f1856af297b60476e4575f38b9fc19f6483eda_large

    Jun 26, 2008, 10.34 AMby rbsmom

    Very nice!I am afraid of such bulky knits because of the stretch but this makes them look effortless. I really like this!!!

  • Img_20160222_155241214_large

    Mar 3, 2008, 09.38 AMby milkyway

    Oh my God I think it is great, very stylish and classi. you look simple gorgeous. Which pattern did you use? what is the name of the fabric? it is simple knit?

    • This is a question
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