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Added Aug 10, 2009

By burdastyle

New York, New Yo...






It’s hot out there and all we can think of is sitting on a beach, a pool, a lake, just something to cool of our overheated minds and bodies. If vacation is still to come or you still have a week to wait till you can visit your friends at the lake house, spend the time dreaming about it, while making the hottest bathing suit around this season.
This wonderful two piece suits most body types, due to its forgiving shape.

Material Notes

Elastic, Spandex




Garment Type



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  • N218400046_198889_892190x90_large

    Mar 22, 2011, 06.52 AMby lime-blue

    I love this pattern. As a lot of you are saying, it is a great design for most figure types including those of us with extra curvy and bumpy bits. Anna is beautiful as we all are in our own ways. I do agree with some of you though, who pointed out that she doesn’t really illustrate the selling point of the design of being flattering to a curvy figure. Also I personally feel the suit doesn’t really fit Anna properly, and may not be the most flattering style for this youthful athletic type figure. I think for someone with her figure maybe the rouching could be more concentrated around the bust and less through the middle. I’m thinking of having a go at this one, but I would like to try making it into a one-piece.

  • Missing

    Jul 26, 2010, 03.44 PMby ldance102

    Can someone tell me how much fabric I need to purchase? I don’t want to buy the pattern until I have the perfect fabric, but can’t find how much I need. I am small – maybe 32 or 34. Thanks!

  • 3513908926_ae6683c378_o_large

    Jul 17, 2010, 03.02 PMby ritualbath

    Ok I need some help! I made this swimsuit and I love it, however… I am a size 18 and a DD so needless to say I adjusted the size a bit and crossed the straps in back for more support. It’s incredibly cute on a curvy girl but the top gets a bit floppy, as in the slightest rub when wet or dunked under water and HELLO Ladies! Any suggestions on how to keep the top up just to cover the girls would be great, breast pads, stays anything, it looks so cute I want to wear it but with a toddler and frisky husband I need some more support.

  • 2633386431_29c3b8d4a0_large

    May 20, 2010, 05.42 PMby amywashere

    i am thinking about making this for a friend of mine and am trying to figure out what the budget would be. What is the yardage called for for this pattern for the fabric as well as any lining called for and the notions, like elastic?

  • Tiger-and-the-city-wallpapers_12775_1024x768_large

    Apr 12, 2010, 10.40 PMby blueeyes67

    i am very skinny as well, and she could be naturally that way like me (but i am 13) but also it is nice to have a more realistic person modeling because its not a good role model for young women to look up to, you know?

  • Missing

    Apr 9, 2010, 11.18 PMby lilamarshall

    I love the swimsuit, and the model is beautiful. I think that women’s different shapes make life interesting; if everyone looked the same, it would be very difficult to be different and unique. Also, I think picking a thinner model is a way of showing the slimmer builds of women how the suit will look on them, because ruching is generally accepted as being flattering for bigger, bustier women. :)

    1 Reply
    • Missing

      Apr 9, 2010, 11.21 PMby lilamarshall

      I might try this with a suit bottom without a ruffle, just for personal preference…

  • 202413_1236892285178_full_large

    Mar 23, 2010, 11.40 PMby Dani Restercher

    If i met this model on the street I would be jealous of her good looks… maybe thats why people are saying so many nasty things about her, she’s stunning!

  • Photo_13_large

    Feb 1, 2010, 12.39 AMby bookworm37

    I just bought this pattern and I’m a little confused about how much fabric to purchase for it? Should 4 yards do it for an size 10 USA?

  • Missing

    Dec 21, 2009, 05.23 AMby misahpea

    I was wondering — was this pattern made for 2-way stretch fabric, or 4-way? or are they interchangeable?

  • Missing

    Nov 25, 2009, 10.35 AMby miffa29

    Hi all, I’ve just made this swimsuit, and while it is gorgeous, I noticed a couple of flaws in the pattern – such as the bottom back appearing on the pattern twice, once masquerading as the bottom front. I just altered it to fit properly, but I would suggest posting the correct piece for future downloaders. Otherwise keep up the good work! I’ll post my pics soon to show a pear shaped body in these!

  • Missing

    Oct 10, 2009, 07.56 PMby laur0sie

    I actually think this suit might look better on a fuller, more curvy figure. The model’s slim body is hidden under all of the fabric, which is odd because ruching usually flatters and enhances MY small waist. I’m about the same build as the model, and a little apprehensive about trying this pattern.

  • Fly_small_large

    Oct 6, 2009, 11.43 AMby misssylver

    Well if the lovely model wearing it can look good being so slim then I can to with all my cellulite and Marilyn Monroe figure.

  • A9ee68418af0d59f53d604ddc5a5cc4e9efbf893_large

    Aug 30, 2009, 07.46 PMby humanbrains

    Hey, i bought this pattern and the instructions file has a big black box over every page so that it is unreadable. Did anyone else have this problem? Its never happened to me with a burdastyle file before… help!

  • 1e72c3e7889243d1d48f1a1d714ea7e37119ae25_large

    Aug 26, 2009, 09.25 AMby wasklywabbit

    HOT HOT HOT! I won’t be in it for long… hubby will chew it off with his teeth! Well done BS – best pattern you’ve had on here for a while.

  • Missing

    Aug 17, 2009, 04.13 PMby chelseasmith

    I dont like this pattern, and (shock!) it has nothing to do with the model. I just think that it looks WAY too much like a Sailor Moon costume. I’m not kidding, add a pair of arm length gloves and change the colour, and you are on your way to fighting evil. I like the bottoms, with the rufflie skirt, very sexy, but I just cant for the life of me take the entire ensemble seriously. I would however like to see it on some different body types, since it’s main selling point seemed to be that it was perfect for that.

    2 Replies
    • De1c6d2f8da129853143aaf8b816d71ff8624f33_large

      Aug 19, 2009, 07.58 AMby safemme

      OMG! Now that you mention it, it does remind me of Sailor Moon! I still really like it though! (:

    • Missing

      Dec 19, 2009, 03.44 AMby kimiquious

      Haha it is too funny that you mentioned that, my friends and I are actually planning on going as the sailor scouts next year for Halloween, and that’s the main reason I was looking into this pattern.

  • 3a3428ec3922d929aaa557062b6f59b8ce3598e3_large

    Aug 15, 2009, 01.17 PMby sewverytall

    I think this is a cute suit. I also think it’s difficult to tell how the bust area will work for women with even a small bossom, thus the comments about the model’s figure being so 12-year-oldish. The fourth photo in the left column, showing a closeup of the front top definitely shows there could be a problem, since the suit gapes out…a guy could look right down the front. So how’s this suit going to work for someone who wears even a B cup, let alone bigger like a DD cup. I personally would also like to see how this suit works on someone with a bust bigger than AAA before I bought the pattern, and a more average size model with at least a B cup would show that…and give the women with DD bossoms a bit more of a clue. Women who are AAAs already know they won’t have any problems with the way this suit is made, and that the ruching will add a little extra fullness to help their tininess. Models who are in the middle sizewise just give more of us a better idea how that critical area will work.

  • 2248651388_b7dff371cd_large

    Aug 13, 2009, 04.39 PMby victors

    Its cute, reminds me of ice skater outfits. She looks lovely in it.

  • 046_large

    Aug 13, 2009, 12.30 AMby shela

    Lovely, has a vintage feel to it.

  • Missing

    Aug 12, 2009, 02.41 PMby malves01

    So couture, a bathing suit my daughters would wear, very nice!!!

  • N761500219_6953_large

    Aug 12, 2009, 08.45 AMby klbell

    This is gorgeous and would make a perfect stage costume for myself and my twin sister. 2 slim, flat chested, real 31 year old women!

    Thank you! Can’t wait to make it!www.twinandtonic.com

  • De1c6d2f8da129853143aaf8b816d71ff8624f33_large

    Aug 12, 2009, 08.18 AMby safemme

    Oh my gosh – I feel like I am back in high school again! What is wrong with all of you people? Aren’t we here to discuss the pattern?? Why then is all the attention on Anna??? She’s absolutely lovely, and yes, she happens to also thin! Is that a crime? It seems like Burda can never make you happy! They put on thin models, everyone screams for curvier women. They give you Alden as the plus size representative, and everyone screams she’s not curvy enough! Why can’t we just learn to love and accept everyone, no matter their dress size? This is a gorgeous pattern and I’m half-tempted to buy it except I live in a country where pool lounging is almost unheard of! Burda Style Team, you’ve done an awesome job – it’s absolutely stunning! Anna, I love seeing you modeling – you have such a distinctive face, very gorgeous! And Alden, I’d love to see you modeling something again!

    1 Reply
  • Missing

    Aug 12, 2009, 04.20 AMby starrys

    I just feel like saying, ruched swimsuit tops too incredibly flattering on curvier girls. I have difficulties trying on normal swimsuit with how it makes my stomach look. But the ruching makes such a difference. The only thing I’m worrying about is the bust. How would one make it more supportive for those of us who are bigger in the chest as well?

  • 65e63113135101c68ca6fd96143059ceac2ea9bb_large

    Aug 12, 2009, 03.29 AMby cindifairy4

    How would this look on someone with an unfashionable figure? Being slender is all well and good, but not all of us can achieve it. I want to know how it looks on an hourglass with a tummy, because that’s what I have. I would widen the straps and lengthen the ruffles for my own sensibilities, of course, but how would all that ruffling look on someone with curves she doesn’t need emphasized?

  • Ee8e1c6628e71142c8c99672dcfb11f4b19591d1_large

    Aug 12, 2009, 02.18 AMby noodlechop

    For all the nay sayers this should actually be a very flattering style for us with a little extra girth, gathering sucks you in at the right places and flatters a bigger tummy, and bottoms with detail that flare out at the sides will help to hide saddlebags and bottoms.

    I’m going to buy it and make it up with the swimwear machines at College, perfect timing, my spring is just around the corner.

  • Missing

    Aug 12, 2009, 01.27 AMby chanticlaire701

    Um, this model IS a “real” woman, this is no mannequin or dress form. Why do you ladies have to insult this woman because you have a different body from her? And since when do women have to have breasts and hips to be a “real woman”. WOMEN come in all different shapes and sizes and it’s insulting to constantly hear other women saying how skinny girls aren’t real women. She is a beautiful model and looks fabulous in the suit. I would not have thought this style of bathing suit could look good on me but because my body is nearly identical to hers, I think I can work it now. I also think it would look beautiful on a curvy girl. Thank you Burda Style for making this super cool pattern and showing it on a beautiful woman.

  • Missing

    Aug 12, 2009, 12.02 AMby lebaron

    I absolutely love this swimsuit! I made the Alison swimsuit earlier this summer and have enough fabric left for this…I can’t wait!!! And for my opinion…I love the pictures and am happy she is flat chested because so am I so I know it will work! Yippee!

  • Missing

    Aug 11, 2009, 11.24 PMby cre8tivone

    This is cute but it’s just a "look at’’ swim suit. I couldn’t see myself going in the water with it. Personally, I like to show more skin! lol I agree with a comment someone made on here, some people will worry about looking heavier because of the bunching up of the material. Cute, though.

  • 3517271613_204ce59221_s_large

    Aug 11, 2009, 10.04 PMby fromvenuswithlove

    awesome….I was looking for this kind of bathing suit pattern for ages but then i cracked it an brought an esther williams one…..for those of you wondering if it’ll make you look fat check out http://esther-williams.com/proddetail.php?prod=Classic_Sheath It comes in plus sizes too – I can’t seem to find it now but I’ve definitly seen plus size girls in something similar on a 50s style clothing site somewhere, and it looked hot.

  • Avatarjaimesquare_large

    Aug 11, 2009, 09.53 PMby jaimesews

    My first instinct is I LOVE IT!! I made myself 2 swimsuits (one was Burda’s Allison) this summer and while I probably won’t make another one for this season, I’ll definitely download and keep for next year. However, I have some of the same concerns as others…what will this look like on different shapes and sizes. Look forward to other users posting their creations…

  • Missing

    Aug 11, 2009, 09.36 PMby fr8rain

    I think the model is unrealistic. Very few women weigh 85 lbs. with no boobs, no butt and no waist. I also think that all the ruching will add the appearance of unneeded and unwanted lbs. for a lot of people. In my opinion it’s way too busy.

    2 Replies
    • Missing

      Aug 11, 2009, 10.22 PMby ringqueen8

      Would you get over her weight allready? She’s not unnaturaly skinny, its just the way she is built. Have you thought that maybe she is very athletic? I didn’t have any curves until my local sports went under.

      my grad dress had the exact same style as the top and i was 130lbs and looked absolutly amazing in it, it was a slightly darker bronze colour.

      If anyone is worried about how their size will look in it, you could allways go for a darker, more matte fabric.

    • 0be4af0cb16631507d48c9ea45f4ebf1a2689a20_large

      Aug 12, 2009, 09.19 AMby kittynoir-1

      Well, I have a similar figure to Anna, as does one of my sisters,on the other hand my other sister is a size 18 (uk dress size) and I consider us of equal beauty for our individual qualities. I also have many slim friends of a similar build.

      So on what grounds do you base your judgments?

      Maybe we should all learn to be happy with ourselves and learn to accept others.

      Love ‘n’ Light xXx

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