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C Dress

Added Jul 25, 2010

by masty

Toulouse, France






Black jersey dress with a pretty plunging neckline and a nice drop-shaped hole in the back.
The fabric is really light so it’s perfect for summer.

Material Notes

Jersey (1m50 x 1m40)




Garment Type
Classic, Evening Wear

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  • Missing

    Mar 18, 2014, 11.23 PMby Eefje de Goede

    Lovely dress! I will try to make it, though I don’t have experience sewing by patterns – I used to draw my own patterns or draw a pattern with instructions. I have one question – the instructions say I need 4 front pieces and that I need to match 2 of them on the longest end – I only have 2 front pieces (or well, one, but I think I need it twice) and the longest end goes on the belt (I think) not on the other front piece. Help?

  • Missing

    Jul 21, 2013, 01.54 AMby Claire Newborne

    Okay, never mind :-) first I clicked get instructions several times and there were just two pages with a pic if the dress. Finally I clicked the one that said to print at copy shop and lo and behold! Lol I found them! Thanks for this pattern! It’s very cute and I can’t wait to make this dress!

  • Missing

    Jul 21, 2013, 01.46 AMby Claire Newborne

    I tried several time to download the instructions with no luck. Can someone tell me how to get them?

  • Missing

    May 28, 2012, 07.00 PMby lenorakepler

    This dress is absolutely fantastic. Forgive me of this is a novice question but the front and back shoulder seams seem to be different widths: how do I line them up? Thank you and thank you for sharing this pattern.

  • 100_0310_large

    Feb 11, 2012, 05.38 PMby Rhea Montpetit

    I LOVE this dress, I am attempting to make it , but had a question about the pattern. I am unsure what you mean when you say the front pieces must cross at 7 cm and the back must cross at 4 cm. does this mean 7cm from the edge or from the middle?? Thanks!

    1 Reply
    • Boum_large

      Feb 12, 2012, 05.06 PMby masty

      This is neither from the edge nor from the middle. Its the distance on which the 2 pieces overlap.
      So the end of each piece shall be 2 cm passed the middle for the back and 3,5 cm for the front.
      I hope it is more clear.

  • Shrek_2_01_large

    Dec 23, 2011, 10.54 PMby lisbeth-s


  • Missing

    Aug 21, 2011, 02.30 AMby kbobina

    This is a beautiful design! I was able to download the pattern but the instructions are blank when I open the pdf, it just says “Instructions…” and shows the pictures, how may I get the full instructions? Thank you!

    1 Reply
    • Missing

      Aug 21, 2011, 02.34 AMby kbobina

      Just found it! For anyone else who missed it: click “get it now” and then download the file where it says “print pattern at home”, missed this important note from masty, my bad!

  • Missing

    Aug 20, 2011, 01.50 PMby mary89

    Hi. why I can’t see and print instructions of free download projects?

  • Missing

    Jul 22, 2011, 10.16 AMby magisca

    I really love this pattern! I have finished my dress this morning and it came out great. The pattern is exactly my size. Although i had some difficulties while sewing (and ripping off again…) i will redo this pattern. Thanks very much!!!

  • Missing

    Jul 16, 2011, 06.32 AMby Shauna Chewning

    I’m with you it’s super cute and I’m dying to give it a try but the directions confuse me too. Though it just might be i’m not that sewing savvy.

    3 Replies
    • Boum_large

      Jul 18, 2011, 06.43 PMby masty

      I’m really sorry if my instructions are not clear. Could you tell me which part you don’t understand? I’ll try to help. You can send me a private message if you want.

    • Missing

      Aug 5, 2011, 05.51 PMby Shauna Chewning

      It took me a bit of looking at the pieces but I’d figured it out. I don’t know why but looking at them and the instructions had me confused. But i was able to make a dress that i love, and i even made one for my 2 year old daughter. just added fabric to the low neckline it looks great thanks for the great pattern.

    • Missing

      Mar 15, 2012, 01.51 AMby Molly Hafeman

      I had a really hard time with the pattern and directions, and I am pretty good at sewing. Its not just you!

  • Missing

    Jun 29, 2011, 08.23 PMby noe106

    I love the dress is very cute. I do not understand the pattern and instructions. is very clear .. anyone can help me?

    1 Reply
    • Boum_large

      Jul 18, 2011, 06.44 PMby masty

      I think I can :) Tell me which part you don’t understand and I’ll try to make it clearer.

  • Sport3_large

    Apr 10, 2011, 12.35 PMby Aliiume

    Hi there, I love the dress and am attempting to make it this afternoon. I have all of my cutouts ready. But I am really confused as to where 2C goes. I don’t know where it fits in or what its supposed to be attached to. Any ideas???

    3 Replies
    • Missing

      May 29, 2011, 09.45 AMby Senja Ukkonen

      I’m having the same problem! Any ideas?

    • Boum_large

      Jul 18, 2011, 06.41 PMby masty

      Sorry for the late answer… and the poor instructions.
      The “2c” marks on the pattern have no real use. I put them at first because I was not sure where I was going to place the different piece. I should have deleted them.
      The important parts are “2b” and “2d”.

    • Missing

      Sep 26, 2012, 01.57 PMby LazyAvocado

      I’m not sure how to get in on this, but if 2C isn’t important, does the pattern end at 2B and 2D? And where is the fold?

  • 349c1b295fc9264f38eed33b3af7e9e529435cfc_large

    Dec 1, 2010, 10.34 PMby treeedom

    well done, very pretty and super cute.

  • 356e3bce903f42af91712070a01bb87f_1__large

    Nov 14, 2010, 07.23 PMby flanface

    Thank you for the pattern! It was only my second attempt at dressmaking, but it turned out really well. :-)

  • Photo_300_large

    Aug 17, 2010, 10.05 PMby fabled

    This was a great project! Im pretty new to sewing so it was a learn as I go kind of operation, I did get confused a bit at the oval in the back and how to sew the two backs together, but in the end I used a cute little snap to do the job ;)

    I love the style and I think the neckline is very flattering. Thanks!

  • Missing

    Aug 8, 2010, 03.15 PMby lauragarcia

    This is so cute ! i love it !gonna make it too!

  • Img_0565_large

    Aug 3, 2010, 10.05 PMby noleime

    I adore it! Going to get fabric as soon as I can and make this :D

  • Befunky_img_20130826_083902_large

    Jul 29, 2010, 02.30 PMby BlancheOfArts

    Oh, I love it! I should make this one… thnx! :)

  • Jagg_large

    Jul 28, 2010, 07.39 PMby lizah

    wow, this dress is gorgerous!

  • Missing

    Jul 28, 2010, 05.17 AMby jodieclark

    I LOVE this. Thank you.

  • 2628059252_a5ef3afedc_o_large

    Jul 26, 2010, 08.28 PMby Tara McMahan

    Beautiful dress!

  • Charlie-deeshadows1_large

    Jul 26, 2010, 05.12 PMby smallone

    hello yes ditto to all thank you for the pattern…. this is a lovely dress and it is very generous of you. as it happens its in my size too…. :) but maybe there is someone out there in Burdastyle land who can grade it for those for which it is not.

  • 990745-073_large

    Jul 26, 2010, 03.40 PMby nehmah

    Good morning Masty; Thanks for the Sunny Top pattern instructions. While the dress is quite stylish, the neckline does plunge a tad too much for worship service. ;-) Your instructions were easy to follow, and a photo is always helpful. Cordially, Nehmah

  • Dsc07394_large

    Jul 26, 2010, 01.04 PMby feetyjammies

    I really like this dress! Great job and thank you for sharing!

  • Fe31dff8f3b024b2f80c0428a5ae2dd34ad4f556_large

    Jul 26, 2010, 11.57 AMby bussey

    Wonderful!!! And so near to my size…. getting the pattern at once! Thank you a lot!

  • C9c58f92ed60d1987d1a711106e37cb70262f08a_large

    Jul 26, 2010, 08.42 AMby anajan


  • 2_dsc_1140_large

    Jul 26, 2010, 05.08 AMby magdamagda

    a lovely appearance! you pulled it great!

  • 4808696009_f68c9418f6_large

    Jul 26, 2010, 02.58 AMby quixoticpixels

    Wow, that turned out really great!

  • 5b_large

    Jul 25, 2010, 08.53 PMby laura oprea

    Beautiful dress. Loveee the neckline!!!

  • Dsc00321_large

    Jul 25, 2010, 08.34 PMby sokkenmonster

    I love the shape of the neckline! And since your pattern is just my size, I might even make one myself :), thanks!

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