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Bringing Out A Work Environment's Character

Added Mar 21, 2014

by EmmaFarrell

London, United K...






When tasked with bringing character into an environment, it’s not as much of a joy ride as it initially sounds. Finding exactly you need can be a difficult process, especially if someone trusts that you can improve an office establishment in this manner.

In order for you to find exactly what you need, first, you’ll have to define it. So how do you define character? The general, textbook definition of the word branches out into different paths – personality, nature, disposition and mentality being the most basic. Since work environments and furniture don’t posses the latter three qualities, it’s safe to assume that your task is to bring about a certain personality to the work space.

Now, the easiest methods, would be just to go ahead and handle every aspect of the interior how you see fit, but considering how many people work in the said office, you’ll need to align your perspective with theirs. Meaning, that you’ll have to take things, such as everyone’s comfort and easy access of practically everything, into consideration. This however, ties-in in a great way, with your search for the environment’s character. Office spaces may lack a certain nature, as well as a disposition and mentality, but the employees who work there have that in abundance.

This is the best way you can hope to bring out an environment’s character – through its inhabitants. To start things off, you can hold a meeting, to discuss exactly what everyone wants and needs. The questions you can ask can vary from “What would make your ordinary work day more fun?” and “How can we help lighten the stress from your work load?” to “What kind of furniture would make you feel more comfortable?”. Keep in mind though, that not everyone’s wish can be granted, so to speak and there will be suggestions, which don’t even belong there in the first place. After everyone has had their say, you’ll need to discuss your plans with your employer, since you can’t just go about all willy-nilly, splattering the walls with paint balls and replacing chairs with bean bags. Unless of course, that’s exactly what’s expected of you. Just remember that if the entire design process is chaotic, you’ll need assistance from London commercial cleaners to clean up the mess afterwards.

The rest is simple – once every decision has been properly discussed, you’ll be left in charge of brightening up the entire office establishment. How you choose to do this depends solemnly on the various tasks you’ll have to complete, though it’s always best to start from the biggest and most difficult ones, while gradually easing in into the more simple ones. Such a process may sound easy to execute when you read about it, but in reality, it can take up a few weeks or at the very least a month. Of course, this depends on exactly what you’ll have to do, though if it’s a full-scale remodelling project, it will take up a considerable amount of time and patience.

At the end of the day, it’s irrelevant whether you’ll paint a giant octopus on a wall with the help of the employees or install a bungee elevator for them to use on a daily basis, as long as it’s what they want and what makes them happy.




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