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Age of Decadence

Added Dec 15, 2012

by Trudy McGrath

Somewhere, Ireland






Please note*
I used size 38 without any seam-allowance except for the sleeves and hemlines and the dress still proved to be slightly too big for me even though I’m usually size 38 in real life…or so I thought? I ALWAYS find Burda sizes ever so slightly too big so I will attempt to make another dress just like this on the pic…

The most skill involving project of mine to get the patterns right and symmetric and I think I got it just right after all. I’m only sewing as a hobby/passion and I didn’t have time in the last few months due to school projects but I’m most satisfied with this one.

The fabric was a gift from a girl I have never met in person but has a big heart and probably the kindest person I came across in a very very long time. The fabric was bought in Italy and later sent to me to create something nice from it. I must say the dress would look nowhere near as elegant without it. I am ever so grateful to meet such a beautiful, kindhearted stranger :)

My sewing machine, Trudy (yes, that’s her name not mine) fell from the sewing table a few months ago and the stitches are looser no matter how I adjust the “pressure thing” also needs to be oiled I think but if you have any idea how to fix loose stitches please let me know. Also, as it was pointed out by one of my favorite member of the Burda community the dress will be turned up with blind stitches but I was too excited about it and wanted to share it you guys asap :) bit compulsive I know.

I can’t make up my mind though whether make the dress shorter or leave it this length…any suggestions?

I hope you will like it so because I’m over the Moon.

Material Notes

Good quality Brocade




Garment Type

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  • Burda_style_pic_large

    Jun 20, 2013, 06.17 AMby MissCorsetLizz

    Great work!!! The fabric is Gorgeous!!! :-D

    1 Reply
  • Burdaprof_large

    Dec 22, 2012, 09.36 AMby michala

    Total beauty! Makes me think of the costume department in the Opera house, which is my favorite place in the world! I would so wear your dress!

    2 Replies
    • Tumblr_n50qiivr1a1qz7lxdo1_500_large

      Dec 22, 2012, 11.18 AMby Trudy McGrath

      Very theatrical right? :) full of drama! Thank you so much for your kind comment x

    • Tumblr_n50qiivr1a1qz7lxdo1_500_large

      Dec 22, 2012, 11.18 AMby Trudy McGrath

      Very theatrical right? :) full of drama! Thank you so much for your kind comment x

  • Catherine_a-01_large

    Dec 21, 2012, 11.37 PMby alekat

    Great work! i would definitely blind hem it at some point. i only just learnt how to do this myself and it changes everything. Shame about your Trudy. I hope she isn’t sick for too long!

    1 Reply
    • Tumblr_n50qiivr1a1qz7lxdo1_500_large

      Dec 21, 2012, 11.56 PMby Trudy McGrath

      Hehehe she is doing just fine but I will take her to get serviced sometimes soon. I actually finished the dress with blind hems but I never uploaded the new images I might do that tomorrow it looks fantastic now :) Thank you for your comment!

  • Missing

    Dec 19, 2012, 11.21 PMby Cristina Staicu

    This is simply gorgeous! Love the pattern and the fabric and the story :)

    1 Reply
  • 405a_large

    Dec 17, 2012, 03.37 AMby MojoHollz

    Amazing job! You matched the print so well, it looks flawless! I agree with the fabric choice too. I love using simple patterns with amazing fabric. It makes the pattern look even better and it lets you show off great fabric. Lovely dress you should be very proud!

    1 Reply
    • Tumblr_n50qiivr1a1qz7lxdo1_500_large

      Dec 17, 2012, 11.12 AMby Trudy McGrath

      Thank you so much! Yes I agree with what you said I also took out two plates as I thought the pattern looks better that way. :)

  • Dscf3009_large

    Dec 16, 2012, 10.18 PMby Glenville Hughes

    i simply adore the cuffs,gonna use a variation on a coat i am making now,naughty of i but gonna be very nice!

    1 Reply
    • Tumblr_n50qiivr1a1qz7lxdo1_500_large

      Dec 16, 2012, 11.03 PMby Trudy McGrath

      No at all naughty we all get our inspiration from somewhere but you gave me credits for them also so I’m very happy for that, thank you :)

  • 3_large

    Dec 16, 2012, 06.35 PMby pauline alice

    The fabric is amazing and the dress looks so luxurious. I like this kind of length myself, very vintage and elegant. Congratulation on this incredible dress!

    1 Reply
  • Dscn0540_large

    Dec 16, 2012, 03.47 PMby Karen Thoonen

    So lovely! I love calf length/over knee dresses, they are so stylish. So if it was for me I wouldn’t shorten the dress. Your fabric is so beautiful!

    1 Reply
    • Tumblr_n50qiivr1a1qz7lxdo1_500_large

      Dec 16, 2012, 04.02 PMby Trudy McGrath

      I personally don’t feel comfortable in short length dresses or skirt anyway so I think I will stick with this length, thank you for your kind comment ;)

  • Fallsw2_large

    Dec 16, 2012, 04.23 AMby sewsweetviolets

    Perfect choice, Make all the work of matching the pattern worth it. Congratulations!

    3 Replies
    • Tumblr_n50qiivr1a1qz7lxdo1_500_large

      Dec 16, 2012, 11.26 AMby Trudy McGrath

      Thank you so much I wish I know more about sewing to be more precise in the making :)

    • Fallsw2_large

      Dec 19, 2012, 06.24 PMby sewsweetviolets

      I think you may enjoy this on line class, especially if you want to use this quality of fabrics.


      I ahve been sewing for decades and I learned a great deal, and it is not hard, just a great deal of labor, which you are obviously up to.

    • Tumblr_n50qiivr1a1qz7lxdo1_500_large

      Dec 20, 2012, 05.50 PMby Trudy McGrath

      I love this online course idea and if I’ll have some time after my exams I will certainly look into it :) Actually most of the techniques I use are based on youtube tutorials, it’s amazing what you can find online nowadays!

  • 100_2178a_large

    Dec 16, 2012, 03.48 AMby kisses

    Lovely fabric….looks so rich and expensive

    1 Reply
    • Tumblr_n50qiivr1a1qz7lxdo1_500_large

      Dec 16, 2012, 11.25 AMby Trudy McGrath

      The emphasis is certainly on the fabric I will take some more images as the filter was highly white balanced I think and the dress is actually is salmon shade?!

  • 100_1411_2__large

    Dec 16, 2012, 03.18 AMby pambox

    This is one of the best things I’ve ever seen here on Burdastyle. The fabric is exquisite, you’ve matched the pieces perfectly, the pleats on the skirt are amazing, and the bows on the cuffs!!! Wow! I could see Elizabeth Taylor wearing this dress back in the late 50s.

    1 Reply
    • Tumblr_n50qiivr1a1qz7lxdo1_500_large

      Dec 16, 2012, 11.22 AMby Trudy McGrath

      You know…it was all worth it for this comment :) Thank you ever so much…

  • Dscf3009_large

    Dec 15, 2012, 10.52 PMby Glenville Hughes

    Lovely dress,lovely fabric i adore!

    1 Reply
  • Img_5432_large

    Dec 15, 2012, 09.26 PMby martinK

    this is realy over the moon. very good matchig of the paterns!!! only the seem would be nicer if it was sewn with bilnd stitches. lovely work, i mean it !!!

    1 Reply
    • Tumblr_n50qiivr1a1qz7lxdo1_500_large

      Dec 15, 2012, 09.33 PMby Trudy McGrath

      Thank you and I actually forgot to say that the hemline will be turned up and will use blind stitches I just got a bit tired at that point :)

  • 20170310_191639_large

    Dec 15, 2012, 09.17 PMby Mary Athey

    Stunning dress. The fabric and.the details are first.class.x

    2 Replies
    • Tumblr_n50qiivr1a1qz7lxdo1_500_large

      Dec 15, 2012, 09.19 PMby Trudy McGrath

      Thank you Mary I’m well chaffed with it :)

    • 20170310_191639_large

      Dec 15, 2012, 09.24 PMby Mary Athey

      I would be chuffed as well trudy as its beautiful work x

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