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A Sarah hat for boys (I hope)

Added Jan 2, 2011

by joost52

Brussels, Belgium






Tomorrow is the first day at work in the new year, and it’s cold in Brussels. So, on my last day of holiday, I decided to give the ‘Sarah hat’ project a go, instructions and pattern put together by esteemed BudaStyle member jackaroo :)
The pattern is rather straight forward, but nevertheless I managed to not understand the instructions :) I think that’s because there’s a lot of terminology use that I simply do not know. I should get a book that explains the basics.(what the hell is slipstitching, gathering, and so on).
So, from the band on, I abandoned the pattern and started freewheeling :)

I wanted to be able to wear it above my ears as a high standing model (default) but also to be able to pull it over my ears when they’re freezing off.

Because of the thickness of the fabric, it turned out a rather frustrating experience. But in the end, I like it, although I’m pretty sure that if I made it again it would be much better ;)
I also added the buckle that (for me) spells ‘I made this’ :)

Material Notes

It’s a very thick wooly thing. Warm, but frustrating when layers start piling up.
I didn’t put in any lining, because I look the ‘look’ of the inside, it gives it a very ‘honest’ look, like nothing’s hidden.




Garment Type



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  • Img1401055272558_large

    Dec 24, 2011, 04.19 PMby SassyT

    Only new to this site. At first thought it weren’t saving my comments so must have posted about three times. Deleted the duplicates lol.

  • Img1401055272558_large

    Dec 24, 2011, 04.12 PMby SassyT

    The hat looks fab. Try some books from the library Alison Smiths, The Sewing Book is fab. Another fave is Singers The Photo Guide To Sewing. Absolutely fabulous – photo’s galore. I love them both as they have their strength and weaknesses. So I could not pick between the two. Have a nose on Amazon. Oh I almost forgot youtube is also fantastic. Enter slipstitch/gathering and there will be a plethora of vids. Choose your fave and save.

  • Burdastyle_profile_large

    Mar 6, 2011, 08.04 PMby junaluska

    Ooh! I had never seen this pattern before. But I like it! And the buckle reminds me of a horse bit. Also, that’s a pretty good hat for just freewheeling most of it!

  • Cimg1311_large

    Jan 12, 2011, 12.19 AMby passthepins

    Hi there. The hat looks great! Yes, sewing termanology can be very confussing! I have been sewing for over 20 years, and still use reference books alot. I have a few that I picked up from second hand stores, and the best one in my opinion is called " The vogue/ Butterick step by step guide to sewing techniques". My edition is from 1989, but probebly any will do. It is clearly written with lots of simple step by step pictures for those of us who are visual learners!. I always have it on hand :) Good luck and enjoy!

    1 Reply
    • 555601_501658813193233_862358384_n_1__large

      Jan 12, 2011, 06.08 AMby joost52

      Thanks for the tip! I ordered three books on sewing from amazon yesterday, one that explains the basics (second hand), and 2 that are about making shirts and pants respectively (these were a bargain).
      It’s not the one you mention, but I’ll keep that in mind for my next shopping spree ;)

  • 382748_327745717240354_810573976_n_large

    Jan 11, 2011, 11.55 AMby asperge11

    looks great :) i’m self- taught and basically if i’m using a pattern i just put the peaces together how i think they should go ^^ (which doesn’t always work lol)

    1 Reply
    • 555601_501658813193233_862358384_n_1__large

      Jan 11, 2011, 12.37 PMby joost52

      Thank you :)
      And ‘self-taught’ is pretty much my middle name ;)

  • Self_large

    Jan 5, 2011, 09.41 PMby jsanga

    Very nice sir ;) Looks good! I don’t know if I’d ever be able to make a hat haha

  • Bssquare_large

    Jan 5, 2011, 03.19 PMby marcy harriell | oonaballoona

    totally guy-centric. i can’t believe you’re onto hats already, i’ve never been able to work up the nerve!

    i stumbled across old copies of claire shaeffer’s “fabric sewing guide” & “sewing shortcuts”, great info and a huge section in the back explaining terminology. singer makes a great reference book too.

    3 Replies
    • 555601_501658813193233_862358384_n_1__large

      Jan 5, 2011, 03.41 PMby joost52

      Neither did I, I never wear hats, I look like crap with them, and I know it. But there’s something about sewing that makes you be happy to walk around in a hat that makes you look like a complete dork.

      Thanks for the tips on the books. I’m sure they’ll look lovely on my coffee table and will do great to feed the closet rumors ;)

    • Bssquare_large

      Jan 5, 2011, 04.11 PMby marcy harriell | oonaballoona

      HA!!! i meant they’re hard to sew!

    • 555601_501658813193233_862358384_n_1__large

      Jan 5, 2011, 04.18 PMby joost52

      er… ok, it’s not only my hat that makes me look like a dork, my posts too :D

  • Ooobop_thatched_house_large

    Jan 3, 2011, 07.31 PMby janene

    Great hat. Looks expensive! And I really like the idea that the buckle becomes your signature.

    1 Reply
    • 555601_501658813193233_862358384_n_1__large

      Jan 3, 2011, 07.49 PMby joost52

      Thankyou :) I like the idea to, but adding it to the hat was already a bit of a stretch. I should not make anything smaller than this ;)

  • N672454138_175398_9000_large

    Jan 3, 2011, 04.50 PMby jackaroe

    Looks nice! I like the fact that you didn’t add any lining. And the instructions aren’t really necessary I think. You just need to post some before you can add a pattern ;-) Job well done :-)

    1 Reply
    • 555601_501658813193233_862358384_n_1__large

      Jan 3, 2011, 07.49 PMby joost52

      Still nice of you to make them though :) I have a friend who wants the same, so maybe I’ll end up making a second one :)

  • Schiffsmesse_2_-_arbeitskopie_2_large

    Jan 3, 2011, 11.05 AMby carolabrauns

    I think you made a great hat. It suits very well (ok – the ears are still cold…). Sometimes you have to do things twice, then you see how the fabric reacts – I have to do also some of my works twice. It’s everytime exciting till the part is ready. Don’t worry – you are looking good with the fantastic hat!!

    1 Reply
    • 555601_501658813193233_862358384_n_1__large

      Jan 3, 2011, 11.09 AMby joost52

      I don’t believe that you have to do things twice, I have seen your work ;) I actually think you are a robot sent from outer space to show us how it should be done :D
      Seriously, thanks for the support, I get very inspired by people as talented as you!

  • Mojeslike_009_large

    Jan 3, 2011, 09.30 AMby jeleena

    You did a great job! PS I never have enough patience to follow the instructions and always do it my way! :))

    1 Reply
    • 555601_501658813193233_862358384_n_1__large

      Jan 3, 2011, 10.49 AMby joost52

      Thank you, from somebody who’s got ‘looking good with a hat’ down to an artform, that’s nice to hear :)
      Glad to know I’m not the only one who doesn’t really care too much for the instructions ;)

  • Bild_large

    Jan 3, 2011, 07.59 AMby zaarissima

    this hat suits you very well! Your efforts have paid off in any case! It looks great!

    1 Reply
    • 555601_501658813193233_862358384_n_1__large

      Jan 3, 2011, 10.47 AMby joost52

      Thank you for you positive feedback, it makes me very happy :)

  • Dsc09595avatar_large

    Jan 3, 2011, 06.10 AMby Ralf Schmitz

    Well done! and it suits you (i allways look stupid with any kind of hat on!) and you will see, that you will find it so easy, if making this hat a second time…..

    1 Reply
    • 555601_501658813193233_862358384_n_1__large

      Jan 3, 2011, 10.45 AMby joost52

      Actually, I also feel kind of stupid in a hat and I would probably never buy this in a shop, but there’s something different about things you made yourself :)

      I have some leftover fabric, I’ll probably end up making one with the other side of the fabric (pale grey) as a gift.

  • Dscf6507_large

    Jan 3, 2011, 05.44 AMby urbandon

    Turned out cool. Very nice.

    1 Reply
    • 555601_501658813193233_862358384_n_1__large

      Jan 3, 2011, 10.43 AMby joost52

      Thanks man, I appreciate it!

  • Dsc01808_large

    Jan 2, 2011, 08.19 PMby marloncosta


    1 Reply
    • 555601_501658813193233_862358384_n_1__large

      Jan 3, 2011, 10.43 AMby joost52


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