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2 November

  • Mojeslike_009_large

    Nov 2, 2010, 02.35 PMby jeleena

    Thanks Molly :)

22 August

  • Missing

    Aug 22, 2010, 08.27 PMby attack-penguin

    Hi molly, I was just in your wonderful and intersesting city. I was visiting my daughter out there. she was out of the country for awhile and just got back. she sews rennisance costumes. maybe you will cross paths in the fabric stores. keep on sewing.

15 August

  • Photo_32_large

    Aug 15, 2010, 08.24 PMby kjbuff

    Is that your VW Bus?!

    2 Replies
    • Checkmate__2__large

      Aug 15, 2010, 11.03 PMby sewenggirl88

      sadly no, I wish. It’s just a picture I like

    • Photo_32_large

      Aug 17, 2010, 12.17 PMby kjbuff

      Sad face! My friend owns a 1965 split window. Her name is Isabell. She’s blue and white and lives in Oregon. I loves me a VW bus.

26 June

  • Schwa_large

    Jun 26, 2010, 07.09 PMby seussian

    You have the cutest sense of style I’ve seen all day (I’ve seen lots of fashion websites today) God bless you, MGJ

12 June

  • Gardenofdecadence-avatar_large

    Jun 12, 2010, 07.02 PMby thewiltedmagnolia

    I read your post on the Self Stitched flicker group and thought I’d come say hello! :) I’m hoping that it’s going to be fun!?

    2 Replies
    • Checkmate__2__large

      Jun 12, 2010, 07.23 PMby sewenggirl88

      I’m hoping too! I’m a little nervous because I’ve never forced myself to wear a ton of my handmade clothes before, but I do have a lot because I’ve been sewing for a while. Do you think you’ll be prepared in time?

    • Gardenofdecadence-avatar_large

      Jun 12, 2010, 08.26 PMby thewiltedmagnolia

      LOL I’m afraid I always fly by the seat of my pants! If all else fails, I can make 3 pairs of Capri’s and wear them several times a week! My situation is so different than everyone else, it doesn’t seem quite fair! No one actually sees me until 5:00 when I put on my uniform and go to work. I’m just trying to MAKE myself get out of my sweat pants around the house while I sew and work on Ebay.

      I looked at your projects, you do have a lot you can already wear! And there’s nothing to say you can’t wear the same piece over again in the same month, is there?

      Cute tops and hoodies to go over jeans? Make a fabric bracelet or necklace? Bet all your friends would buy some of those things too. Bib necklaces seem to be the fashion trend right now on the cute young things!

      Just have fun with it! I’m always inspired by what everyone comes up with!

      Nice to meet you Molly Molly! :) Brenda

23 April

  • 11012193_10154291143778709_5088354849278823877_n-2_large

    Apr 23, 2010, 10.08 AMby Anna Aasbjerg

    Try contacting the people/the office where you have your subscribtion. I’m sure they can help you find old magazines. :-)

    2 Replies
    • Checkmate__2__large

      Apr 23, 2010, 06.16 PMby sewenggirl88

      Thanks, I have been talking to them a little and so far nothing. but I’m going to keep bugging them haha!

    • 11012193_10154291143778709_5088354849278823877_n-2_large

      Apr 23, 2010, 06.49 PMby Anna Aasbjerg

      Depending on how much you’re ready to pay, you can try contacting publishers in europe? :-)

14 March

  • Missing

    Mar 14, 2010, 02.48 PMby tallykay

    I love your crew cardigan! You have a nice sence of style!

    1 Reply
    • Checkmate__2__large

      Mar 14, 2010, 04.24 PMby sewenggirl88

      Oh thank you! that so nice of you

31 December

  • 1144659562_l_large

    Dec 31, 2009, 02.38 PMby jam and ivy

    Hi Molly, I grew up in Rapid! And I totally know how much time school takes up. I am a teacher, plus I am getting my masters. I feel like I am ALWAYS in school! I enjoyed looking at your stuff. Keep up the good work and I will see you around BS!

    2 Replies
    • Checkmate__2__large

      Dec 31, 2009, 06.11 PMby sewenggirl88

      Hello! That is very awesome that you like to dress like the teacher in the magic school bus (ms. frizzle?), if only I had crazy red hair haha. And such a small world, I haven’t found many people in or from Rapid in the online sewing world. Hope to keep hearing from you :)

    • 1144659562_l_large

      Dec 31, 2009, 11.02 PMby jam and ivy

      Yes…We are far and few between. In Rapid…There is not much. I lived on South Canyon Road. Any way. I am sure you will see more of me than you will like. I am always sewing. It is all I have to keep my sanity right now!

1 December

  • 153955_2__large

    Dec 1, 2009, 09.45 PMby petitmoutonbleu

    you make lovely things!!! my projects alsoo take a whiiile! have fun!

27 October

  • F73ae75c85bfa0c3044028abd57f1c9a2953cd72_large

    Oct 27, 2009, 08.17 PMby elainemay

    Thanks for your message- yay! So glad that you’ve been visiting and enjoying the blog! And your photo is absolutely adorable.

16 April

  • D1f6741e542ac8ce0cb702d3a7b7e0f7aac94070_large

    Apr 16, 2009, 06.40 PMby kosmika

    Hi! Thanks for adding my mobile to your favorites! :)

2 December