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15 March

  • Big_tri_large

    Mar 15, 2011, 02.39 AMby cantare

    My dear friend, I am so sorry that you can’t get a hold of her yet. I wish the best for her! That is a very nerve-wracking situation, but we can only send good thoughts until we know for sure. It is so hard watching this on the news and not being to able to actually do any thing to fix it. If there’s anything I can do, please let me know!

13 March

  • Dsc09595avatar_large

    Mar 13, 2011, 07.16 AMby Ralf Schmitz

    dear seazoo! so good to hear that you and your family are well! my little family and me we send you all our best wishes and hope that you will find back to a normal life soon. may good bless you and our love and thoughts will be with you at all times!

12 March

  • Big_tri_large

    Mar 12, 2011, 08.34 PMby cantare

    I am so glad you and your family are safe!!! I hope that many more will find their friends and family safe as well! I am sending hopeful and healing thoughts toward all in Japan.

27 February

  • Big_tri_large

    Feb 27, 2011, 02.04 AMby cantare

    Thank you Seazoo my friend! I’m very excited to get more of my pieces out in the community. Fort Collins, CO is small, but we look out for each other in the art world. I will post pictures as soon as able! Wish you could come too! Maybe next time :)

11 January

  • Avatar3_large

    Jan 11, 2011, 03.55 PMby carottesauvage

    UUUhh love your new banner and profile picture! Is it how Kyoto looks like right now? Beautiful! Thanks for your kind words! Looking forward to seeing the pants you are making. I assume they will be matching the excellence of your previous creations! Much love!xxx

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    • Img_0822_large

      Jan 14, 2011, 03.41 PMby seazoo

      Thank you Helene :))) These pictures are places named Nagano in Japan. yes Very beautiful place. but It’s not Kyoto. Located in the geographic center of Japan. I went to skiing there :) hehe I’m glad you liked those picture;)
      I have not taken the picture of new pants yet! :O… :-( but Today is holiday, I do it! I’ll certainly put on the picture here! wait a moment☆

  • 555601_501658813193233_862358384_n_1__large

    Jan 11, 2011, 01.05 PMby joost52

    Hey, we want to see those pants you finished :)

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    • Img_0822_large

      Jan 11, 2011, 01.32 PMby seazoo

      hihi :-) Nice to hear from you! Thanks. yes Of course! I’ll show those. I should go to take the photo. But first, I drink a cup of tea. :)

4 January

  • Avatar3_large

    Jan 4, 2011, 03.46 PMby carottesauvage

    Happy New year to you dear Seazoo! Sorry for late reply. Wish you all the best for 2011! have a look I am featured member until tomorrow! Much loveXOXO

24 November

  • Avatar3_large

    Nov 24, 2010, 05.08 PMby carottesauvage

    Thanks again for your kind words!!! I am glad you watched ‘the Searchers’, that’s exactlly the right reference that popped out of my mind when I saw your poetic shirt!. Don’t know if you noticed the beautiful waist coat that the character called Martin Pawley was wearing at some point. And Vera Miles has a beautiful belt when she welcomes Wayne and Pawley…. If you want loads of 19c references watch the monumental documentary ‘La Commune’ by Peter Watkins. It is very good! XX

18 November

  • Big_tri_large

    Nov 18, 2010, 04.30 AMby cantare

    Thank you for adding me as a friend and for looking at my studio! My school puts on a winter show, spring ‘recycled fashion’ and a senior show every year. This year (coming on Dec. 2nd) I have pieces in, and then the senior show because I am graduating! I saw that your dress form is from a university and so I wondered if you had shows. Thank you for your comments. Best of luck with future projects!

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    • Img_0822_large

      Nov 24, 2010, 02.51 PMby seazoo

      Hi Cantare :)) Oh December 2nd?! It coming soon! Congratulations on your graduation and new show!;)) wow The news excited me. I’m looking forward to see your graduation creations! and I’ll tell it to you, when I have the show♪ a! I like your picture! I have never seen such a big bicycle. amazing! ha!

17 November

  • Avatar3_large

    Nov 17, 2010, 09.58 AMby carottesauvage

    Hello Seazoo! Thanks for your kind words, you are a friend! I checked your website: are you working in this paper factory? I browsed the site to see your work… XX

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    • Img_0822_large

      Nov 17, 2010, 11.55 AMby seazoo

      Thank you for the massage! Helene :) I think so too! You are a friend* oh You checked that? Thanks! yes I’m working that paper factory. but my works is not put here. :P They are the paper that my brother made. Those are Japanese hand made paper. This company is my family’s. I’m designing paper for the calligraphy artist. I would like to show them to you some time;)
      I’m making clothes of custom-made while doing the work of the paper. haha
      ah! I have great plan! My friend does the wedding reception in March. I plan to make the dress for her by using this paper! :D

25 October

  • Dsc06629_large

    Oct 25, 2010, 10.03 PMby kelerabeus

    Hi there! Thanks for your nice comment on my jacket, I’m glad you like it. I just take a look at you studio and I LOVE you shirts, don’t know how I didn’t see them by now?! P.S. looks like you have a b.day coming soon! this is 10 days ahead but congrats :))

9 October

  • Avatar3_large

    Oct 9, 2010, 04.59 PMby carottesauvage

    Thank you dear! The same applies to you! Hope you give me discounts ;) Good to read from you ! XX Helene

26 September

  • Images_large

    Sep 26, 2010, 03.55 PMby dabura

    thanks for favoring my project-“brown velvet skirt”. Happy sewing.

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    • Img_0822_large

      Oct 11, 2010, 01.34 PMby seazoo

      It’s my pleasure! ;) Thank you for the message!

25 February

  • Stb_large

    Feb 25, 2010, 11.58 AMby satomi

    ウェディングドレスにコメントありがとうございます♪ 今思うとあのレベルでドレス作りは無謀だったなーってドキドキしますけど、seazooさんの眼に留めて頂けて嬉しいです^^ ウェディングドレス作りって本当解らないことだらけですよね。でも出来上がった嬉しさは格別ですね^^ seazooさんが作られたドレスも見てみたいです!

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    • Img_0822_large

      Feb 27, 2010, 05.16 PMby seazoo


8 February

  • Avatar3_large

    Feb 8, 2010, 07.11 PMby carottesauvage

    Ola Seazoo! Thanks for your sweet comment, looking forward to seeing your constructivist explorations in clever pattern drafting! :)