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FInished grad school!! Sewing to celebrate!







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27 January

  • Cartoon_me_shiny_2_large

    Jan 27, 2011, 10.09 PMby India T.

    ha, thanks… it’s funny cause it’s true! i used tacky glue & when i removed said offensive fabric it ripped the suede off the shoe, so now i have a very ‘clean’ pair to start over with…

1 January

  • Sdc12957_large

    Jan 1, 2011, 03.56 PMby Lora Martinez

    Happy New Year, may you succeed in all area’s of your life for the year 2011 and beyond!

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    • Img_9757_large

      Jan 1, 2011, 04.02 PMby nettie

      Thank you so much!! I wish the same for you!

23 November

  • Sdc12957_large

    Nov 23, 2010, 08.36 AMby Lora Martinez

    Thanks, and can I say it looks absolutely fabulous on you!!

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    • Img_9757_large

      Nov 23, 2010, 02.43 PMby nettie

      Thanks ;o)

22 November

15 May

7 May

  • Mother_large

    May 7, 2010, 11.40 PMby sewobsessed

    What book did you finish? There is something about being tramatized and wanting more that sounds interesting.

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    • Img_9757_large

      May 7, 2010, 11.58 PMby nettie

      The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. Without giving anything away in case you plan to read it, it has a subject matter that affects me greatly. I went into it sort of blind. I had no idea of the violence. But I am compelled to read the next part.

  • Mother_large

    May 7, 2010, 11.40 PMby sewobsessed

    What book did you finish? There is something about being tramatized and wanting more that sounds interesting.

  • Il_430xn_67388715_large

    May 7, 2010, 04.53 PMby artnest

    I just bought a serger as well – don’t you feel empowered?!?!

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    • Img_9757_large

      May 7, 2010, 10.34 PMby nettie

      YES!! It is amazing! It increased productivity by at least 50% ;o)

30 April

  • Wool-knit-4_large

    Apr 30, 2010, 02.54 PMby sunnilj9

    So so so jealous you have a serger! But I can’t wait to see what you make with it and your adventures with it! Congrats and happy Serging!

    1 Reply
    • Img_9757_large

      May 7, 2010, 10.34 PMby nettie

      Thanks, Sunni!! If you start dropping lots of hints to your hubby now, you’ll have yours in no time! Lol

  • Ac4a70405d8b457fbb40090c28f2b6342de79bda_large

    Apr 30, 2010, 11.53 AMby alazycalm

    Thanks so much for your compliment on my dress! My favorite thing about comments is looking at someone’s work that I didn’t know about before – you have so many great projects (which makes your kind words even more complimentary, of course) and I just found looking at them very inspiring! Thanks again!

    1 Reply
    • Img_9757_large

      Apr 30, 2010, 12.13 PMby nettie

      That’s one of my favorite things to do as well ;o)
      Now, let me say thank you for your nice words!

17 February

  • Anna_large

    Feb 17, 2010, 08.46 PMby latulipenoire

    Nettie, thanks so much for your comment!

10 February

  • Mother_large

    Feb 10, 2010, 06.11 PMby sewobsessed

    I just looked through your projects and they are great, very inspiring. I especially want to do your mens shirt refashion! What I most like is you bio and your play-by-play with the Banana Republic knit dress to Cardigan. You are hilarious and I love you! Keep up the good work. My son is a Brooklynite Ft Greene area Washington Ave between Myrtle and Dekalb I believe. I love Brooklyn.

    1 Reply
    • Img_9757_large

      Feb 14, 2010, 02.45 AMby nettie

      Thank you for your sweet comments!!
      I grew up in Ft Greene and actually lived just one street away from your son a few years ago ;o)

7 January

5 January

  • 4343a36d4466c6f353525bdc97ba571be3128723_large

    Jan 5, 2010, 06.38 AMby thecuriouskiwi

    Hey Nettie, thanks for commenting on my blouse/skirt combo, good luck with your New Years Resolution too, by 2011 we’ll be the most stylish girls out there :)

    2 Replies
    • Img_9757_large

      Jan 6, 2010, 03.26 AMby nettie

      Thanks!! I could certainly do with some style ;o)
      Sewing my own clothes seems to be the only way I can do so comfortably!

    • 4343a36d4466c6f353525bdc97ba571be3128723_large

      Jan 6, 2010, 04.11 AMby thecuriouskiwi

      I so agree! Sometimes I feel like a bit of a fashion retard but when I sew my own clothes I take more risks with my style and make things I would never had tried on if I’d seen it in the shops, so far I’m really liking my personal makeover :)

30 December

  • Aw2_large

    Dec 30, 2009, 07.51 AMby chocolatefoxdesigns

    ccongrats on the new machine!!! :)

    1 Reply
    • Img_9757_large

      Jan 6, 2010, 03.26 AMby nettie

      Thanks so much! I am really enjoying it!

19 December

  • Snv31667_large

    Dec 19, 2009, 05.47 PMby jamila82

    Hello Nettie, thanks so much for your comment :). Just so you know I spent close to a week tweaking the dress. This meant a whole lot of seam ripping, the zip went in and came out three times. So I really hope you have it out with that dress, and once it knows your boss – I would love to see the results! :) Good luck x

27 November

  • Maya_kuzman_large

    Nov 27, 2009, 06.45 PMby sewella

    Hi Nettie! Thank you on the lovely comment! Yes it is a versatile piece..Today I tried it with some woolen skirts and it feels awesome! I also discovered several accessories I made earlier (in the same colour as the blouse) which I can use to spicy it up a bit! I specially like the sleeves – love the way widen at the end and the way they fall down.

24 November

  • C9c58f92ed60d1987d1a711106e37cb70262f08a_large

    Nov 24, 2009, 11.29 AMby anajan

    Hi Nettie, Wow, I am very flattered by all the attention I’ve recently got from you. Thanks! BTW, I really like your resume :) Ana

16 October

  • 4343a36d4466c6f353525bdc97ba571be3128723_large

    Oct 16, 2009, 01.22 AMby thecuriouskiwi

    Hi Nettie, thanks for checking out my Hikaru Jacket, I’m glad you like the wool and I am so glad I used it. I almost missed out because I was a bit worried about spending that much for my first jacket so I left it at the shop. Then after about 3 weeks I hadn’t seen anything I really liked so I went back to get it and got the last 2 meters on the roll, I was so nervous as they were measuring it, I knew it was going to be close, phew! Now I know it was well worth the spend :)

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