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moved my blog to http://www.milkaquin.com







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2 July

  • Vintage_large

    Jul 2, 2012, 06.31 AMby darlene antonio


    for winning the project runway philippines season 3!!

9 January

  • Delete_large

    Jan 9, 2012, 04.29 PMby t4n14

    Hi Milka,

    I’m planning on sewing a terno dress for a wedding I’m attending in September here in Germany. I find that the dress part’s easy, pero what I find quite discouraging’s the sleeves. Baka pwede mo akong tulungan kung paano mag-layout ng pattern ng manggas. I’ve been searching everywhere on the net for a pattern kaso wala akong makita eh. I would really appreciate any info or help.

    Thanks, Tania

11 February

  • Burda_av_003_large

    Feb 11, 2011, 09.03 AMby kardamon

    I love all your projects. I could wear everything you made. Great style!

9 September

  • Sas_12_09_large

    Sep 9, 2010, 06.49 PMby stephanie-s

    Hi again Milka!

    Thank you, you are very kind! I have learned so much and feel I have refined my skills by taking so many classes. But as with everything I still look forward to learning more!

    Wow an order for a wedding gown, etc – how exciting to be so integral in someone’s big day! And everyone in that wedding will look fabulous (thanks to you)! :) I cannot wait to see the finished products!

    Oh and by the way I checked out your blog and saw a picture of your son, he is precious – Congratulations!

    Take care and I look forward to seeing and hearing more from you!


7 September

  • Sas_12_09_large

    Sep 7, 2010, 09.04 PMby stephanie-s

    Hi Myk!

    Thanks for all the sweet comments on my latest postings! I am so happy to reconnect with you. How are your online shops doing? I am sure all your creations are selling out quickly, you are so talented!

    Thanks for the years of support, Milka!


    1 Reply
    • B7ac9c599b960e8b2b4c593e62f5903862798f3b_large

      Sep 8, 2010, 02.09 AMby myk

      Hi Stephanie!!

      I am thrilled to see your work..you really got busy with pattern making school…and your creations are proof of it :D

      I am kinda slacking in my Etsy, But I am doing my first paid wedding gown for the bride with her entourage :) I hope to post some work here…

      Keep posting, I am keeping my eyes peeled :)

      Take care!


14 March

  • Missing

    Mar 14, 2010, 02.59 PMby tallykay

    Ok, i absolutly ador your work! You are fantastic…Keep posting! You are an inspiration

    1 Reply
    • B7ac9c599b960e8b2b4c593e62f5903862798f3b_large

      Mar 26, 2010, 08.05 PMby myk

      thanks tallykay!

3 December

  • 153955_2__large

    Dec 3, 2009, 01.36 PMby petitmoutonbleu

    wfinally found the person with the picture of breakfast at tifanny’s dress!!!! ujuu!!! I’m so glad I found you!!! you make wonderful things!!!!!! :D I love themmm so romantic and fun!! and you make lots of dresses which I absolutely adore!!! keep postinggg!

    1 Reply
    • B7ac9c599b960e8b2b4c593e62f5903862798f3b_large

      Jan 12, 2010, 01.07 PMby myk

      thanks petit!

  • Sas_12_09_large

    Dec 3, 2009, 10.49 AMby stephanie-s

    Hi Myk! How are you? I absolutely love the At Tiffany’s dress, it’s beautiful!!! I hope your business is going well! I have been super busy with my fashion courses and traveling, which is why I have been away. But I wanted to drop by to say hi and that I have posted a few new projects. I would love your critic on them as I so value your opinion! Also have they taken away the private messaging function on here? Anyways thanks for your thoughts on my designs and I hope you are well with you! Would love to catch up soon! Much love, Stephanie

8 April

  • Sas_12_09_large

    Apr 8, 2009, 07.54 PMby stephanie-s

    Hi Myk, I have been gone from Burdastyle for TOO long! I am back now, thanks for the nice “welcome back”! -Stephanie

19 March

  • Img_0097_large

    Mar 19, 2009, 10.23 PMby jem1022

    just love your work…… What inspires you to create such beautiful pieces?

15 March

  • 2925467294a46d427c21f1cf841de682cd05855e_large

    Mar 15, 2009, 06.16 PMby amarie

    Myk, So excited to see you back here again. Reversible jacket looks great. I’m sure you’ll be a hit at Etsy.

18 February

  • 5e5b8cbadafd8e9454048a36ca8b596770b365d3_large

    Feb 18, 2009, 12.33 PMby jen1036

    thanks! of course i froze to death walking outside in the dress saturday night, but oh well. did you ever find the fabric stores? i found another one the other day in sol, right next to almacen pontejos. have you ever been there? it’s 2 separate stores next to each other with like everything you would ever need for crafts and sewing. i swear they have like 5000 buttons there! and tons of lace trims.

25 November

  • Colourfully_large

    Nov 25, 2008, 05.51 PMby elyzampa

    I love all your creations, you’re really talented! I wish I was good at sewing as you :)

22 May

  • C9c58f92ed60d1987d1a711106e37cb70262f08a_large

    May 22, 2008, 11.44 AMby anajan

    OMG!!! I couldn’t believe what I saw among your creations! Girl, you are so talented! And, if I may add – very beautiful :). I wanted to add a comment to every single piece you made, but couldn’t find proper words. I think I’ll steal some of your ideas, you know :).

2 May

  • 9510ff731e4deba5d834531bbd97a8c00dd38acc_large

    May 2, 2008, 04.49 PMby maya511

    love all of your creations! you’re so incredibly talented!

  • Sas_12_09_large

    May 2, 2008, 12.58 PMby stephanie-s

    Hi Myk, I have not checked in on you in a long while, how are you? I absolutely adore your white dress with yellow flowers! BEAUTIFUL! Lately, I have been inspired and motivated by my creations in the design course I have been taking. Sadly, I have updated the creations on my page though. Stay tuned as I will post quite a few soon. Hope all is well with you, keep me updated on your progress! -Stephanie

25 January

  • Efb472bd8e296043cd7cfd0eb765f2c56f8d3034_large

    Jan 25, 2008, 11.01 AMby lilo

    Hi Myk, thanks for your nice note on my wall, you make supercute clothes!

22 December

  • 990745-073_large

    Dec 22, 2007, 10.26 AMby nehmah

    Hello Myk, It’s Nehmah. I miss your postings, but expect you are very busy with classes, and family. Have a Good Holiday season. May 2008 be a peaceful, prosperous year for you and yours. I won’t be posting too much (for me); my fingers are “touchy” just now. It goes away but, am I crabby when they flare up! Nehmah.

25 November

  • Sas_12_09_large

    Nov 25, 2007, 06.48 PMby stephanie-s

    Hi Myk, I haven’t checked in on you in a while…just wanted to say hi and let you know that your creations continue to inspire me as always! How are things going with your sewing and career change? I have continued to create and now have a pile of items to post… finally started taking proper pics this weekend, look out for them! I would love any input you may have! Value your opinon and would love to chat. Best wishes, Stephanie

22 November

  • 990745-073_large

    Nov 22, 2007, 11.22 AMby nehmah

    Thanks for the information and history of Cari’s dresses. I really hope that you have some photos of you finals project. That should open a “few” eyes on the site. This is the kind of sewing I enjoyed (and tore out chunks of hair while making) the most. Have an enjoyable weekend. Nehmah PS The message-to message site is still down; we do have this way to communicate. N

21 November

  • 990745-073_large

    Nov 21, 2007, 10.21 AMby nehmah

    Just a quick note to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving. I’m not certain if this is a holiday there, so I hope you will pass over any blunders of mine. You have such talent. My best to you and yours. Nehmah

17 November

  • 990745-073_large

    Nov 17, 2007, 03.09 AMby nehmah

    Hi, Myk, It’s Nehmah again. This seems to be the only way we can make contact. Since I am not much of a photographer, I have to corral my son & have him take pictures for me. Most of my best work is in Pennsylvania, Ohio, and West Virginia. We have moved a lot over 42 years. But, I should have something by Dec. I’m busy making a child of Mongolia doll for my granddaughter, Andrea. The Christmas clothing is waiting for measurements to start. Years ago, when I lived in Chicago, I had a very special friend from Manilla (have I spelled it correctly?). Caridad was in the States with a cultural tour group. One day she brought two over of her formal dresses, with the pineapple fiber sleeves. She explained how carefully these were made. I could well believe that the cost was worth every penny. They were so lovely. The seamstress had fitted them to her perfectly. She went home about the time life went very strange in that area of the world. I have not heard from her in more than 35 years. At any rate, I hope to see more of your work. Nehmah

1 November

  • Db8ca9a370f632d0238df9c99b115c5071d161ad_large

    Nov 1, 2007, 08.38 PMby whitetigerlily711

    hey i love your dress called Origami :), the blue one. ive been wanting to make something like that for a while

15 October

  • Pics_046_large

    Oct 15, 2007, 09.05 PMby katrena

    I really like your creative twist to all of the patterns used from Burda. Keep up the great work!!

13 October

  • F73ae75c85bfa0c3044028abd57f1c9a2953cd72_large

    Oct 13, 2007, 11.36 AMby elainemay

    hi again, myk! thanks for stopping by and saying hello- that is indeed a cat that i’m with, but unfortunately it’s not my cat. just one that lives in the neighborhood. my own lovely cats are back home in the US, and i miss them so much. i hope your fashion design courses are going well, and look forward to seeing what you come up with next!

28 September

  • 2925467294a46d427c21f1cf841de682cd05855e_large

    Sep 28, 2007, 02.22 PMby amarie

    Hi Myk. Just wanted to say you do good work here. Keep it up! Also I’m going home to the Philippines in December. If there are patterns/books/stuff you are dying to get but are not available there, am happy to hand-carry. I want to meet you and give you my Built By Wendy Patterns. They will find a good home in you.

27 September

  • 7a7093dfe9633fb8791cfb8c982c7d34b8b07b6e_large

    Sep 27, 2007, 01.49 AMby fivedesigns

    Hi Myk! I wish I had a picture or creation of mine to show you..but I just joined tonight and am in love with this site. I know you are from the Philipians, but my sister and brother-in-law lived in Singapore for 3 years and loved that area! Anyway I hope to start showing my stuff soon so that I can get comments also! Love D

9 September

  • Sas_12_09_large

    Sep 9, 2007, 06.39 PMby stephanie-s

    Hello Myk!

    I am happy to see you as a Featured Member, Congrats! I love your creations.

    Like Elainemay, I wish you much success with your career change! Please keep us posted on your future endeavors.

    I too have considered pursuing my passion. As I am sure you know, considering such a change can be a daunting undertaking so any advice you can pass on would be greatly appreciated. I enrolled in an intensive 18 week sewing/patternmaking course to start…

    Perhaps as you posed, 28 is my new 20!

7 September

  • F73ae75c85bfa0c3044028abd57f1c9a2953cd72_large

    Sep 7, 2007, 03.05 PMby elainemay

    hi myk! just read your featured member profile— good luck with the career change. that’s wondeful and you’ll be a great fashion designer! maybe i’ll see your designs next time i’m shopping in makati :)

22 August

  • Avatar_large

    Aug 22, 2007, 05.47 PMby benedikta

    Hey Myk, you make the cutest clothes!! keep it up

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