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here we go in the new year







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30 April

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    Apr 30, 2013, 08.30 PMby mebreezy

    I just finished two 11 x17 inch fabric baskets they are too cute ill have to upload pictures they turned out pretty good and my mother finally finished a project with me I am so excited about that almost done with both of the twins blankets then one more will be done with those projects then I can start garment sewing really ready to try my hand at that I’ve made a few pieces but want more

24 April

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    Apr 24, 2013, 05.30 PMby mebreezy

    I just bought two patterns from the site I think that I want them printed at a shop I will let you know

1 April

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    Apr 1, 2013, 07.54 PMby mebreezy

    It’s that time of year The Original Quilt Expo ill be there as an ambassador this year also

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      Apr 24, 2013, 05.33 PMby mebreezy

      I love the expo this year also think if the lords will I will try and be an ambassador every year it’s always a pleasant learning greeting and open experience love it

16 January

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    Jan 16, 2013, 05.07 PMby mebreezy

    Ok really I have been pretty busy doing quite a few projects over the past few months. I must admit that I really do like to sew. I’ve uploaded one one of the quilts that I made. I have another one for my other sister and a boys coat and a few ponchos that ill upload as I’m posting let me know what you think.

6 January

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    Jan 6, 2013, 07.45 PMby mebreezy

    Ok I need to be more active on my site as alot has happened in the year 2012. I have two beautiful grandchildren added to the one that I already had. Yes, a girl and a boy. I am sewing for them and myself. I am learning my Brother Project Runway as well as my new Janome Juno 3434D Serger. Yes, I am too excited about that and learning all about the different things that the machines have to offer to my new challenge in life and that would be my journey into the sewing world and all that it has to offer me. I am finding this journey to be wonderful in every aspect. I hope that there will be some followers and more sewers that I may follow. I love Cynthia Guffey, Angela Wolf, Martha Pullen, and Nancy Zieman just to name a few of my favorite influences. I just ordered the attachments set for my serger so that I may learn the different stitches that accompany the serger. I have added a few feet to my brother as well. Like the ruffler, 1/4 quilters foot, the darning foot, the walking foot. Yes, I have been working and have done quite a few projects. My latest were ponchos that I got the ideal from Nancy Zieman just went with my gut and added my own flare.

10 November

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    Nov 10, 2012, 09.21 PMby mebreezy

    Message to myself I finished the memory quilt that I started two months ago for my sister and it turned out to be a piece of work am uploading a picture of it let me know what you think.

24 March

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    Mar 24, 2012, 12.52 PMby mebreezy

    Hi all just an update I have been an ambassadore for the Original Quitting Expo in Schuamburg IL I have been having a blast of a time. All the vendors and new people that Ive met Wow!!!!!!! Anyone new to this sewing thing Id encourage you to attend just one expo and you will be hooked. I found the Original Quitting Expo thru the Burdastyle website and glad I did. I have some mentions once I can remember their names I will repost.

26 November

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    Nov 26, 2011, 01.32 PMby mebreezy

    Hi Members, My name is Angie and I am new to the site and to virtually to sewing. I took a homeeconomics class in high school years ago. I knew then that I liked to sew I also have aunts that are grand seamstresses would have loved to learn from them. However, I lost one and the other is miles and miles away in Texas too far to get instructions and much older now. I would love to learn how to become a grand seamstress too someday. Maybe being amongst others that are learning and that are grand seamstresses I will too become a grand seamstress. I welcome any suggestions, tips, projects, whatever that would help and I am looking to find a partner in my endeavors to learn all that I can learn about my new love.