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18 August

  • 9042c0bf5223511d5cc13e721fdeef21914bb56c_large

    Aug 18, 2014, 05.59 AMby lauriana

    Hi Martin, I just read your comments on schnui’s wonderful hat. I thought it might be a good idea to let you know I’m starting millinery classes with a teacher here in Den Haag in September. If you live in Rotterdam and sturdy in Leiden, Den Haag might be easy to fit in. It’s a new course, so I don’t know anything about it apart from what I read on the website, I blogged about that here If it looks like something that might be interesting to you as well, I’d happy to let you know how I get on with it.

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    • Img_5432_large

      Aug 18, 2014, 07.02 AMby martinK

      Hi Lauriana,
      Thanks for your information. I will check your blog later. I would love to do a millinery course :-)

28 February

  • 20170310_191639_large

    Feb 28, 2014, 10.33 AMby Mary Athey

    Hi martin.its on here on tuesday nights at 8 . Episode two has just finished. Its so good. I’ll check which chanel, its on. Its either 2 4 or 5 lol x

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    • Img_5432_large

      Feb 28, 2014, 10.58 PMby martinK

      thank you Mary!
      I have found it also on youtube :-)

9 September

  • Chaneljkt2_large

    Sep 9, 2013, 02.42 PMby orchiddream

    Congratulations, Martin! How exciting! My best wishes……….

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    • Img_5432_large

      Sep 9, 2013, 05.15 PMby martinK

      thank you so much. that will be another two years of hard working and less sewing. But I take the challange!
      greetings, Martin

18 August

  • Dsc09595avatar_large

    Aug 18, 2013, 01.42 PMby Ralf Schmitz

    congratulations to your graduations! FANTASTIC!!!!!!

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    • Img_5432_large

      Aug 18, 2013, 10.14 PMby martinK

      thank you Ralf! Now I can really enjoy the summer.
      In September I will start my research master programm.

      greetings to Berlin

      Martin :-)

16 August

  • Chaneljkt2_large

    Aug 16, 2013, 01.30 AMby orchiddream

    All my best congratulations, Martin! Conquer the world!

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    • Img_5432_large

      Aug 16, 2013, 07.25 AMby martinK

      Thank you orchiddream!!!
      I September I will start the two year Research Master Programm. Hope to finish my sewing project before the study starts :-)

14 August

  • 100_2178a_large

    Aug 14, 2013, 01.45 PMby kisses

    Congrats Martin…what were you studying?

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    • Img_5432_large

      Aug 14, 2013, 03.04 PMby martinK

      thank you kisses! Now I am Bachelor of Art History. I September I will start the Research Master Programm

23 March

  • Gafas_pequenna_londres_large

    Mar 23, 2013, 07.42 PMby dgprado

    I’ve been visiting your studio, and wow it’s amazing. You are such an artist!!! And your work is so inspiring, it is a pity my boyfriend only wears denim pants and t-shirts (except for warmer months)…

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    • Img_5432_large

      Mar 25, 2013, 04.13 PMby martinK

      muchas gracias!!! for your compliments, I appreciate it very much. Maybe you can convince your boyfriend to wear a different style once in a while by showing my studio to him :-)
      But don’t expect to much, hahaha

19 January

  • Burdastyle_large

    Jan 19, 2013, 05.06 PMby SeaOfTeal

    Hallo Martin, ich habe gerade herausgefunden, dass Du ja auch Deutsch verstehst! :) Ich finde Deine Nähprojekte absolute Spitzenklasse!!! Ich habe schon einige Deiner Projekte im Laufe der Zeit bewundert und ich finde es sehr spannend, was Du z.B. aus einem “einfachen” Hemd machst… Du hattest Mal ein Hemd-Projekt mit einem versetzen Kragen, so dass die Krawatte an der Seite verlief! Genial! Auch Deine Hosen sind immer wieder toll. Als nächstes möchte mein Herr auch eine Hose und ich werde Mal sehen, woher ich einen Schnitt bekomme, denn sie soll recht schmal an den Beinen sein und das sind die Burdaschnitte irgendwie nie. Die Männermode ist bei Burda in den 90er Jahren stehengeblieben! :) Nun werde ich den Hosenschnitt wohl selbst herstellen. Ich bin schon auf weitere Nähprojekte von Dir gespannt. Herzliche Grüße, Stefanie


    2 Replies
    • Img_5432_large

      Jan 19, 2013, 05.44 PMby martinK

      Vielen Dank für die Komplimente!!! Ja ja, die Burdaschnitte…. darum zeichne ich die Schnitte lieber selber, aber das ist immer so viel Arbeit und es erfordert einige Übung. Bei mir steht auch eine Hose auf dem Programm mit historischem Einschlag aber guter Passform. Mein Studium hindert mich leider daran :-( Du musst noch ein wenig Geduld haben.
      Gruss nach Mannheim

    • Burdastyle_large

      Jan 19, 2013, 06.34 PMby SeaOfTeal

      Inzwischen ändere ich auch viele Burdaschnitte ab… man muss sich einfach Mal trauen! :) Ich hab auch schon einfache Schnitte komplett selbst hergestellt.. Duhast Recht, mit ein bisschen Übung geht das.
      Ich habe leider auch im Moment garkeine Zeit, deshalb bleiben alle meine Projekte liegen… aber ich sehe zumindest Licht am Horizont und es gibt ja auch Mal Semesterferien… :)

9 January

  • 20040101-imag0010-3_large

    Jan 9, 2013, 02.47 PMby razieh khalili

    In school books childhood. Tale about a boy named Petrus, was Dutch. Had his finger into the hole in the dam and flood the village was saved. Named Peter is a saying in our family. Whoever self-devotion to Petrus gives him the title say.

  • 20040101-imag0010-3_large

    Jan 9, 2013, 08.39 AMby razieh khalili

    Hello martinK. you think you please help me tell me how can I participate in the competition? Unfortunately I am not fluent in English.

    2 Replies
    • Img_5432_large

      Jan 9, 2013, 08.51 AMby martinK

      Hallo razieh,
      I actualy didn’t know that there was a ‘compatition’ in commenting on other projects. It was a big surprise for me :-)
      Btw, commenting shouldn’t be a competitive action on this platform. Enjoy all the beautiful things you can see!
      greetings to Isfahan :-)

    • 20040101-imag0010-3_large

      Jan 9, 2013, 10.03 AMby razieh khalili

      thanks for your message. I didnt know that what was poll about because my english is not good enough
      sorry for misunderstanding.greeting to beautifull flower of Netherlands

20 December

  • Img_5432_large

    Dec 20, 2012, 09.24 PMby martinK

    A joyful christmas for every one and a lot of creativity for 2013!!!

9 December

  • Logo_2_copy_large

    Dec 9, 2012, 07.09 AMby Ricardo Abreu

    Thank you, I’m glad u like it

14 August

  • Foto_large

    Aug 14, 2012, 02.38 PMby andrartic


    thanks martink!

4 May

  • Chaneljkt2_large

    May 4, 2012, 03.40 PMby orchiddream

    WOW! I’m blown away by your innovation, style, and craftsmanship. You are also incredibly prolific. You clearly have a love and understanding of design. Love, love , love all your projects, and can’t wait for more!

28 March

  • Lady_large

    Mar 28, 2012, 03.32 PMby LadyDanburry

    I hope your exam goes well! Best of luck!

24 March

  • Dsc01330_large

    Mar 24, 2012, 10.57 AMby nishavinod2009

    I like all of your work, all of them are well done and with a difference…keep up the good work!

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    • Img_5432_large

      Mar 24, 2012, 06.50 PMby martinK

      I will do my very best, thank you for your kind words!!!

7 March

  • Img_5432_large

    Mar 7, 2012, 03.18 PMby martinK

    I am reading a book about islamic and islamicate art for my study and just found the meaning of " burda" . It is the arabic word for cloak/ cape. I didn’t know that. So it has a deper meaning than only the familiename of the publisher of burda magazine. I didn’t know that.

29 February

  • 555601_501658813193233_862358384_n_1__large

    Feb 29, 2012, 01.33 PMby joost52

    Dear Martin,

    I need a hand from my make Burdastyle friends, so here I am asking a favor :)

    I recently started working on a project that sits somewhere on the crossroads between sewing and IT, two things I happen to like. I wanted to draft my own pattern, but I didn’t like all that measuring and mucking about with paper and pens. So I sat down with the guidelines for a Tshirt pattern and programmed them into a website.

    It’s still rough around the edges, but in principle the pattern it generates should be just as good as what you would create by hand. To check that it actually works, I am looking for people who want to generate the pattern for their own measurements, and then make the Tshirt (it’s a pattern of a Tshirt). You can make it in a muslin, there’s not need to do the finish, I am just looking for feedback on how the fit is.

    I know it’s a lot to ask for some of your precious sewing time, but I hope that with more work and some valuable feedback, this will become a useful tool for us all :)

    Thanks in advance, you can try it here: http://makemypattern.com/


    3 Replies
    • Img_5432_large

      Mar 1, 2012, 12.13 PMby martinK

      hi guy,
      what a challenge, I will have a look at it. Realy smart to create your own pattern program. But there are several existing programs avalible. Müller & Sohn offers one, I think also in English. I will sent you a link.
      x Martin

    • Img_5432_large

      Mar 1, 2012, 09.01 PMby martinK

      Hi Joost,

      here the link to Müller&Sohn website. Under software, page 3 and 4 you can find some programms for menswear, also in English, but quite expensive. Just have a look

    • 555601_501658813193233_862358384_n_1__large

      Mar 1, 2012, 09.04 PMby joost52

      Yeah, that’s pricey :)

      I want to make something that runs as a website (no software needed) and that is free to use.
      It’s a bit of a challenge :)

1 February

  • Img_5432_large

    Feb 1, 2012, 05.08 PMby martinK

    thanks to everyone for all the kind words and compliments on my recent project ’ waistcoat a little bit different’ . Martin :-)

13 January

  • 1189_large

    Jan 13, 2012, 10.30 PMby lucilleheugh

    Thanx Martin!! I checked out your studio, you do beautiful work, I love your tailored garments.

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    • Img_5432_large

      Jan 15, 2012, 02.48 PMby martinK

      thank you, I do my very best and there is still a lot to learn.