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17 May

  • Missing

    May 17, 2010, 02.15 PMby Jaime MacInnes

    you have such lovely designs! :)

  • Missing

    May 17, 2010, 02.15 PMby Jaime MacInnes

    you have such lovely designs! :)

7 January

  • D02f8bae696102a266640aa28780dfce4fe1ab84_large

    Jan 7, 2010, 09.47 PMby bola

    Oh! I hope it wasn’t too much of a worry for you when that happened! I’m glad that they were both delivered safe and well. Were they due in Oct? I remember we had similar due dates?? Coniah was born on the 21st of Oct, a week early. I just started having contractions at 2am on the wednesday and gave birth at around 8.20pm that evening so i’m glad I didn’t have to stay in hospital for too long. She is doing well thanks, she is nearly 3 months old time does does fly! How are you finding motherhood?:) bx

  • D02f8bae696102a266640aa28780dfce4fe1ab84_large

    Jan 7, 2010, 06.09 PMby bola

    Oh congrats!!! i haven’t been on for a while… so here is a very late congrats to you and your hubby on your beautiful girls! How was your labour? I hope you are recovering well – what date were your little one’s born on? By pre-preg size i mean not having a very very flabby tummy!!:)

    1 Reply
    • 9ed4dd1a110655fe0f10c449eb3c3feaf70ba0c4_large

      Jan 7, 2010, 06.27 PMby maldrich

      I know what you mean ;) I’ve got a muffin top that hangs over the waist of my jeans… please go away soon…

      I never actually went into labor. Little Aeralind broke her water and because she was breech we had to have a c-section.
      They were born on September 11, 2009 :D

      How is your little one doing?

31 December

  • Ffe996aa05ef00126a25f5a45ca7570a5a030104_large

    Dec 31, 2009, 05.17 AMby rushig

    Very Late congratulations.. I just complimented on your gertie dress and realised oh my you already would have had your baby. well 2 adds more to the joy. they look adorable and so content cuddled up together :)

25 November

19 June

  • Singer_large

    Jun 19, 2009, 03.01 PMby saraharion

    Hello, My name is Sarah and I have been looking at all your great stuff here on Burda and went to your husbands blog and then yours…it is so funny we have so many things in common ie. sewing , twins (a boy and a girl), great husbands (lol), and sewing machines. I have an old singer and just a couple months ago I bought a new one. The only one that didn’t have all that technology junk, Viking Emerald 116…I don’t like all the bells and whistles either. I also sew almost everyday…so much that I don’t put much on here! Just thought I’d say HI. Trying to sew when our twins were babies was crazy. Get all your projects finish NOW…lol! Twins are hard work but well worth it. Now back to my sewing, Saraharion

2 June

  • D02f8bae696102a266640aa28780dfce4fe1ab84_large

    Jun 2, 2009, 05.48 AMby bola

    heyhey you are expecting twins! oh wonderful! double congrats!! I love the scan pics they are sooo cute!! thanks for the comments on my dress too, have you made maternity wearall the best bxx

1 May

  • F66db3cd612c07ae4698bd2dfce0e5e32d0c8632_large

    May 1, 2009, 08.02 AMby salvia

    Thank you very much for your nice comment in my Regency dress. I wore my Rococo undergarments, I know not really authentic, but I had no other. But I was surpirised that a stay is so comfortable.

16 April

9 April

  • 7bd9db4eb571e76740ff24049bf45ef37b9afbd1_large

    Apr 9, 2009, 11.45 AMby leslie

    Wow! Best wishes for you and hubby and babies. Children are great! We used to do English Country Dance also. I really miss the fun—we had a homeschool group that hosted the dances, and had lots of re-enactor friends attend also. It’s not very popular in Texas—wish we could find another group. Have fun!

29 January

  • P1110314edit_large

    Jan 29, 2009, 12.22 AMby kquade

    hi! my cat is constantly in the sink too! i saw your fish cat bed and got so excited cause i actually bought that pattern a month or so ago and have just been waiting for the time to make it. im thinking my other cat will use it, hopefully. anyways i was just thinking maybe you could give me some pointers (im new to sewing) or suggestions to make it easier for me. I know that usually once you make something, you can think of a bunch of things you could have done differently to make it better or easier. anyways yours looks so great i hope mine turns out that good!

22 December

  • 14536_1168844113637_1603980154_30421967_5707101_n_large

    Dec 22, 2008, 12.25 AMby reneebeth

    Hi! I wanted to thank you for the comments you posted on my last couple of sewing items. How are your sewing projects going? Last night I was in the mood to follow the rules (the last few things I’ve attempted have been sloppy and makeshift, most of which have not made it on to burdastyle) and made a shirt that I’m proud of. I’ll be posting it soon. :) Good luck with your endeavors! RB

18 December

  • D02f8bae696102a266640aa28780dfce4fe1ab84_large

    Dec 18, 2008, 08.54 PMby bola

    Hey there! I posted a how to on those sleeves!! take a look if u can!bx

19 November

  • Dsc00515_copia_-_copy_large

    Nov 19, 2008, 12.04 PMby karencilla

    Hello THanks so much for your sweet comment about my plum dress. =)

9 November

  • 6c64cd576baf1373282c6c58dc20e1d19c4957c3_large

    Nov 9, 2008, 08.29 PMby ningtagle

    Hi Maldrich! Thanks for your comment on my pinky lacey top.

3 November

  • 8e5e17ea50311b9dde47ac36c0f25b0f0150a490_large

    Nov 3, 2008, 09.49 AMby poopsy

    Thanks for your nice comment on my Regency Undergarments! The dress is coming slowly, but surley!

22 October

12 October

  • 5_large

    Oct 12, 2008, 05.16 PMby susanne2011

    Thanks for your nice comments on my Anda dress. I just started sewing 2 months ago, and it’s my 2nd dress ever, so it is quite nice to receive positive comments, it’s a bit of an confidence boost. I am happy I have found this site, with all these nice clothes & people!

5 October

  • Bc6d1510228ec6102a99e97254fdfe084c4089da_large

    Oct 5, 2008, 03.56 PMby purplecrayon

    indeed, i love the fullness of the skirt, twirling is my new hobby :) i adore your outfits and am very envious of your being able to wear them.

2 October

  • Aee0dfb9571ef6c0888e25541f97e2cd4e5e0268_large

    Oct 2, 2008, 07.57 AMby justmica

    Thank you for the compliments!! I love your vintage stile, and you do great job!!!

29 September

  • Fbc7bbdefb6018d9d8f4a3f45db1f5d0a34952b0_large

    Sep 29, 2008, 12.58 AMby loreliz

    heyy thank you so much for your comments!! :)

26 September

  • E7e94c9b52fbc908a827bf76ed9568e3cb85bb1c_large

    Sep 26, 2008, 05.57 AMby bluejewels

    Thank you very much for your comments on both my dresses. I am so intrigued by your period piece creations (it’s like you have a collection of stories), especially the dress inspired by Lord of the Rings, amazing! I hope one day to make a Victorian or Renaissance style dress, was it very complicated?

18 September

  • Eb34fb9ff3143aa0a8464e167f8b0c9684e3efc4_large

    Sep 18, 2008, 04.13 AMby kamelia

    Thank you so much for the kind words on my Ingalls dress!! The checks weren’t really that hard…, actually I love sewing with checked pattern, I find it much easier…, maybe that’s just me ;)

15 September

  • 91c19aa4990c6adbcc847b0cd29e63e07ae9b3c1_large

    Sep 15, 2008, 09.36 PMby dawntreaderfarm

    Maldrich: I haven’t gotten that far with the skirt, this is only the first panel (though I’m almost done with the third). I am planning to use fold over elastic. I bought mine online at Fabric Hound. Lots of great colors, but no 1". Mine is 5/8. Hope it’s not too skinny. I’ll let you know how it turns out. Thanks for the nice comment. I absolutely love the book, and am planning another skirt already.

13 September

  • 386139_2527631587025_1140480052_32964655_68721663_n_large

    Sep 13, 2008, 09.11 PMby schickchick

    thanks! i’m thinking about doing a how to for the bib shirt…we’ll see if it ever happens…haha. maybe if i get enough requests :]

  • Fullsizeoutput_11ea_large

    Sep 13, 2008, 02.01 AMby sew4my3

    Just a note to say thank you for the kind word on my retro brown dress for my daughter. All the compliments have been a great incentive to create more, more, more! I took a look at your creations and you really have a great style. It’s just my opinion but I think you have a bit of JJill style going on. Very nice! Happy sewing!

7 September

  • Saudia20_bearbeitet-1_large

    Sep 7, 2008, 05.53 AMby liendy

    thank you very much for the nice comment….i love your anda..i cannot wait to try it…

4 September

  • Fcbbf28db71944044ec63c7c1e4b564dce1b5c52_large

    Sep 4, 2008, 02.13 PMby teaandcake

    Thank you – I love what you did with your Anda too.

3 September

  • 526f11b55b3e5aa377d36f17a9c2519e536c48b5_large

    Sep 3, 2008, 05.22 AMby pacificstyle

    Thank you! Jan Bones makes great lingerie patterns. I have several and can tell you they are all very comfy. P.S. Olive cat is very cute :)

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