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Ralf Schmitz

New sewing space will bring new projects.....







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16 March

  • C9c58f92ed60d1987d1a711106e37cb70262f08a_large

    Mar 16, 2011, 03.05 PMby anajan

    HI Ralf, Wow, you really made my day with your comment on my “S” coat! Thank you so so much! Best, Ana

13 March

  • Img_0822_large

    Mar 13, 2011, 04.53 PMby seazoo

    oh My Dear Friend Ralf, I am deeply appreciated to you and your family. Your message touches our heart. We got energy. that reminds me, The rescue team in Germany came to Japan today! my eyes began to water. Many country rescue team came to help from the far-off land. and Many country people pray for Japan. We are thankful to many people of the world. I will also help for the victim. Never give up!!!

6 March

  • P1011343_large

    Mar 6, 2011, 12.51 PMby Adrienne Hendrix

    I was asked last night to help design and create a Halloween costume for this coming year. It seems fairly straight forward and am glad I have a lot of time to make it. I was just wondering, since you are such a fabulous designer and seamstress, that if I come across a problem or have a question on how to do something, if you would mind if I asked for your help? You have become my inspiration here and am so glad to have “met” you through Burdastyle. I can not wait to see what you and your new “baby” create in the weeks and months to come. Happy Sewing!!!

9 February

  • Buttons119_large

    Feb 9, 2011, 09.23 PMby sallyellis

    Hi Ralf, I am so pleased you’ve got your new Machine… and so jealous as I’ve always aspired to one… enjoy and enspire us all! Look forward to your ever incredible creations! Sallyx

    1 Reply
    • Dsc09595avatar_large

      Feb 10, 2011, 07.35 AMby Ralf Schmitz

      dear sallyellis! thank you so much for your kind wishes. i am so overwelmed by this mashine and its possibilities, it will take a while, until i really know how to use it. hopefully i can start today :-)

17 January

  • Bild_large

    Jan 17, 2011, 11.35 AMby zaarissima

    …ja wie cool ist das denn!!! Einen superschönen Urlaub wünsche ich Euch und kommt erholt und gesund wieder!!!

14 January

  • Abida_-_copy_large

    Jan 14, 2011, 11.06 PMby Emma Maudsley

    Thankyou for liking my sock cat :)

9 January

  • 555601_501658813193233_862358384_n_1__large

    Jan 9, 2011, 11.32 AMby joost52

    I am suddenly plagued by fitting-doll jealousy ;)

31 December

  • Missing

    Dec 31, 2010, 07.40 PMby peercy

    hey i live in berlin and make quilts too do you quilt yours i tie mine i would love to here about your work

30 December

  • Bild_large

    Dec 30, 2010, 09.51 AMby zaarissima

    …your first BS-Anniversary!!! Congratulations!!! Please stay with us for a long time and give us many more of your amazing creations!!!!!

    1 Reply
    • Dsc09595avatar_large

      Dec 30, 2010, 04.10 PMby Ralf Schmitz

      dearest zaarissima! thank you so much for your words. soon i will post the newest i have been working on. (i am trying to do some men’s shirts…………) stay tuned :-)

  • 555601_501658813193233_862358384_n_1__large

    Dec 30, 2010, 08.18 AMby joost52

    Happy first Burday Ralf :)

    1 Reply
    • Dsc09595avatar_large

      Dec 30, 2010, 04.09 PMby Ralf Schmitz

      thank you very much for your kind words!

21 December

  • Ooobop_thatched_house_large

    Dec 21, 2010, 11.16 PMby janene

    Loving the new profile pic Ralph. A very happy Christmas and lots of lovely wishes to you, your husband and your adorable cat! Looking forward to seeing and sharing more projects in 2011 x

26 November

  • Poging_003_large

    Nov 26, 2010, 12.08 PMby bopippdo

    owww….winter is always more beautiful with that white stuff :-D. By the way I really love you new picture profile, a very very nice picture…and I really mean it…:-))

14 November

  • Momma_large

    Nov 14, 2010, 02.35 PMby sunshyn0504

    Love all of your stuff!! You do it all!! :)

5 November

  • Mojeslike_009_large

    Nov 5, 2010, 03.09 PMby jeleena

    Thanks for the compliment :)

25 September

  • 310320122353_large

    Sep 25, 2010, 06.21 AMby elguanche

    hey, hast du meine Mail nicht bekommen???

    LG Basti

9 September

  • Charlie-deeshadows1_large

    Sep 9, 2010, 03.59 PMby smallone

    Ralf….thanks for your lovely comment on back wrap dress….I have to confess that this is a bit of a cheat…as this fabric has a very large 2 way stretch….works great for fit :)

8 September

  • Poging_003_large

    Sep 8, 2010, 04.46 PMby bopippdo

    what you gonna make as your 50th project than? I’m curious…

    2 Replies
    • Dsc09595avatar_large

      Sep 8, 2010, 05.57 PMby Ralf Schmitz

      something nice, warm and the material is my winter-favourite: TWEED!

    • Poging_003_large

      Sep 8, 2010, 07.44 PMby bopippdo

      oh yeah…..that’s nice stuff!!!

5 September

  • Profil02_large

    Sep 5, 2010, 07.51 PMby helluvaguy

    Hallo Ralf, ich bin ja ganz hin und weg von dem Stoff, den Du für Pam’s Kleid verwendet hast. Darf ich fragen wo Du den her hast? Gab’s den evtl. auch in braun?

4 September

  • Bild_large

    Sep 4, 2010, 05.41 PMby zaarissima

    Hallo Ralf! Du zauberst ganz wunderbare Dinge – ganz großes Kompliment!!! Herzliche Grüße!

29 August

  • Ooobop_thatched_house_large

    Aug 29, 2010, 05.24 PMby janene

    I’m slightly scared by the fact that you are talking Christmas already but o so eager to know what you will be doing with your Christmas fabric…. any clues?!

23 August

  • 1-p1280522_large

    Aug 23, 2010, 08.45 AMby verypurpleperson

    Hi Ralf! Thank you for the sweet comment! Your husband’s linen pants are so neat! I bought linen too for my husband’s pants, but haven’t started it yet, it’ll be my first time sewing men’s pants. I hope it’ll be as good as yours! :)

17 August

  • Fb2227aaf242c0d041dbcd583baae4e4ccfba73d_large

    Aug 17, 2010, 11.46 AMby loulourosa

    you make a lot of nice things, and you only started three years ago with sewing? Congratulations! Just like you I grew up with my mum’s Burda magazine’s. In the seventies those magazines where so glamourous!

13 August

  • Ooobop_thatched_house_large

    Aug 13, 2010, 07.15 AMby janene

    Hoorah! We can see all your lovely projects too!

    1 Reply
    • Dsc09595avatar_large

      Aug 13, 2010, 12.56 PMby Ralf Schmitz

      i am sooooo excited! thank you :-))

10 August

  • Fullsizeoutput_11ea_large

    Aug 10, 2010, 05.06 AMby sew4my3

    Hey Ralf,

    I know it seems like we are getting to be good friends! At least something good is coming out of all of this computer bug stuff!

    I have sent in another work order for your studio photos. I am not sure what the status of all of this is just yet but am sure they will let me know soon. It is Area 51 that works on our technical issues, so there is a lot of going back and forth to see where things are at. Yes, Area 51 is the real name! haha

    By the way, I love your Sherlock Holmes and luggage piece creations! Very nice! You are always so fast with your sewing and I can’t imagine how you do that! I look forward to hearing from you soon!

7 August

  • 00_large

    Aug 7, 2010, 08.55 PMby soffa

    Hello. jest wanted to say thet you’ve done a great job making your projects and I love every thing that I saw! p.s. you and youre husband are a great couple.you two look verry happy together..do you often sew for him? because I just can’t get my boyfriend to come for fitting..for a couple of months..I wanted to make something cute for him, but hi’d rather go and buy it.. wish you luck and as I said – ador your works))

6 August

  • Fullsizeoutput_11ea_large

    Aug 6, 2010, 01.12 AMby sew4my3

    Hey Ralf, I will resend your account to the techs. Some of the accounts were fixed overall with the recent maintenance, so I’m glad you let me know that yours is not fully restored. I think we are finally getting to the bottom of this mean little bug! Please let me know on Monday or Tuesday if your Studio has been fixed.

    Wishing you the best!

31 July

  • Fullsizeoutput_11ea_large

    Jul 31, 2010, 03.44 AMby sew4my3

    Hello Ralf,

    I see that some of your studio pics are back and am hopeful that the powers that be will have the rest to reappear soon. Thanks so much for your help on this, it has been very helpful!

28 July

  • Buttons119_large

    Jul 28, 2010, 07.41 PMby sallyellis

    Hopefully you’ve got your pictures sorted eh? Sally

25 July

  • Ooobop_thatched_house_large

    Jul 25, 2010, 11.45 AMby janene

    I do hope the tecchie’s sort out ‘the case of the missing pictures’ soon. I’m getting withdrawal symptoms!

23 July

  • Fullsizeoutput_11ea_large

    Jul 23, 2010, 10.48 PMby sew4my3

    Hello Ralf Schmnitz, I just wanted to let you know that your issue with your project photos missing was sent in to the tech’s earlier and they should be working on it now. Hopefully it will be fixed soon because you have some pretty great creations that I would like for us all to enjoy!

    Anyway, happy sewing from your friendly burdastyle moderator!