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3 February

  • Cara_kiss_large

    Feb 3, 2012, 05.57 AMby caramia-made

    Congratulations on your new little girl! We had our little girl the day after you. Hope everyone is doing well!

31 January

  • Avatar3_large

    Jan 31, 2012, 12.27 AMby carottesauvage

    A little capricorn!!!! Congratulation my dear!!! I hope you are both well. What’s her name? Much love!XX H

4 January

  • Avatar3_large

    Jan 4, 2011, 11.40 PMby carottesauvage

    Happy New Year!!!! with a little delay… thanks for your kinds words! Working on my downloadable patterns is a new year resolution! I usually set myself easier goals, like getting a travel tube card on rainy days… :) keep on sewing!!XX

19 October

  • Avatar3_large

    Oct 19, 2010, 09.54 PMby carottesauvage

    Dear Haruna, thank you for comments! Pattern Magic Volume I and II are great. My favorite would be the first volume.Keep well and warm. It is getting chilly here in London (are you in Portland East coast or West Coast by the way?) XX

6 October

  • Avatar3_large

    Oct 6, 2010, 04.39 PMby carottesauvage

    Hello Haruna! Nice to read from you. I have been busy lately. I hope your little girl is growing well and that you are happy too!XX

30 July

  • Image_large

    Jul 30, 2010, 03.31 AMby rifka

    Hi, thanks for the comment. I uploaded the other side of the aquatic dress. if you were interested in checking it out.

11 October

  • Avatar3_large

    Oct 11, 2009, 11.43 AMby carottesauvage

    Hey Haruna, For some reason, I couldn’t find your latest message either… Hope you are well. X

7 October

  • Img_0145_large

    Oct 7, 2009, 09.13 PMby abarefoot

    Thanks a lot! Glad I could do a “shout out” to you and those cute house shoes, too.

6 October

  • Avatar3_large

    Oct 6, 2009, 01.18 PMby carottesauvage

    Hello Haruna! I had the same problem as you, couldn’t find your latest message on my wall. I sent you one on the 1st of October as reply to an initial message you had two weeks before, so it might be appearing in ‘your activity section’ at the end of September. when you sent me a message thanking me for a comment on your beautiful dress… waw aw. I miss the straightforward clarity of the old site in that respect Yeah, I like silkscreen a lot, didn’t do much of etching though. Good your little girl is growing well. What’s her name? I too perfectionist to a point of neurosis so starting a blog would be for me a bad idea. I’d get too conscious about the graphics etc… in brief a full time job. Anyway keep me posted -well you don’t have to as I AM WATCHING YOUr activity. Much love XXX

    1 Reply
    • Cat_logo_large

      Oct 7, 2009, 05.55 PMby lunatepetal

      Hi, Helene :)
      I marked the repetitive messages as ‘inappropriate’ after I realized I posted too many times. maybe that’s why it’s gone disappeared…?
      my daughter’s name is Luka Azurline. I call her ‘little L’ in my blog :)
      sadly enough, I never tried silkscreen! I’d love to try it someday…
      darn! I think you got a lot of good/interesting things to say! it would be really fun to read your blog though!! and maybe you can post your prints too :) well, never be too late! I will wait for the day I can read your perfect looking blog :)


14 September

  • E4db52aa4dbd51e25da8aa3f7523a85716d6b4b7_large

    Sep 14, 2009, 02.32 AMby stellaamour

    thank you your comment for my 80s dress.I am very surprised you had made lots of garments.your creation source is great!

28 July

  • 953791a9ccc1cf47063169b887f9865869746a25_large

    Jul 28, 2009, 05.54 PMby jeffrey

    I love your stuff.

14 July

  • D02f8bae696102a266640aa28780dfce4fe1ab84_large

    Jul 14, 2009, 02.48 PMby bola

    Lol thanks! it looks like I have a little football under there! have you made stuff for your little one? what were your favourite makes?bx

9 July

  • Maya_kuzman_large

    Jul 9, 2009, 01.37 PMby sewella

    Thank you on the lovely comment!

30 June

  • D414c61cc6c03f2639e99c0540e2832677f5fbbf_large

    Jun 30, 2009, 01.06 PMby chickadeenest

    Thank so much for the lovely comments! I love quite a few of your creations.

25 June

  • 011109_012-2_large

    Jun 25, 2009, 11.08 PMby evette

    Thanks for your comment on my party skirt. I just noticed that it’s very similar to your classy girl dress… great minds think alike :)

  • B179da70d6765ab9507856ff96f16268256e4088_large

    Jun 25, 2009, 09.23 AMby Raluca Iosub

    Hello and thank you! I used silk paint.

6 June

  • Ragdoll2_large

    Jun 6, 2009, 01.16 PMby ragdollyy

    thanks for your comment, your creations are also very pretty! x

4 June

  • 67aa45b18577f2a2c12e5ffcb97980d7c08ad925_large

    Jun 4, 2009, 02.04 AMby sakko

    Thank you for the nice comment on my jacket! Your creations are much harder staff to do than main, but your status is still Novice!! You are too modestish!

2 June

  • D02f8bae696102a266640aa28780dfce4fe1ab84_large

    Jun 2, 2009, 03.07 PMby bola

    Oh thanks Lunatepetal! yes I hope to try a few styles to see what will suit my changing shape.bx

1 June

  • Img_3334_large

    Jun 1, 2009, 06.36 AMby Jodi Wade

    Hey, thanks for your nice comment on my striped dress. Your creations are gorgeous!

25 May

  • B597bb04049d8f628b673a553cf9480e54bd346b_large

    May 25, 2009, 12.30 AMby lalunanueva

    hey Lunatepetal, tnx! and i must agree with you. this is the first pair i ever made, and i simply adore wearing it

13 May

  • Avatar3_large

    May 13, 2009, 08.39 AMby carottesauvage

    Hey no worries, Haruna. Hope you are well and so your little baby. XX

10 April

  • Purple_really_small_modified_large

    Apr 10, 2009, 11.20 AMby marinaglory

    Thank you for your comment! Unfortunately i do not know who the designer of the fabric is :[ I’m sorry! i wish i did!

  • 507c2c0165957f425e5d396f99095bc63bb287ef_large

    Apr 10, 2009, 07.35 AMby rockchik

    Thankyou for your kind comment all your creations are gorg you are very talented well done and keep them coming x

3 April

  • 1253ef6da08f9a1c901d80b9de58822a5056c690_large

    Apr 3, 2009, 07.21 AMby candyjoyce

    Hi, Thanks for the advice, I read your featured member article and juebejues response on your wall after I had sent my answers back to Burda and realised that it could be done. I should really pay more attention! I really love your Long JJ, it’s such a versatile pattern and your variation is really cool. Best wishes Candy

18 March

  • Vatten_large

    Mar 18, 2009, 06.54 PMby ichigogirl

    Thankyou so much for congatulations and compliments :-). Mmm, Nihon ga DAI-tsuki desu… I’d love to go back. I love love love the japanese sense of style, both kakkoi and kawaii, both fine arts and cute stickers. I’m so happy there is the internet nowadays, if I get kids of my own they’ll be wearing cute japanese fabrics from top to toe. I really like your creations, I’m hoping to copy your version of slippers sometime ;-)!

7 March

  • Stb_large

    Mar 7, 2009, 08.34 AMby satomi

    Thanks for your comment! I LOVE your creations too!! All yours are stylish and looks professional. If you will make a trench coat i’m sure it will be better than mine;) I’m looking forward to see your version!!!

6 March

  • 1101thumb2_large

    Mar 6, 2009, 09.56 AMby yoshimi

    Thank you for your comment on my balloon skirt, and congrats on your baby girl!! I hope you are having a very happy busy day!

5 March

  • B7ac9c599b960e8b2b4c593e62f5903862798f3b_large

    Mar 5, 2009, 05.12 AMby myk

    Thank you for the nice comment on my reversible :) The baby sling is absolutely adorable…as well as all your other creations! Happy sewing!

26 February

  • Photo_1082_large

    Feb 26, 2009, 03.01 AMby Daniel Parker

    Thanks for the comment!.. This is the first time I’ve seen your stuff…. WOW your good! im impressed OOHHH wait never mind you made the really cute shoes!!!! I love you! haha keep up the good work lol and sorry that I kinda rambled here

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