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26 March

  • 6b21b797ba772496224bc2c6b3a331e782887e6a_large

    Mar 26, 2008, 04.52 PMby orange-angel

    Hi, just curious, the book with the dolmans, is that the one from Victoria & Albert museum? If it is, that’s the one I was looking in too. I hope you make a dolman, they’re lovely garments and should get more attention.

  • Bssquare_large

    Mar 26, 2008, 03.31 PMby marcy harriell | oonaballoona

    hey lauriana, thanks for your comment on my nightgown celestina :) it’s the tiny flowers that drove me to it!

20 March

  • 52f4f22947212b197a660ab6fe045fed24e1374a_large

    Mar 20, 2008, 11.06 AMby ceregana

    Hey! I just saw your photo in the Burda WOF 03/2008. Great!

19 March

  • 7c30f6418f01dc532834a62c338538b3e026cd7a_large

    Mar 19, 2008, 10.37 AMby lybu

    Hi Lauriana, thank you for your answer. Unfortunately I am delayed with making of Laurelle. I was totally focused on making of my Lydia variation I have cut the fabric for Laurelle yesterday and will try to start with sewing tomorrow afternoon and if necessary to finish it on Friday. I would like to wear it during the eastern. If I will have got any trouble, I will inform you as well. Thank you for your purpose. To bad that you cannot come for the fabric spectacle to Deventer, we will try together with Lilo to meet each other. It would be a fun. Anyway, a lot of success with shopping in Den Haag.

18 March

  • E23f19f00b253e0974b569f4379a6a6b717f3d61_large

    Mar 18, 2008, 02.08 AMby bell

    Thankyou for your comment and thanks for the pattern I love it, it is very usefull.

15 March

  • Dcf4c013e3f956eff231edd5069aad331e6f9fcf_large

    Mar 15, 2008, 12.19 PMby zahra

    hey!! how ud oing!! hv been deadly busy past fewmonths.. was not able to check on u guys! how r u ? wats happening?

12 March

  • 7c30f6418f01dc532834a62c338538b3e026cd7a_large

    Mar 12, 2008, 06.03 AMby lybu

    Hi Lauriana

    I like your style very much and I LOVE your batik dress. It is really gorgeous. I should ask you for the phone number of your teacher ;).

    I saw that on 05.04 will be organized the fabrics spectacle in Den Haag. Are you planning to go over there? I do it every year twice ( each season ), in Deventer and Enschede and I just love it. The first one will be in the end of this month. I cannot wait any longer.

    This weekend I will try to make the Laurelle skirt. We will see how it will turn out.

15 February

  • 8c9f7f477aca3dc279a6d286b063347f04acd100_large

    Feb 15, 2008, 10.35 AMby shayla

    Hey there. I just saw your comment on my wall. One of these days I will get around to taking photo’s of the things I have made and putting them up :) I’m in on the knitting thing as well since you sent me that link. I have already finished a pair of the arm-warmer/glove things… am now starting a second pair that are more colourful and longer. Still ahve to find Peter’s shops though… hehehe

14 February

  • Dace1433aac6ec7e99dac9a4a6e3d3ff2afc0bdf_large

    Feb 14, 2008, 11.21 AMby annika

    I wrote a question about Laurelle in the Help me section (thought it would be easier to find for everyone else who wants to try this pattern). No hurry though! I thought my English was pretty good until I started reading sewing patterns… My method is now “reading til I ALMOST understand”…. and then figuring out the logic thing to do…. but this I can’t beat… help will be appreciated if you have the time…

12 February

  • E9ece46b0155d34da867c4ee7d9bef4bcbe0270a_large

    Feb 12, 2008, 03.48 PMby sewlikecarolyn

    my link didn’t work, here it is againDress Link

  • E9ece46b0155d34da867c4ee7d9bef4bcbe0270a_large

    Feb 12, 2008, 03.46 PMby sewlikecarolyn

    Thanks for the luck! I’m going to need it. I have never handled such expensive fabric in my life. My mother is an expert sewer, so she is helping me with the bodice. Here is the link if you are interested in seeing the pattern. I can’t draft my own patterns, so I had to settle for a Vogue one, I think it had some great potential. I am making the short sleeved one, since the wedding is in the summer. It doesn’t look like much in the picture, but the fabric I chose is so beautiful. I’ll post pictures when there is some progress!

7 February

  • 7c30f6418f01dc532834a62c338538b3e026cd7a_large

    Feb 7, 2008, 12.13 PMby lybu

    Thank you for your opinion conc. my velvet jacket. It is very important for me to hear what other people think about my ideas and fabric’s or furniture’s I choose. Anyway I had no possibility to where this jacket until now and I hope that I’ll feel good with that kind of print. I liked this fabric so much, that I just had to buy it ( I am crazy enough to do it ;) )

26 January

  • 9dae51617d489a4c5097210fbb6213de5ff2a407_large

    Jan 26, 2008, 07.37 PMby justjanet1951

    Hi Lauriana, Thankyou so much for your kind words about my daughter’s wedding gown and Bridesmaids dresses. Your creations are quite impressive as well. I love to sew. I am just learning about this website and I think I rather like it here. Happy sewing !!! Janet :)

  • 7cc5141aa36993938738482f4867c0b81133beaa_large

    Jan 26, 2008, 12.20 AMby leolo

    Thanks so much for the encouragement, Lauriana. I am very impressed by your creations. Your red shirt is extraordinary!

25 January

  • Efb472bd8e296043cd7cfd0eb765f2c56f8d3034_large

    Jan 25, 2008, 10.39 AMby lilo

    Hi Lauriana, thanks for your nice msg on my wall and also for the tips on books for blocks for men and children (well my ‘child’ is almost a woman now), I’ll absolutely check it out. My husband loves it when I make clothes for him, makes him feel special :) It was also great too se you as featurd member, I love your style! (I just became lazy and wasn’t so active lately, but being featured gave me new ‘schwung’).

20 January

  • Dace1433aac6ec7e99dac9a4a6e3d3ff2afc0bdf_large

    Jan 20, 2008, 08.59 AMby annika

    Thank you for the skirt pattern. It’s the perfect denim skirt, it’s classy! Love the yoke line! I’ll definately keep you updated on my progress, though it will take some time, cause I have to work in another city for a few weeks. I’m actually thinking of a way to bring the sewing machine to the hotel…..

19 January

  • Eba31fd13ba8df2a4b1efa0700fc4d7e8318c661_large

    Jan 19, 2008, 05.09 PMby olar

    hi lauriana, thank you for uploading the skirt pattern. It is beautiful! this is so generous of you: it looks like it takes loads of time both to prepare the pattern and to write the instructions.

  • Db8ca9a370f632d0238df9c99b115c5071d161ad_large

    Jan 19, 2008, 02.37 PMby whitetigerlily711

    you commented on a black messenger bag of mine, and yea your right that fabric seems to be common, like a week after i made that, i saw a dress in the same material in some store…

17 January

  • 512e90b1e56182f8e311e9b064ffa71a6f1082a6_large

    Jan 17, 2008, 11.10 AMby fashion1

    Thanks! the school is here in dresden, only half an hour from my home. the training begins in august this year. so there is a lot time for other projects before beginning this training ;)!

  • 512e90b1e56182f8e311e9b064ffa71a6f1082a6_large

    Jan 17, 2008, 08.58 AMby fashion1

    YEAH…I did it!!! I´m so glad! A dream come true!

16 January

  • Dcf4c013e3f956eff231edd5069aad331e6f9fcf_large

    Jan 16, 2008, 02.00 PMby zahra

    thanks alot for updating me on the pattern… ill download it soon.. m so busy these days! with my exams.. u take care and thanks again..

15 January

  • 512e90b1e56182f8e311e9b064ffa71a6f1082a6_large

    Jan 15, 2008, 06.36 PMby fashion1

    hi lauriana!

    I´m still waiting for the result… i hope i will know it tomorrow.

    about your skirt pattern, i will try it as a skirt for summer with a lighter fabric. i will see what i can found on my fabric store. if i have any notes i will contact you! thanks for sharing the pattern!!

10 January

  • Dcf4c013e3f956eff231edd5069aad331e6f9fcf_large

    Jan 10, 2008, 08.02 AMby zahra

    heeeeeeeeeeey!!! grt to see ur pattern up:D its bening downloaded as m writing here! weeeell done!

  • 512e90b1e56182f8e311e9b064ffa71a6f1082a6_large

    Jan 10, 2008, 04.27 AMby fashion1

    thanks a lot for your backup about my test! but not to be a bit nervous were not a good sign ;).

    great to see you finally as featured member!! you really deserved it! i love your ceations and admire yor skills! thanks for the tips!

  • Dcf4c013e3f956eff231edd5069aad331e6f9fcf_large

    Jan 10, 2008, 03.42 AMby zahra

    heeeeey waiting for ur patterrn!!!! mso excitedddddd n congratz on being the featured member!

9 January

  • Dcf4c013e3f956eff231edd5069aad331e6f9fcf_large

    Jan 9, 2008, 09.47 AMby zahra

    thanks so much lauriana…:) thanks al ot for such wonderful comments.. m really glad u liked it.. i ll try to upload pattern with diff size next time.. actually size 40 is even larger for me! but thats the size i hv got all my basic patterns in.. cant wait to see ur pattern too!!

13 December

  • 2912f1e7eccdb203b4bdca2b3f65b304a93ed04e_large

    Dec 13, 2007, 02.16 AMby sammiej1989

    Zoo.. jij kan al goed naaien haha ik begin net pas :/ maar mooie creaties heb je!

7 December

  • 953791a9ccc1cf47063169b887f9865869746a25_large

    Dec 7, 2007, 03.20 AMby jeffrey

    Hey I’ve been to Den Haag – on a tour bus ride – (that’s wierd huh?). I went to Friesland for a week in the summer of ‘05. My mother’s parents grew-up there and I still have some family in Heerenveen and other little towns. There really isn’t a weeks worth of stuff to do in Friesland – but I had a great time. One day I took a tour bus trip from Amsterdam and went all over the Netherlands.

19 November

  • Me_0913_large

    Nov 19, 2007, 09.03 AMby mellu

    I really like your creations. They all look very professionell.

13 October

  • F73ae75c85bfa0c3044028abd57f1c9a2953cd72_large

    Oct 13, 2007, 11.39 AMby elainemay

    hi lauriana: thanks for visiting my page and saying hi! i especially find inspiration in your work since you design so many of your clothes! they’re all so modern and elegant. i’ve modified some patterns, but have yet to try my hand at designing from scratch. it seems so daunting. i’m really impressed with your eye for line and fabric- keep up the great work :)