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getting to know my new sewing machine.







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5 March

  • Bb7de33790f452f995b33d947c89eabba5ec31c8_large

    Mar 5, 2009, 02.29 AMby nattyjane

    Thank you thank you!

19 January

  • Ac4a70405d8b457fbb40090c28f2b6342de79bda_large

    Jan 19, 2009, 09.16 PMby alazycalm

    Thanks – I’m so glad you like my necklace! You should post more of your projects. The dress you made looks great! I’d love to see other stuff you make. :)

12 January

  • 90ec0e97a750b8d19723d60ffa4dbf8ad4a5c8c2_large

    Jan 12, 2009, 08.50 PMby oodko

    Thank you for the comment on my dress! It’s my first womenswear piece and working with stretchy fabric, so I was a little nervous. Happy sewing and all the best this new year!

10 January

  • 020615cdc5e446b338ac3acc1a3fff6ef506f76f_large

    Jan 10, 2009, 10.28 AMby naughtyfairies

    thanks for your comment on my tie dress lauren the explorer! I can tell you it was far from effortless, though I’d like to claim otherwise. I am far from a sewing expert but it was fun making it. I love your blue dress! the pleats are very sweet…

8 January

  • 57b959a62fdc424dbf78b5756828b9b9599f3780_large

    Jan 8, 2009, 11.17 AMby fleurdeternite

    Thanks for the comments on my pillows. I made them when I was 18 years old. My aunt who I gave it to still have them. I made a different fruit pillow for all the members of my family each Christmas. Have a great day! All the best.:0)

20 December

  • 685f426d24b4a2633c3531d2f14cf0359481b000_large

    Dec 20, 2008, 07.53 PMby cheriered

    Hey, thanks for your comments on my mens pants. Yeah, I would recommend pretending that you can’t do mens clothing, my husband now wants more pants and I would much prefer to be making things for myself :))

  • Me_large

    Dec 20, 2008, 05.06 PMby djoule

    Hi!! Thanks a lot for your nice comment on my green nichola pants!!!:)

18 December

  • D02f8bae696102a266640aa28780dfce4fe1ab84_large

    Dec 18, 2008, 08.58 PMby bola

    Hey there laurertheexplorer ! I posted a how to on those sleeves!! take a look if u can!bx

16 December

  • D02f8bae696102a266640aa28780dfce4fe1ab84_large

    Dec 16, 2008, 08.57 PMby bola

    no not yet- i need to improve my sewing skills and maybe get an overlocker so I can finish things off better, but I would like to sell stuff, maybe sometime in the future!bx (thanks again)

15 December

  • D02f8bae696102a266640aa28780dfce4fe1ab84_large

    Dec 15, 2008, 05.45 PMby bola

    Thanks for the kind words!!bx

2 December

  • Eb34fb9ff3143aa0a8464e167f8b0c9684e3efc4_large

    Dec 2, 2008, 11.35 PMby kamelia

    Hey there…, thanks for your comment on my hat and neckwarmer…, sweet of you! Your dress looks great too, can’t wait to see more from you

24 November

  • Uplogosmall_large

    Nov 24, 2008, 02.23 AMby aaroncnbn

    thanks for your comment on the skirt

21 November

  • D0c383ece8583a98c430b5837dea744d30ca195c_large

    Nov 21, 2008, 05.46 AMby krecik

    Thanks for your comment on my tunic!!Very cute nice blue dress!!I’m waiting for yours new creations!Happy sewing!!!:-)))

20 November

  • Catherine_a-01_large

    Nov 20, 2008, 07.31 PMby alekat

    Thank you! i like your blue dress! very cute

17 November

  • D02f8bae696102a266640aa28780dfce4fe1ab84_large

    Nov 17, 2008, 08.19 PMby bola

    Thanks for your nice comment!! I like your blue dress!! it’s really cute! you should wear it outside, definitely!! bx

7 November

  • 8614752174_4ce093b08b_q_large

    Nov 7, 2008, 05.02 PMby Carrie McClean

    thanks for the lumberjackie-o love! you’re so sweet!

3 November

  • 36155bb6d119d0bcd0ae3445b222ece35bbadbd1_large

    Nov 3, 2008, 08.21 PMby camilaustral

    thanks for your comment on my brown dress :)

    glad you like it

30 October

  • C2ff2d6e73cb7ae56bc980e77338fb26f496d13e_large

    Oct 30, 2008, 10.53 AMby carlot

    Hi! I’m working on the how to of my poncho-cardigan! I’ll let you know when it’s ready!

21 October

  • Avatar3_large

    Oct 21, 2008, 09.36 AMby carottesauvage

    Hey thanks for the compliment! I hope to see more of your creations soon!X

20 September

  • 3d822e5ef20e4fd42c449d6ded059d605095ec0f_large

    Sep 20, 2008, 09.18 AMby glitterygirl

    Thanks heaps for your comment on my bag :) I wish I could write a ‘how-to’ for it, but because I don’t use patterns and randomly cut and sew I’d struggle to write something that made sense!

14 September

  • 3c596cea55a448574177ef00c96eed8978a8f517_large

    Sep 14, 2008, 12.13 PMby danishgirl

    thank you for the comment, that meens a lot to me:) the picture has been taking in the cold Denmark where i live:)

13 September

  • Fullsizeoutput_11ea_large

    Sep 13, 2008, 02.04 AMby sew4my3

    Thank you very much for the comment on my Retro Brown Dress made for my daughter. It is very encouraging to see so many people excited about each others work. Sooooo….. THANKS!!!

10 September

  • 1-p1280522_large

    Sep 10, 2008, 08.56 PMby verypurpleperson

    Hi there, thank you so much for the sweet comment on my apples dress! Happy sewing!