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Tax season is done, but work is not, hoping to sew soon







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26 November

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    Nov 26, 2013, 12.51 AMby FaithMorgan

    Hi. We just got back from a quick trip down to L.A. It was a lot of fun, but it has really changed my plans for the week and I didn’t get in any sewing time. But, I did watch Project Runway Allstars as soon as we were home:) Have to get my baking started now. You look like you have been busy. I am so glad to see you posted the costumes and your jacket. I can’t believe those costumes! You are really talented. What is the petite pattern you are working on now?

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      Nov 29, 2013, 03.39 AMby LakeWylieMom

      L.A. yeah, all my parents family are from there. I have been there many times. However there is nothing quick about getting around there.

      So, I am now working on a Burda Magazine Dec 2013 pattern, it has a large hip yoke, and is just below the knee. It is lovely. In the magazine, it is shown in pink and in mustard yellow. I am making it for a girl that is going to go on a mission in January to Carlsbad, CA. She chose a amazing silk for the dress. I have made 3 muslins, and am daring to make one more small adjustment without trying it on her, and going ahead to make the dress. I have probably made well over 30 dresses, but for some reason I am nervous about this one…weird. I dive right into making dresses for my girls all the time never with any hesitation or worry. I guess it is because I am making it for someone out of my family and a full grown woman (well she is 19). I just want to make it turn out perfect. The fitting was a bit challenging since I am new to that, and have taken the online class Sew the Perfect Fit, which helped a lot. I can sew a little girl dress in my sleep, but to fit a woman’s body is a different story. And this lovely girl kinda has bad posture…
      I may do some French seams on the silk/rayon overlay as it has some sheer areas. http://www.fabricmartfabrics.com/Burgundy-Rose-Sage-Bouquet-Pattern-Silk-Rayon-Devore.html here is the fabric. It is amazing. I am going to line the dress with a cotton/silk blend and then a 100% silk underlining, since the outer layer is sheer in between the roses. I am still debating about a silk organza, but I think that would probably be overkill.
      Happy Thanksgiving.

16 November

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    Nov 16, 2013, 03.18 AMby FaithMorgan

    Fun! I wish I could see your costumes. Did you post them? What did you make? I love Halloween. Yeah, that was rough timing for sure. I am not sure what is going on with the next one. I thought she was going to post something quite awhile ago. Soon it will get really impossible. I am already behind, but I am starting to work on Thanksgiving now. Food, that is, not sewing.

    I know what you mean about the pattern. It was a rough one to start out with. It would have been so much easier if they had just given some indication of which step was for which option. And it wasn’t just that. It seemed like a lot of the steps were poorly written and made simple things much more complicated.

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    • Img_2560_large

      Nov 18, 2013, 01.34 AMby LakeWylieMom

      I totally agree with you. You must be cooking for a large family, I love that! I have made a Turducken a couple times before, but only for a lot of people. All my family is 2k miles away, so I have to invite others over. Enjoy prep cooking! Oh, and if you haven’t found the secret to perfect pie crust it is 1/2 lard and 1/2 unsalted butter :) I hope she chooses the next sew along soon.

    • Img_2560_large

      Nov 18, 2013, 01.35 AMby LakeWylieMom

      Oh, and I will have to try to get the projects posted, I worked on it for 20 minutes the other night and couldn’t get them to post. Very frustrating, I will have to try in a couple days.

    • 293979_10151327497702431_820130724_n_large

      Nov 18, 2013, 10.39 PMby FaithMorgan

      Hi:) Thanks so much for the pie dough recipe. I am absolutely going to try it. I just tried unsalted butter about a year ago. I like it so much better. I haven’t tried it in pie dough yet. I normally make it with all vegetable shortening. I will let you know how it turns out.

      I love the holiday season. This year I think we will end up with a smaller group than last though. As much as I love to have as many family members over as possible, last year was difficult. I didn’t have enough room or places for sitting and eating or anything else. This year we are going to have just our kids and their partners. Still lots of work and right now I just want to sew! Trying to work a little in each day.

      Sorry you family is so far away. Most of my adult life was like that. It is so difficult! Hope you can at least Skype with them.

      I am so disappointed about the sew-along. I was hoping she would post on Sunday, or at least just check in and say something.

      I had the very same problem with my projects. I just posted one that I had previously saved. I don’t think it would have worked other wise. It was really frustrating. The photos won’t upload. I saw Burda posted something today saying that they are aware and they are working on it. Hope they get it done soon. I really want to see your costumes!!!!

    • Img_2560_large

      Nov 25, 2013, 03.20 PMby LakeWylieMom

      I finally found some time to get the coat and the Halloween costume up and posted! Yeah!

      Have a wonderful thanksgiving with your family! And enjoy that pie crust, yummy.

      You know you could sign up for Susan’s class in June too :)