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I wish I could sew really fast and then I would be more inte...







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14 January

  • Jagg_large

    Jan 14, 2011, 08.09 AMby lizah

    Thank you so much Sophie!

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    • Img_0844_large

      Jan 22, 2011, 06.25 AMby ladysophie

      your welcome!

1 January

  • Photo_9__large

    Jan 1, 2011, 02.45 PMby nickcheung

    lol, i mean graduate or finish homeschooling.

31 December

  • Photo_9__large

    Dec 31, 2010, 06.58 PMby nickcheung

    Upload it then!! It can b a newyear entry for every1. When re u graduating??

23 December

  • Photo_9__large

    Dec 23, 2010, 05.53 AMby nickcheung

    well, maybe u can do some running, or biking. I heard NZ has awesome weather and enviroment. my friend s studying there in (auckland?) Uni and college is a bit different, i think uni s harder 2 get in and harde 2 servive. If u do, wut do u think s goin 2 b ur major?? wow im so excited 2 c ur new dress!

17 December

  • Photo_9__large

    Dec 17, 2010, 04.35 PMby nickcheung

    unfit, u mean physically? u look fine. yeah, i guess studying at home is really relaxing. Do u think it might b hard 2 adjust when u attend college?

16 December

  • Photo_9__large

    Dec 16, 2010, 06.29 AMby nickcheung

    not juz vietnam or korean, i think most asian countries dunt have homeschooling. Because of the wars, a few past generations didnt have a good education, so they dunt feel rite, teaching their kids at home. so was there a reason why ur parents decided 2 homeschool u?? i mean its fun to b able 2 study at home, close 2 ur family, study in bed, but i guess public school also have a lot 2 offer.

15 December

  • Photo_9__large

    Dec 15, 2010, 06.23 AMby nickcheung

    Oh really! i didnt know! i never knew any1 who s homeschooled b4. How s it??

11 December

  • Photo_9__large

    Dec 11, 2010, 02.10 PMby nickcheung

    it actually only takes me about 1 day to make a dress from scratch. For a more difficult dress it takes about 1 day to develop the pattern and 1 day for constructing. I’m actually a fast sewer, and pretty good-ish, but i really lack patient. When i was in high school, i was the only boy in the sewing class ^^ and i took it only because there were no other available class, but i guess looking back now, im pretty glad that i took it. although i was 1 of the fastest sewer in the class, i really didnt enjoy sewing though, so if my sewing line wasnt very straight, i never bother to fix it :P

10 December

  • Photo_9__large

    Dec 10, 2010, 06.59 AMby nickcheung

    no, and i probably wont take the job anyway. too much pressure on my crappy sewing skill :P

9 December

  • Photo_9__large

    Dec 9, 2010, 01.55 PMby nickcheung

    haha, yes u better tell people that, and who knows, they probably want you to start a small bussiness making ordered dresses! lol

8 December

  • Photo_9__large

    Dec 8, 2010, 02.03 PMby nickcheung

    so i guess u have all the time u need 2 finish some fabulous dresses! it would b so cool when people point at the pictures and say “hey, sophie made these dresses!”.

  • Photo_9__large

    Dec 8, 2010, 04.10 AMby nickcheung

    haha, thats a good idea! i’m so exicited 2 c wut ur gonna pull off.

7 December

  • Photo_9__large

    Dec 7, 2010, 06.27 PMby nickcheung

    juz relax, and have fun. I’m sure u re going 2 do a good job! >,^

  • Photo_9__large

    Dec 7, 2010, 04.37 AMby nickcheung

    oh really! thats cool, i told u, u re good!

6 December

  • Photo_9__large

    Dec 6, 2010, 04.33 PMby nickcheung

    usually, my friends would sign up for the dress b4 i even make it, haha ^^ I guess seeing them wearing my stuffs already makes me happier.

5 December

  • Photo_9__large

    Dec 5, 2010, 03.42 PMby nickcheung

    yeah, why would i wanna keep dresses i dunt wear? lol

4 December

  • Photo_9__large

    Dec 4, 2010, 05.42 AMby nickcheung

    i already gave them away, lol

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    • Img_0844_large

      Dec 5, 2010, 05.04 AMby ladysophie

      GASP!!! Gave them away????

3 December

  • Photo_9__large

    Dec 3, 2010, 03.17 PMby nickcheung

    yeah, it was confusing. They said make a party outfit that s inspired by ur fav era not making an oufit that was popular in the era rite? but anyway, its over now, so i guess lets move on _ atleast u ended up wit 2 beautiful dresses rite!

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    • Img_0844_large

      Dec 4, 2010, 05.32 AMby ladysophie

      yea we are on the same page. What will you do with your dresses?

2 December

  • Photo_9__large

    Dec 2, 2010, 07.09 AMby nickcheung

    Well, i was kinda disapointed when i saw the top 50. I mean even if u pick a vintage project 2 make, u still need 2 make it fashionable rite? i was confuse with their criteria or expectation becoz some of the entries are dated or costumy, and some are promy or really simple.

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    • Img_0844_large

      Dec 3, 2010, 01.21 AMby ladysophie

      yea I totally agree 100% with what your saying here. I knew if I made a vintage dress like what I was thinking of doing I would never wear it so there was no point because I wasn’t certain I would win. I don’t think we had to make it fashionable, maybe just wearable. I don’t know.

1 December

  • Photo_9__large

    Dec 1, 2010, 05.56 AMby nickcheung

    oh really! thats cool, u should definitely visit! we have a lot of cool fabric markets in hanoi, u would love them! i didnt get in the top 50 which is sad, mostly becoz in my opinion a lots of the entries dont seem to make me go woow. Anyway check out the blog section 2 see the top 50, i like 2 hear ur opinion >,^

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    • Img_0844_large

      Dec 2, 2010, 04.06 AMby ladysophie

      I was wondering about the fabric markets when I was thinking about your dresses and how you must of paid for the fabric. I would love to go to them! My mum bought back some really nice fabric that she made into a bedspread. But she ironed it and burnt it, she felt really stink.
      SAME!!! I saw this one dress and I was like yea mine is better than this and then I was sure I might have gotten one in but I didn’t !! I saw lots of average ones and I was like why did they get in and not me? Anyway I’ve come to the conclusion that ours weren’t vintage enough. I personally think mine and yours aren’t and I think if I had of copied a lets say 70’s dress that was really easy I probably would have gotten in. Its hard to win the contests. You never know what they are looking for. I’ve seen the top 50, but I did it quick looking for my own.

28 August

  • Meee_and_kelseeey_bmp_large

    Aug 28, 2010, 07.45 AMby Kelsey Edwards

    your welcome :) you should add me to your friends lol

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    • Img_0844_large

      Aug 29, 2010, 06.47 AMby ladysophie

      yea will do! :) lol these smiley faces are ugly!

26 August

  • Meee_and_kelseeey_bmp_large

    Aug 26, 2010, 03.54 AMby Kelsey Edwards

    i will keep an eye out, thanks :) there have been a few competitions lately but have all finished apart from the one i am entering, if i hear of any coming up i will let you know. or you could have a look online, you could try looking up young designers lol

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    • Img_0844_large

      Aug 27, 2010, 04.11 AMby ladysophie

      Okay thanks Kelsey!

  • Meee_and_kelseeey_bmp_large

    Aug 26, 2010, 02.37 AMby Kelsey Edwards

    hopefully it all works out :) i will have to tell my mum to look trademe but there is one i have had my eye on in town for $380 but its probably too expensive. i should find a competition were you win one lol i have gone totally blank on the competition name, i am thinking young designers but im pretty sure thats the one i didnt enter lol….. i really cant remember but i will find out next week.

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    • Img_0844_large

      Aug 26, 2010, 03.25 AMby ladysophie

      Yea well we have been looking on trade me for ages!! they normally go for round $350. We have bidded on alot and they all go for heaps! If you want one for cheap add Dressmakers Mannequin search to your email address so they send you emails every time one is put up. I’m pretty sure my mum read the email had a look and then we clicked the buy now. Otherwise it would have way gone over $280. I think an older lady was selling it and maybe she didn’t know how much they are worth.
      I may have heard of Young Designers before. I like entering sewing competitions but I never hear of any. Its a real pain. I’ve been waiting for one to come up for ages! Plus I dont go to school and they usually have some connected to school. :(

25 August

  • Meee_and_kelseeey_bmp_large

    Aug 25, 2010, 10.05 PMby Kelsey Edwards

    oh thats cool. whenever they are coming up i am like freaking out but then they arent that bad, i only have one to go now. yay! lucky, i want one so bad, i am hoping i will get one for christmas :) look forward to seeing your dress, im sure it will work out! i am working on a competition entry at the moment which i am so excited about but it is due in 3 weeks and i havent got anything finished yet! i will have to sew my little heart out lol

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    • Img_0844_large

      Aug 26, 2010, 02.28 AMby ladysophie

      yea i bet!
      yea I wanted one badly too! i got one of trade me for $280 which was such a bargain! It was a Purfex if you are famliar with the brand. hopefully I’m not too skinny for it. oh well I little bit shouldnt matter. yea I was just getting one for my birthday. we got a Purfex one already for my birthday but we didnt ask the size and it was way to big! that was really dumb.
      What competition are you entering?

21 August

  • Meee_and_kelseeey_bmp_large

    Aug 21, 2010, 11.37 PMby Kelsey Edwards

    oh how come you have never done an exam? your lucky i have maths and human biology tomorrow, just over 5 hours of exams in one day. its horrible!! they will be my 7th and 8th exams lol thanks for your comments on my projects, if there is ever something you would like my opinion on i would be happy to help :) what are you working on at the moment?

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    • Img_0844_large

      Aug 25, 2010, 08.52 PMby ladysophie

      I’m homeschooled. I enrolled with a School this year, and they send all your work to do at home. You can choose if you want to do exams or not. I choose not too. Sounds terrible!!! arrhhh! Hope you did well!
      Okay thanks!
      Well I’ve finally got a Mannequin, its just not been picked up yet. We have to go quite far to get it, so once we do I will work on this dress I tried to make with out it. Diaster. If it works out I will put it up.

10 August

  • Meee_and_kelseeey_bmp_large

    Aug 10, 2010, 07.34 AMby Kelsey Edwards

    tell me about it! way too much time is taken up by school, and prelim exams in a couple of weeks!! i am knitting an awesome scarf at the moment which i hafta finish before the last moments of winter flit away! i expect nothing but your honest opion! anything else isnt worth it lol, take your time :) kelsey

    1 Reply
    • Img_0844_large

      Aug 17, 2010, 11.52 PMby ladysophie

      Hi, I really want to do some sewing this afternoon but I’m not I can fit it in with my school! Oh exams are so dumb! I’ve heard about them but never done them before. They sound terrible! Well I have seen some of your projects but I haven’t commented yet. I’m really busy these days.

18 July

  • Meee_and_kelseeey_bmp_large

    Jul 18, 2010, 08.08 AMby Kelsey Edwards

    Hey, its so cool to find someone on this site from New Zealand too!! I come from Marlborough. I came across your profile when I was looking at the Denim Summer Dress by Sibeli, with the gorgeous ruffles!! Your ‘Guest Wedding Dress’ is simple yet elegant and I really like the fabric choice. I would love for you to look at my studio and let me know what you think of my projects! Thanks, Kelsey :)

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    • Img_0844_large

      Aug 8, 2010, 06.30 AMby ladysophie

      Yea thats awesome!! Theres not many people from NZ on here aye! Yea I remember commenting on that one!
      Thanks very much!
      I plan to add some more projects soon as I have been very unproductive. Either that or school works hogging all my time! lol.
      Hope you don’t mind my honest opinion!! I will have a look now if my computer loads the pages. Its getting old you see. Thanks for writing!! Sophie

14 May

  • Dsc_0895icelowres_-_copy_large

    May 14, 2010, 01.37 AMby melonhead

    Hey Sophie! How’ve you been? I’m going thrifting this weekend and it made me think of you. : )

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    • Img_0844_large

      May 14, 2010, 07.58 AMby ladysophie

      Hi!! I have been OK. As good as I get with all my headaches. But some good news has risen to the surface. A friend suggest I get my eyes tested, because they could be causing the headaches. So I have an appointment next week. It would seem very odd if I had to get glasses because it dosent run in the family. But anyway…..I have to get to the bottom of this.
      Oh thats awesome!! Hope you get some great bargains!! Mum got some ok fabric today. That was good.
      I was going to go today, but I decided I wouldnt and I would just do school, turns out my head hurt to much I couldnt focus. So yea =]

    • Dsc_0895icelowres_-_copy_large

      May 14, 2010, 08.53 PMby melonhead

      Aw I’m sorry, I’ll be praying that they get better. When I was in the 3rd grade I had headaches all the time and when I got glasses and they went away. That might be the problem. I think you’d look great in glasses! I’m going to update my glasses pretty soon, I’m going to get the big nerd glasses with big black frames. :D Yeah I found some great stuff! Aw well I hope getting your eyes checked will help. Headachs are never fun. : (

    • Img_0844_large

      May 16, 2010, 03.55 AMby ladysophie

      Oh really! I imagine they would be like Randy Jacksons glasses that he wears on American Idol. Hi are nice.
      Im glad you found something!
      Yea they aren’t fun, but Im going to be SOOO scared when I get my eyes checked!! Im so nervous.
      Right now Im working on a very complicated layered top. I havent made a top with sleeves before, and I cant wait! It has this really cool ruffle down the front and Im hoping with all the thinking I have done about it, that it will make it into my wardrobe and I will wear it. In my head it looks awesome. =]

    • Dsc_0895icelowres_-_copy_large

      May 16, 2010, 05.54 PMby melonhead

      Haha yeah kinda like his, but more of a 50s vibe to it. Aw don’t be scared. All what you have to do is look into these weird glasses that changes lenes and tell them which one is better. Cool sounds pretty. I love ruffles!

    • Img_0844_large

      May 18, 2010, 06.31 AMby ladysophie

      Oh dear you made me feel worse!! I was hoping it would be easier than that! ITS SOUNDS TERRIBLE…Im so terrified now!! Its sounds so difficult! Its going to go so bad I just know it. My mum will get real grumpy at me too! I can just see it! It sounds as bad as the dentist! but dont worry about me….life goes on =]

11 May

  • Missing

    May 11, 2010, 03.34 PMby joed

    hi sophie i"m yudhi from indonesia. I’m a pattern maker. add me as your frien. JESUS BLESS U

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    • Img_0844_large

      May 12, 2010, 03.38 AMby ladysophie

      Hi Yudhi! Oh awesome, you make patterns! Sure, will do!

9 May

  • Maya_kuzman_large

    May 9, 2010, 07.03 AMby sewella

    Hello Sophie and thank you on the beautiful comment you left on my top. To be honest I didn’t think of colouring the doily because I wanted it just like that… in that colour. However, I have like tons of doilies for other projects that might use a little dye. Thanks for suggesting!

    1 Reply
    • Img_0844_large

      May 9, 2010, 10.35 PMby ladysophie

      Yea I thought thats what you were thinking, because the colours together had a nice contrast. But I was definatly thinking for other projects. My mum made a table runner with rows of three doilies stitched together and its really beautiful. My friend also but a rectangle one on a pillow and it looked really nice among the others. My mums been visiting the Op shops so we can collect more for our projects! they are just so much fun!