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Ophelia K

Looking for man's shorts pattern.







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18 June

  • Missing

    Jun 18, 2010, 08.57 PMby geree

    Ophelia! Just looked through your “album”. You are a fantastic seamstress. Wish I had your sewing acuity. Did you take any fashion/sewing training, or is it Just your natural talents. I love your work, it’s feels so light-hearted and fresh.

    Thanks for sharing it.

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    • Img_6985_large

      Jun 20, 2010, 02.22 AMby Ophelia K

      Hello! Thank you! Such a sweet message!
      I had never taken a class, I bought sewing books for beginner and learned alot from that.
      My husband draws, so he is also my inspiration!

  • Cara_kiss_large

    Jun 18, 2010, 03.15 PMby caramia-made

    Congratulations on being the featured member Ophelia K! Your creations are fabulous!

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    • Img_6985_large

      Jun 20, 2010, 02.05 AMby Ophelia K

      Thank you! I am so excited:D

17 June

  • Big_tri_large

    Jun 17, 2010, 10.02 PMby cantare

    Your creations are adorable and well-made and so creative! You are a complete pro after only learning for a while, you have quite the skill! I’m glad I got to see your studio through the featured member!

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    • Img_6985_large

      Jun 20, 2010, 02.05 AMby Ophelia K

      Hello, thank you very much! I am still learning skills, but I definitely enjoy designing, cus there is no rules for it;) Glad you found me!!

  • Margesimpson18_large

    Jun 17, 2010, 10.06 AMby ellie-sew

    I’m happy to see that you are now a featured member! Congratulations!!! It surely encourages you to go on with wonderful creations. And you know: I am always curious of what is coming next from Ophelia’s studio.:-) Greetings, Ellie

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    • Img_6985_large

      Jun 20, 2010, 02.18 AMby Ophelia K

      Hey Ellie, thank you very much!! Oh yes, it lifted up my motivation higher! There are many things I want to make, and they care coming soon;)

16 June

  • Margesimpson18_large

    Jun 16, 2010, 09.47 AMby ellie-sew

    Hi Ophelia, I just popped in to see what’s new in general and voilà I found one of your adorable projects that inspires me so much! It is just great pleasure to watch your styles again and again. I wish I had more time to follow your inspirations. And by the way, you are completely right watching Julie and Julia.:-) Have a nice candy day! Greetings, Ellie Sew

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    • Img_6985_large

      Jun 16, 2010, 02.18 PMby Ophelia K

      Thank you so much for your message. I am so happy now. It’s great to know that my works are inspiring you. This is crazy, since I started sewing, I enjoy my day so much! Hope you find a time to play with your sewing machine;)
      Thanks, and you have a nice day too;) Ophelia

15 June

  • Maya_kuzman_large

    Jun 15, 2010, 10.57 AMby sewella

    Oh my! Thank you on the lovely compliment!! You are so sweet!

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    • Img_6985_large

      Jun 16, 2010, 10.30 AMby Ophelia K

      You’re welcome! Have a nice day!!

14 June

  • Image_large

    Jun 14, 2010, 04.39 PMby rifka

    Best of luck to you at the craft fair. You’ve been a very busy girl getting ready for it and I hope all your hard work pays off. I wish I could go and support you there. One day I’ll make it to Japan. Take pictures for us!

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    • Img_6985_large

      Jun 15, 2010, 02.50 AMby Ophelia K

      Thank you so much!! It’s very kind of you to say that!
      I have so much fabric shops that I can show you here, so let me know when you come here;) You won’t regret.
      I will take a picture and make a report of the carft fair later! Thankx alot!

13 June

  • Littlelady_large

    Jun 13, 2010, 02.00 AMby almalou

    Hi Ophelia, I just wanted to stop by and say that I love all your work! I always enjoy seeing what you come up with, and love all the little details you add to your garments. I adore your ‘Dress for a big girl.’ Good luck with the craft fair, I’m sure you’ll do very well! :-)


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    • Img_6985_large

      Jun 13, 2010, 07.53 AMby Ophelia K

      Hi Emma, thank you very much for your message. I am so glad to read what you felt about my work!!
      I will do my best at craft fair. Hope I can report something positive after the fair!

9 June

  • Masters-of-black-momu_large

    Jun 9, 2010, 08.19 PMby _Sarah _

    Hy Ophelia!

    Congratulations on your Dress for a big girl! I love it! I’m realy inspired! Where can I find/buy your pattern for this dress?



    1 Reply
    • Img_6985_large

      Jun 10, 2010, 03.47 AMby Ophelia K

      Hi Sarah, thank you for your message. I am glad that you like it.
      For the pattern, you can find Simplicity 6670 online.
      I modified it, and it’s unfortunatelly not on sale…

7 June

  • Missing

    Jun 7, 2010, 09.39 PMby tallykay

    Hey your little picture is soo cute! I wish i could could see it bigger! I love looking at all your work! Your a busy sewer!

    3 Replies
    • Img_6985_large

      Jun 8, 2010, 01.46 AMby Ophelia K

      Oh thank you! It was taken during my honeymoon:)
      I will upload it on my blog later then;)
      Well, I am at work now. 9 more hours to go….
      How is everything with you?

    • Missing

      Jun 8, 2010, 05.14 PMby tallykay

      Awwww you got married! Congratulations…This must have been recent huh? Well you were sure looking nice on your honeymoon…Did you buy your wedding dress or make it? Even thought i sew and my mom sews i still want to buy my wedding dress!

      I’m doing great but i am a little stressed…things are looking up thought so i think sunshine and happy days are just around the corner!
      I’m going to go look at your blog now…i don’t think i have ever been on it..

    • Img_6985_large

      Jun 9, 2010, 06.33 AMby Ophelia K

      Well, I actually got married in last year and honeymoon was in last Oct. But I love this picture, it can remind me how sweet time it was. Thank you for your word:)

      Sorry about your situation. I hope sunshine will turn your life fresher and brighter soon!

28 May

  • Missing

    May 28, 2010, 06.52 PMby tallykay

    your evil to ask that question…lol… the reason being because i am on too long to tell you. I would say about 3 hours…maybe a little less. How is your sewing going?

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    • Img_6985_large

      May 29, 2010, 03.49 AMby Ophelia K

      hehe I know, I spend so much time online, and feel like that where I live…
      I am now working on another dress, but very different style. Hope to finish and update it by tomorrow. How is yours?

25 May

  • Maya_kuzman_large

    May 25, 2010, 11.01 AMby sewella

    Thank you Ophelia on the lovely comment!

24 May

  • Tabani_large

    May 24, 2010, 08.09 AMby toril

    Hello Ophelia, Just wanted to say that I really like how feminine and ethereal your aesthetic is.

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    • Img_6985_large

      May 24, 2010, 09.47 AMby Ophelia K

      Hi Toril, Thank you so much!! I am happy to hear that!

17 May

  • Schwa_large

    May 17, 2010, 01.47 PMby seussian

    Hi Ophelia, I looked through your projects and thought I could comment on just one, but I can not!

    I love them all, Please keep sewing more.

    may God bless you today

    2 Replies
    • Img_6985_large

      May 19, 2010, 11.10 AMby Ophelia K

      Thank you very much! I am glad to see your message. I will update more and more:)

    • Schwa_large

      May 19, 2010, 12.34 PMby seussian

      you are very welcome and I look forward to see your next projects :)
      God bless you, M

10 May

  • Screen_shot_2013-06-05_at_1_29_10_am_large

    May 10, 2010, 06.03 PMby purplejb99

    Ophelia, I just LOVE all your work, everything you make is so adorable and polished! Can’t wait to see more from you, keep up the great posts. :)

  • Maya_kuzman_large

    May 10, 2010, 11.45 AMby sewella

    Thank you on the sweet comment you left on the ruffled shirt! Yes, I just wrote that I wish I had made one for me! It’s quite attractive! Love your blog – and will keep an eye on it!

    2 Replies
    • Img_6985_large

      May 10, 2010, 02.38 PMby Ophelia K

      Hello! Thank you too for your comment on my blog!
      I am trying to log my sewing projects so that I can work hard!
      Your blog is also very nice!! I am following you now;)

    • Maya_kuzman_large

      May 10, 2010, 03.39 PMby sewella

      Thank you!
      I know I am going to enjoy your creative space. I’ll be linking your blog!

24 April

  • Missing

    Apr 24, 2010, 05.50 PMby tallykay

    I’m sure nothing is wrong with you. DO you want to post what you made just so we can see what you were attempting to make? Keep it up, I know you have pure talent!

    2 Replies
    • Img_6985_large

      Apr 25, 2010, 10.26 AMby Ophelia K

      Hi, the problem is the size. I made the dress too big, and the tops too small. I usually follow Japanese Pattern, and this Burdastyle patterns is little tricky for me. Especially sizes.
      Well, it doesn’t worth to post.. I will give it another try anyway;)
      Thank you so much for your kind words!!

    • Missing

      Apr 25, 2010, 08.05 PMby tallykay

      ok looking forward to more of your projects…You are very talented!

22 April

  • 3_large

    Apr 22, 2010, 04.32 PMby nettevivante

    Oh, I would love to join you shopping fabrics in Japan!…実は、私は3年前日本に留学しました。草加市にある獨協大学で一学期日本語の勉強しました。春日部市の南じゃない?日本の布が大好き。私はその時、布をいっぱい買って、ドイツに持って帰国しました。^^ haha…that is why I really like your blog and started to follow it! So keep on! Happy sewing! ^^

    2 Replies
    • Img_6985_large

      Apr 23, 2010, 03.59 AMby Ophelia K

      Oh wow, you lived in Japan and in Soka? That’s pretty close!! 日本語がすごくキレイだから、驚きました。日本には1学期だけ住んでたの?
      日暮里はいいよね~ 私はいつか日暮里に住みたい♪


    • 3_large

      Apr 23, 2010, 01.52 PMby nettevivante




19 April

  • 5196510037_0646d0f80e_o_large

    Apr 19, 2010, 04.11 PMby kelepso

    Thanks for the nice comments Ophelia. :-)

18 March

  • Missing

    Mar 18, 2010, 11.24 AMby scheryka

    Maybe it’s just me but I have just found out how to get to your site. Or maybe it’s my (very) old, needs to be updated, laptop. Haha. But I am a follower now. I love your site, too.

    1 Reply
    • Img_6985_large

      Mar 20, 2010, 03.03 PMby Ophelia K

      Hey thank you for following!!
      I just have been busy these days and not be able to work on my stuff much:/ Hopefully I will update more!!

14 March

  • Missing

    Mar 14, 2010, 02.45 PMby tallykay

    wow! you are good at sewing! I added you as my friend so that i can see the projects that you make! I really like your pink dress!

    1 Reply
    • Img_6985_large

      Mar 15, 2010, 02.54 AMby Ophelia K

      Thank you Tallykay! I am very glad to hear that.
      About the pink dress, I just gave it to my friend because the size wasn’t perfect for me.
      Thanks for checking our my works!!