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Ophelia K

Looking for man's shorts pattern.







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28 November

  • Sh_july_2011_large

    Nov 28, 2012, 03.41 AMby smallfire

    Hey, haven’t seen your blog post on my reader for a long time…. starting to wonder how you’re doing…hope all is well.

13 March

  • Leather_bow_large

    Mar 13, 2011, 10.01 AMby Sewing And Style

    All my prayersr to your family and all people in Japan, it is devastating, please let us know you are safe

    2 Replies
    • Img_6985_large

      Mar 24, 2011, 06.42 AMby Ophelia K

      Oh dear, thank you! We are fine, and we evacuated to the States about 5 days ago. It was too much for us to stay there to face to stress and anxious everyday.. As we have a family here, we are staying with them. So I got my peace of mind back;)

    • Leather_bow_large

      Mar 29, 2011, 07.00 PMby Sewing And Style

      this is good news, I hope your family and friends back in Japan are ok, it is such a tradegy, noone deserves that, my thooughts are with ppl of Japan every day

12 March

  • Big_tri_large

    Mar 12, 2011, 08.38 PMby cantare

    I remembered that you live near Tokyo, and I pray that you, your husband, and your family and friends are safe after this terrible earthquake. Please let us know that you are ok and if there’s anything the community can do to help!

    1 Reply
    • Img_6985_large

      Mar 24, 2011, 06.41 AMby Ophelia K

      Thank you so much for your concern. We evacuated to the States about 5 days ago. It was too much for us to stay there to face to stress and anxious everyday.. As we have a family here, we are staying with them. I will update my status!! Thank you so much!

  • New_glasses_large

    Mar 12, 2011, 06.54 AMby lepetithoot

    Prayers for you and your family from the U.S. I hope you’re ok!

    1 Reply
    • Img_6985_large

      Mar 24, 2011, 06.40 AMby Ophelia K

      Thank you very much!! We evacuated to the States about 5 days ago. It was too much for us to stay there to face to stress and anxious everyday.. As we have a family here, we are staying with them. Now I’m ready for sewing something:)

1 December

  • 3_large

    Dec 1, 2010, 08.46 PMby nettevivante

    Congrats on being featured project of the week! That dress is just lovely! P.S.: Did you work on that animal bag we have seen on Etsy? I am working on the hedgehog one!

    5 Replies
    • Img_6985_large

      Dec 2, 2010, 02.02 AMby Ophelia K

      Hey Anette! I just realized it and yay! It made my day:) Thank you so much!
      Actually I haven’t started the bag yet. Are you working on hedgehog? How cute! I want to see it so much! Hope to get to work on mine soon as well!!

    • 3_large

      Dec 6, 2010, 12.05 PMby nettevivante

      Dear Ophelia! I am done and uploaded it onto my blog! Hope to see yours soon! :)

    • Img_6985_large

      Dec 6, 2010, 12.24 PMby Ophelia K

      Such a lovely work, Annette! I left a message on your blog;)
    • 3_large

      Dec 8, 2010, 01.53 PMby nettevivante

      Oh, I am so sorry to hear! I would have loved to see your cat, but actually, I am even more into birds! So keep your head up high and start again! :)

    • Img_6985_large

      Dec 9, 2010, 09.45 AMby Ophelia K

      Thank you Annette:) I will give it a try!!

19 October

  • Fe31dff8f3b024b2f80c0428a5ae2dd34ad4f556_large

    Oct 19, 2010, 11.59 AMby bussey

    Thanks a bunch for your explanation! And don’t worry about your being late in answering, you will never be as late as I am slow in sewing, and ultimating projects : P… keep your good job!

    1 Reply
    • Img_6985_large

      Oct 19, 2010, 12.38 PMby Ophelia K

      Thank you!! Once you finish your project, I would love to see it!! Good luck and happy stitching!!

17 October

  • 3864138084_1fb5db6c00_large

    Oct 17, 2010, 11.43 PMby Ruffles Gazebo

    hehe my activity said that too :s but more to the point. love your work :)

    1 Reply
    • Img_6985_large

      Oct 18, 2010, 10.09 AMby Ophelia K

      Thank you so much!! Let’s ignore the activity;)

  • 3_large

    Oct 17, 2010, 12.25 PMby nettevivante

    I have the same problem. It is kind of embarassing to make people think one is favoriting one’s own creation! O_o

    2 Replies
    • Img_6985_large

      Oct 18, 2010, 10.09 AMby Ophelia K

      I know. So I decided to keep my status like that:P Whenever I back to Burda, there is some problem… Sad.

    • 3_large

      Oct 18, 2010, 01.42 PMby nettevivante

      It really is…hopefully, they will come up with a solution, soon.
      Thank you so much for commenting on my blog! I feel very honored to be followed by you!

16 October

  • Ooobop_thatched_house_large

    Oct 16, 2010, 09.14 PMby janene

    Hi Ophelia, Im glad your activity reports the same… ie you keep favouriting your own projects… I was beginning to think I was the most egotistical member on board! I think we can safely assume that its a technical hitch! ;-)

    1 Reply
    • Img_6985_large

      Oct 17, 2010, 05.25 AMby Ophelia K

      Oh thank you for your response, friend!!! So glad it’s not only me. hehe I thought the same thing.

10 September

  • Fe31dff8f3b024b2f80c0428a5ae2dd34ad4f556_large

    Sep 10, 2010, 01.23 PMby bussey

    Hello Ophelia, as a novice and messy sewist I am conquered by your piano dress. Like many other Burdastylers I like it expecially in the cap-sleeves version…. and I would like recreating something similar. Yet I cannot figure out from your (however beautiful!) pics how they are constructed. Would you be so kind to explain it? Thank you a lot!!

    1 Reply
    • Img_6985_large

      Oct 17, 2010, 05.31 AMby Ophelia K

      Dear Bussey,
      I am sorry for my late late response.
      I attached the stripe fabric from side neckline (both side) and to make a cap sleeves, you need the fabric go under the dress shoulder and wrap your arm and take the fabric from under your arm and pull it to your back. Then pin it if you like. Oh I think my English is too bad to explain it. Can you get what I mean by this?? Thanks!

7 September

  • Hail_large

    Sep 7, 2010, 02.27 PMby gogmotobike

    Thanks so much! I’d love to visit Niporri sometime. Sounds like a blast

    1 Reply
    • Img_6985_large

      Sep 8, 2010, 08.43 AMby Ophelia K

      You’re welcome!!

12 August

  • Margesimpson18_large

    Aug 12, 2010, 08.49 AMby ellie-sew

    Hello Ophelia, Yes, I was in Vienna for vacation. And it really felt so good to do nothing but being lazy and strolling around this wonderful town. Meanwhile I visited the other your other websites. It is amazing! I love your enormous creativity! Your piano dress f.ex. is really fancy! I am currently working on a blouse with a smoked waist line which I had to break for the moment as I am not at my place. But I miss my sewing machine.;-) Hope, you are fine and wish you a nice rest of the week. Ellie

    1 Reply
    • Img_6985_large

      Aug 14, 2010, 12.54 PMby Ophelia K

      Hi Ellie, that sounds so good. I wanna get out of here for vacation too! Thank you for browsing my website. I still have to work on posting here, I will!
      Smoked waist seems so cute. I wanna see how it’s like! I will be checking your post;) You have a great weekend, friend! Ophelia

6 August

  • Margesimpson18_large

    Aug 6, 2010, 12.20 PMby ellie-sew

    Hi Ophelia, just a short message from the other side. I have not been here for a while. First I had some problems to log in, then I spent some days in Vienna. Now I am back and was of course nosy of what was new in your studio. It is like a huge wardrobe containing so many surprises. Hope, you enjoyed the movie.:-) Greetings, Ellie Sew

    1 Reply
    • Img_6985_large

      Aug 11, 2010, 12.27 AMby Ophelia K

      Hello Ellie!
      Thank you for your message! So you had been away for vacation! That’s great! Hope you refreshed!
      I had a same problem here to log in. So after that problem, I haven’t really used this website. I just feel lazy to update on my blog and burda, flickr, and deviantart all in once. So, at least I am active on my blog.
      It’s so great to talk to you anyway! Hope to see your new work soon;)

23 July

  • P8111284_large

    Jul 23, 2010, 11.36 AMby thebluest

    Hi Ophelia! I saw your projects and I liked them all. Because I have a hurry I couldn’t mark them as my favourite. and I forgot names so easily:( So I added you as a friend to be able to see your projects next time. I hope it is ok. Is it?

    1 Reply
    • Img_6985_large

      Jul 24, 2010, 06.51 AMby Ophelia K

      Sure!! I am glad you added me as a friend. Thank you!!

7 July

  • Devi-id_large

    Jul 7, 2010, 05.09 AMby yunniecorn

    :] I read about your craft fair! I’m glad you sold some dresses and it’s a great experience right? I’ll be waiting for more pretty dresses.

    1 Reply
    • Img_6985_large

      Jul 7, 2010, 10.09 AMby Ophelia K

      Yeah, it was a good experience that I had never had. So I just go ahead making more dresses! Thanks Yunnie!

6 July

  • Margesimpson18_large

    Jul 6, 2010, 11.55 AMby ellie-sew

    Hello Ophelia,

    Finally it’s done. After having been quite busy the last few days, I finished my “tribute to Ophelia-shirt” yesterday: http://www.burdastyle.com/projects/basic-shirt-with-the-w-hole-works Maybe you like it.;-)

    Thanks for your great projects! Greetings, Ellie

    1 Reply
    • Img_6985_large

      Jul 7, 2010, 02.32 AMby Ophelia K

      Ellie!! Big hug from Japan! I am so glad to see your project with hole:)
      It’s quite pretty and the jersey material and color combination is so perfect. I love to wear that.
      Of course I love it!


5 July

  • Img_3617_large

    Jul 5, 2010, 04.54 AMby nana3131

    Ophelia I’d love to own one of your dresses!

    1 Reply
    • Img_6985_large

      Jul 5, 2010, 10.30 AMby Ophelia K

      Nana, thank you very much! How nice to hear that in this situation!

1 July

  • Sh_july_2011_large

    Jul 1, 2010, 03.21 PMby smallfire

    Sleep! Have fun in the craft fair. ^^ Good luck~!

    1 Reply
    • Img_6985_large

      Jul 1, 2010, 10.00 PMby Ophelia K

      Alright! I slept 5 hours, not bad;) Thank you, I am now leaving!

  • 3_large

    Jul 1, 2010, 03.18 PMby nettevivante

    私もあ~てぃすとマーケットに見に行きたいな~!残念で、無理だよね!O_o それなのに、成功を祈りたいと思ってる。いっぱい洋服を売るように!^^ じゃあ、早く寝てね!とても面白い日になるから!元気でね!

    1 Reply
    • Img_6985_large

      Jul 1, 2010, 10.01 PMby Ophelia K

      本当に来れたらよかったね~ 成功を祈っていてくれてありがとう!ちょっと不安だけど、がんばってくるね。少しでも売れるといいな。

  • 1005826_10151653432996130_1274996124_n_large

    Jul 1, 2010, 01.19 PMby wishofhappiness

    Good luck with the craft fair! I’m sure it will go well and that you will sell lots! Keep sewing! p.s. your dresses are becoming an inspiration for me!

    1 Reply
    • Img_6985_large

      Jul 1, 2010, 10.03 PMby Ophelia K

      Hi ya! Thank you so much! I hope so, I really do. Okay, I am leaving now. Wish me luck, well you already did:P Oh, I am glad that my work is inspiring you!!! Thanks!!

30 June

  • Maya_kuzman_large

    Jun 30, 2010, 10.21 AMby sewella

    Dear Ophelia! I am so happy that you like my bouquet! I’ve seen bridal fabric bouquets and they are really BREATHTAKING! And that is one great idea! Having a fabric bouquet! Pity I didn’t have one when I got married! That would have been something!! :)-

29 June

  • Img_3617_large

    Jun 29, 2010, 10.59 PMby nana3131

    Ophelia on hot days here in Georgia I drink a really nice cup of Jasmine tea.

    1 Reply
    • Img_6985_large

      Jun 30, 2010, 09.16 AMby Ophelia K

      That’s what I had never thought of. Great idea, thanks!!

  • Bssquare_large

    Jun 29, 2010, 02.29 PMby marcy harriell | oonaballoona

    to answer your question… oolong!

    1 Reply
    • Img_6985_large

      Jun 30, 2010, 09.15 AMby Ophelia K

      I LOVE!!! Thanks!

  • Hair_025_large

    Jun 29, 2010, 11.13 AMby hargismom

    Iced green tea with honey!

    1 Reply
    • Img_6985_large

      Jun 30, 2010, 09.14 AMby Ophelia K

      Wooo, I had never tried it. I have both, and gotta try it out! Thanks!

28 June

  • Image_large

    Jun 28, 2010, 10.29 PMby rifka

    Thank you for your sweet sentiment. The feeling is mutual! I admire your creativity and sense of style as well. Maybe not sisters, but at least we can continue to offer one another inspiration!

    How was the craft fair?

    1 Reply
    • Img_6985_large

      Jun 29, 2010, 04.06 AMby Ophelia K

      You’re welcome. Yes, I am looking forward your next project!
      Craft fair is coming on this weekend! I finished making photo catalog, and well, might make more accessories.

27 June

  • Eb882cf3947765ff90adf9d40522a23e56385a98_large

    Jun 27, 2010, 08.21 AMby gray

    A bodice… hmmm I have some lovely material and a pattern I printed off from burda (ha ha ha ha- the print came out too big, the 10cm square is about 11 cm) so I might just try a bodice/shirt dress… with the lovely circle detail at the neck…. then again maybe a less fussy pattern might be better. Hmmm.

    Do you draught your own dresses or base them on patterns and work from there? Also did you have training in any way? I always find it interesting to see how talented people have learnt!

    Thanks for answering me, just by the way! =)

    1 Reply
    • Img_6985_large

      Jun 29, 2010, 04.04 AMby Ophelia K

      It’s good to use a pattern fit well with your body.

      I have my basic bodice pattern and always use it to modify. When I started sewing, I bought some basic sewing books, and since then I have been trying whatever I am interested in. I normally don’t enjoy looking for a project has all descriptions and just follow them. I love to design something and make it as close as possible.


26 June

  • 2_dsc_1140_large

    Jun 26, 2010, 08.53 AMby magdamagda

    i just checked your projects and i must say i’m impressed! keep up the good work! :)

    1 Reply
    • Img_6985_large

      Jun 29, 2010, 03.50 AMby Ophelia K

      Hello! Thank you very much!! I will do my best!

22 June

  • Devi-id_large

    Jun 22, 2010, 05.18 PMby yunniecorn

    Hehe! Hey Kayo, I decided to check out this site from your tweets. It’s an awesome site where I can see all the cool things people made of different levels of difficulty. Gives me a lot of inspiration of my own projects :]

    1 Reply
    • Img_6985_large

      Jun 26, 2010, 04.29 AMby Ophelia K

      Hey Yunnie! Glad you came here! I am usually active here. So reach me anytime;)
      I have my craft fair coming in next weekend and all these preparation is pretty hectic… Well, it will be fun though. Hope you and Charles are doing well!

21 June

  • Bssquare_large

    Jun 21, 2010, 10.59 PMby marcy harriell | oonaballoona

    how cool to see my dress in your top ten! it was the 2nd dress i’d ever made, sadly it’s 3,000 miles away from me in a box in los angeles :(

    as always, love your creations! oona

20 June

  • Profilepic4_large

    Jun 20, 2010, 10.51 AMby carolyn-s

    Your work is beautiful! Congratulations on getting featured member, and I’m so glad you did so I could see all your lovely creations!