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wishes she had more time to follow through with her projects...







10 August, 2012

  • 04:23 PM

    ivorynoire commented on the technique How To Draft A Peplum

    This tutorial assumes your front and back pieces have the exact same waist measurement, which isn’t always the case. To make sure both peplum pieces fit the rest of your pattern, check the waist me…

14 July, 2012

10 July, 2012

22 December, 2011

19 December, 2011

17 December, 2011

15 December, 2011

11 December, 2011

22 November, 2011

16 November, 2011

15 November, 2011

9 November, 2011

25 October, 2011

1 December, 2010

15 May, 2010

  • 10:29 AM

    ivorynoire commented on the project hygenic corset

    I’m thinking one might also sweat less in this one, and that might be considered more hygienic. With the hole in the middle and on the sides as well, it might be less sweaty than the normal kind. A…

29 December, 2009

  • 08:00 AM

    ivorynoire commented on the project Melissa

    Perhaps not quite my style, but it looks easy and, especially with a dress option included, the price seems right this time. :) Nice to have something positive to comment for a change.

23 December, 2009

20 December, 2009

15 December, 2009

  • 10:51 AM

    ivorynoire commented on the project Jenny Variation B: Skirt With Bow

    Oh, now I understand why the Kiki dress didn’t show any of the variations! They’ll be added as new projects in the coming weeks…

    I like the skirt though but I do agree, it’s quite a small variat…

8 December, 2009

  • 09:56 PM

    ivorynoire commented on the project Kiki

    You mention 3 variations, but are the other 2 anywhere to be seen?

3 December, 2009

18 November, 2009

  • 03:24 PM

    ivorynoire commented on the project The Tikva Trench

    Even though I usually find the Burdastyle patterns rather awkward or falling into the category “Why make if you can buy similar for cheaper than the fabric”, this one stands out. It’s original and …

28 October, 2009

  • 11:15 AM

    ivorynoire commented on the article The BurdaStyle Resource Map!

    “- Have a favorite local sewing store you think others should know about?
    If you fall in any of these categories, the BurdaStyle Resource Map is made for you!”

    Why do you mention this if the store…

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