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16 February

  • El_large

    Feb 16, 2014, 11.25 PMby Ellen Hatteland

    Hi ifkagljifka, Thank you for favoring my project! Happy sewing :)

16 January

  • Image_large

    Jan 16, 2014, 07.31 AMby irmasyafitri1

    thank you have favorited my project :)

27 November

  • Gafas_pequenna_londres_large

    Nov 27, 2013, 05.26 PMby dgprado

    Hi ifkagljifka! Thanks for favouriting my project!

5 December

  • Image_large

    Dec 5, 2012, 06.35 PMby panifrau

    Pattern for felt basket has been added and is now ready to download

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    • Brigitte_bardot_1999_09_28_large

      Dec 8, 2012, 11.20 AMby ifkagljifka

      oh hoh ho..
      thank you!!!!

17 May

  • Img_0509omena_large

    May 17, 2012, 04.35 AMby Rikamekko

    Thank you for favoriting my technique : )How’s your thing? I hope your’re fine : ) For me,we’ll have an annular eclipse on 21th in japan.Have you ever seen that kind of appearing?I’ve never seen.

29 March

  • Img_0509omena_large

    Mar 29, 2012, 04.18 AMby Rikamekko

    Thank you for favoriting roll curtain^^ How’s your sewing machines going after that.. : )? I hope everything for you is going well.How’s the weather there?Have a nice day : )

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    • Brigitte_bardot_1999_09_28_large

      Apr 6, 2012, 02.30 PMby ifkagljifka

      i simply love ur projects!i’m using this one i have for now i have to wait for some extra cash in order to fix it bu i’m mange somehow!since the spring came and all the colours and smells of nature i’m most of the time spendg putside of the house!i love it!every day is getting warmer and, u can sit outside on the sun in a short sleeves, with a mild breeze!today is rainy but that’s good for our herbs, fruits and vegetables garden!

    • Img_0509omena_large

      Apr 10, 2012, 05.14 AMby Rikamekko

      Thank you for your reply^^You are really smart with it! Oh Croatian spring is intresting! I can see its scenery in my head.Maybe you love spring best in the four season ; ))?

19 March

  • Img_0509omena_large

    Mar 19, 2012, 04.09 AMby Rikamekko

    I’m sorry to hear about your sew-machine..sew machine is really useful but sometimes changeable..I hope there come up nice solutions for you or the machine will be back to normal.. :)

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    • Brigitte_bardot_1999_09_28_large

      Mar 21, 2012, 08.09 PMby ifkagljifka

      heyy so nice to her from u…i managed to fix one by myself, so now i wait for the chance to fix the other one in a shop!!!i hope it will be soon cause the spring is here, and i need some new stuff!!!
      good luck with your projects!!!

    • Img_0509omena_large

      Mar 22, 2012, 03.50 AMby Rikamekko

      Hi,thank you so much for your reply : )I’m happy for you that you managed to fix one,bravo!And I hope the other one is repaired safety soon.Have a good spring!And thank you for taking care me,too.You’re so gentle,I’m looking forward to see your projects!^^

17 March

  • Beavers_large

    Mar 17, 2012, 08.23 PMby Flore Ama

    Sorry to hear about the machines, but it would be cheaper to just buy an ex-demonstration from the manufacturers direct because they come with 3 year warranties anyway and are going to work even longer. I wouldnt repair try to sell them to get at least one almost new.

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    • Brigitte_bardot_1999_09_28_large

      Mar 21, 2012, 08.24 PMby ifkagljifka

      heyy, thak u for contacting me(i guess i needed some words of comfort… )
      sorry, what is ex-demonstration?!dont find it in a book, but my logic tells me it a almost un-used machine which was used for demonstration of product while new model or smt. like that!?!?
      aand where can i check for that!
      if it is that what i think it is, i dont think it is possible to find mth. like that in zagreb, maybe in UK?

27 February

  • Img_0509omena_large

    Feb 27, 2012, 05.11 AMby Rikamekko

    Thank you for favoriting my project^^How was your last week?About the scarf I’m knitting now,it’s hard to step forward…^^;When I think I’m knitting well,I notice stitchless part,so I unstitch and restart from first step.Umm,long step,but I do it!Have a nice week^^

    4 Replies
    • Brigitte_bardot_1999_09_28_large

      Feb 27, 2012, 04.05 PMby ifkagljifka

      i have un advice for u(if u want to try it)! if it happens again that u droped one stich or missed to do it! try not to go all the way back there and rip it all, because as u said doing it all over again and again it’s quite frustrating and u loose a lot of time to repeat and repeat it, and then u start to hate the scarf instead of loving it!!!hehe
      so in future, if u don’t put a stich on a place where u should, keep going forward by doing the stiches normally until u reach that point above where u missed a spot. From there u fix it like this: in this line just stop before it and then use the missed stich and the wool hangining from the scarf to make a new stich. when u do it, and this stich is on the other side of needle, just quickly put it back on left side and then do it again one more time and keep knitting as if nothing happened, and really it will then appear as if nothing happened there!i dont know if i was understandable????if not tell me and i’ll try to explane it to u again…i’m not so good in explaining in english but i can try it…
      let me know how did u manage if u do try to fix it this way!

    • Img_0509omena_large

      Feb 28, 2012, 11.35 AMby Rikamekko

      Hi! Thank you so much for your explaination and taking your precious time for me! Well,it’s a bit challenging : )Like keep knitting avobe untill dropped stitch. And knitting from another side to dropped stitch? “stich is on the other side of needle, just quickly put it back on left side and then do it again one more”Could you explain this sentences other way again?Sorry my understanding ability.. Have a nice day!

    • Brigitte_bardot_1999_09_28_large

      Feb 29, 2012, 11.40 AMby ifkagljifka

      You ‘re wellcome, but it is not a problem don’t worry… :)
      and i understand that it is hard to understand what i wanted to explane, but i’ll try again…
      so if you see a droped stich somewhere in yout knit, u need to keep knitting until you reach the point above lost stich and stop there.(like, if the lost stich is in the middle of your knit, you have to knit all the way to the middle, exactly above the spot you have missed it, and then work from there).
      I think this will be easier, cause i tried to explain it in different way but i didnt know how so thi is what i found on u tube,
      It shows how to do it as well. Becasue it is hard to explaint things like that if u dont see it.


      i hope it helps…
      enjoy this day :)

    • Img_0509omena_large

      Mar 2, 2012, 05.08 AMby Rikamekko

      Thank you for your re-reply : )You’re ver kind,I could understood the points “if you see a droped stich somewhere in yout knit, u need to keep knitting until you reach the point above lost stich and stop there”.Thank you for the url : )Now I see!The woman of the video used crochet needle,I found out how to sitch dropped line using crochet needle by the video.Thank you : )I think I can do it : )I’ll try to find the way in japanese in case.I appriciate you^^Have a great day : )

12 February

  • Img_0509omena_large

    Feb 12, 2012, 02.09 AMby Rikamekko

    Thank you for favoriting souleiado pants : )I started to knit muffler using knitting needle.But It doesn’t go well.Maybe takes time untill next season..Have a great Sunday!

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    • Brigitte_bardot_1999_09_28_large

      Feb 16, 2012, 05.35 PMby ifkagljifka

      so you started to knitt! that’s good, dont give up, and you’ll find your way! i know for sure that there are some tutorials for it on you tube, so maybe it will be helpfull try to find some sipmle way of doing it! the start is the hardest but as in everything in life by praticing u will find the way that is the best for you, and even if it is not by the book, it’s also right!so when u manage to do the basics, from then on u will end up with having some ideas on your own, and when that happens u will be able to say i know how to knit, and u can be really proud of your self! cant wait to see how will your scarf look like!!! buon knitting-voyage!!!!

    • Img_0509omena_large

      Feb 18, 2012, 04.08 AMby Rikamekko

      Hi!Thank you for your reply^^and thank you for those encourage words! I’ll try to finish making definitely even though time would take much.Oh youtube maybe useful for me : )The muffler is garter stitch,have you tried garter stitch?When I knitted 3 lines.the stitch got strange.so I re-started from scratch.But I think trying many times will get me progressed. I also like to see your project : ) Let’s have fun knitting life each other : D Have a nice weekend!

    • Brigitte_bardot_1999_09_28_large

      Feb 19, 2012, 08.41 PMby ifkagljifka

      well enchouragement works for me so i thaought it may be helpfull!
      i have never tried garter stich, but now i went to see it on utube and i like it, i think i will try it!!!
      in these last monthx i didnt knitt at all, because of the university exams :/
      but now i’m starting again!
      lets do it!

    • Img_0509omena_large

      Feb 20, 2012, 02.14 AMby Rikamekko

      Hi! Oh you’re intrested in garter stitch,nice^^Hope your good luck with your exam!

15 January

  • Img_0509omena_large

    Jan 15, 2012, 02.17 AMby Rikamekko

    Thank you for favoriting my project again : )Please have a nice sunday!

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    • Brigitte_bardot_1999_09_28_large

      Jan 15, 2012, 04.21 PMby ifkagljifka

      and you as well!!!!!!

11 January

  • My_fav1_copy_large

    Jan 11, 2012, 07.18 PMby Stitchless

    Thanks for the favourite, Tree

7 January

  • Img_0509omena_large

    Jan 7, 2012, 03.32 AMby Rikamekko

    Thank you again for favoriting my project : )

4 December

  • Img_0509omena_large

    Dec 4, 2011, 01.00 AMby Rikamekko

    Thank you for adding me as your friend^^I saw your project,that’s great cap! I noticed that your profile picture, there is like a japan island in the picture,you can see^^?around middle of picture.

    4 Replies
    • Brigitte_bardot_1999_09_28_large

      Dec 5, 2011, 12.28 PMby ifkagljifka

      He he, you’re welcome…Thank u for nice oppinion on my hat…
      This photo is taken from an aeroplane, above Italy, and the island on this picrure is actually Venezia!I took it in a spring time, and it look like it is from 70s or 80s, and i love it!Yeah, and it’s true that the smaller island looks like Japan… :)

    • Img_0509omena_large

      Dec 6, 2011, 11.53 PMby Rikamekko

      Hello,thank you for your reply.Oh that picture is Venezia!The picture is taken beautifully indeed^^By the way,you can knit^^what a talented of you ! I’m trying to let me know that technic from my mom.

    • Brigitte_bardot_1999_09_28_large

      Dec 7, 2011, 02.09 PMby ifkagljifka

      Thank you…i know how to knit and crochet before i’ve learned how to writte, cause my granny thaught me…and i dont find it hard!i hope u will manage to learn it and make a beautifull things for your self and your freinds and family!

    • Img_0509omena_large

      Dec 8, 2011, 02.42 AMby Rikamekko

      You’re smart to get how to knit.I’ve tried that several times.But it didn’t go well every time.It’s so hard to knit..^^;But thank you for your comment.I hope I’d knit something nice and up the burda style^^I’m looking forward to more your project ; ))

3 December

  • Img_0509omena_large

    Dec 3, 2011, 12.08 AMby Rikamekko

    Thank you for favoriting my project^^

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    • Brigitte_bardot_1999_09_28_large

      Dec 3, 2011, 12.54 PMby ifkagljifka

      i didnt know u can see i favorited it..hehe…
      you’re wellcome!