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14 July

  • Summer_breeze_top_thumb_large

    Jul 14, 2011, 07.06 PMby 1sewingprincess

    Hi Gina, thanks for sharing the Mono tie top pattern. It’s a great project. I just wanted to mention that I had an issue with printing. It seems that the page size is not correctly set. So I can only print out the text but not the actual pattern modification. I thought I should let you know

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    • Img_0260_large

      Jul 15, 2011, 02.37 AMby ginasophia

      in order to download the pattern you may first go to my project, then click download pattern, once the pattern downloads in your “My Account” “Purchase History” section your select “Print at Home” and you should have the one page pattern. I just tested this and it seems to work, I hope this helps and sorry for the confusion.

27 June

  • Avatar3_large

    Jun 27, 2011, 01.31 PMby carottesauvage

    Hello Gina Sophia! Thanks for your comment again. It made my day! Are you involved in the Burdastyle book? I hope you are so I meet you at the launch party! Best wishes

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    • Img_0260_large

      Jun 27, 2011, 04.04 PMby ginasophia

      it was well warranted! And I am, I certainly will see you there :)

    • Avatar3_large

      Jun 27, 2011, 04.22 PMby carottesauvage

      Oh I must have missed your warrant, I have been on and off sewing and Burdastyle this year… coolio
      I have been sparing money for my plane ticket..

14 June

  • Maya_kuzman_large

    Jun 14, 2011, 05.03 PMby sewella

    Thank you so much!

21 August

  • Missing

    Aug 21, 2010, 05.28 AMby cuba1jm

    Hello! I LOVE your Scarf Hoodie. Can you pls tell me what pattern you used or your directions? I would love to make one for myself!! Thnx!!!!

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    • Img_0260_large

      Aug 21, 2010, 02.28 PMby ginasophia

      I actually drafted the pattern myself, but I have had other requests for it so I think I will work on uploading a pattern with directions in the upcoming weeks!

3 August

  • Img_0561bwsq_large

    Aug 3, 2010, 08.26 AMby Zyanya Walker

    hey. i dont want to give away the secret since i sell them but if you do a google search im sure you will find something :)

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    • Img_0260_large

      Aug 3, 2010, 02.01 PMby ginasophia

      i completely understand! where do you sell them? etsy?

    • Img_0561bwsq_large

      Aug 3, 2010, 10.23 PMby Zyanya Walker

      I will be selling them there soon after i figure out some other things :) they will be about $25 and $35 for satin or velvet ones.

15 April

  • Letterbicon_large

    Apr 15, 2010, 10.28 PMby burdastyle

    Hi Gina, please check your email related to your BurdaStyle account.

5 April

  • 1_large

    Apr 5, 2010, 05.28 PMby ashchaser

    Literally 1.5 minutes ago I was just reading about how Machu Picchu was very recently reopened, and was daydreaming about how awesome it would be to be there. I am SOOOO JEALOUS! Was it everything you wanted and more? I’m sure you had oodles of fun!

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    • Img_0260_large

      Apr 5, 2010, 05.54 PMby ginasophia

      Yeah! We have been waiting for the rains to end and everything to start up again and it was amazing. Perfect weather and simply incredible!!!

19 March

  • Mother_large

    Mar 19, 2010, 11.07 PMby sewobsessed

    I absolutely love your stuff. I also love that you use the Stylish Dress Book. I have both books and have been looking at them and admiring all of the designs. I read somewhere that they do not include seam allowances, is that true? Also did you measure the flat pattern to figure your size? Any pointers you could give me would be appreciated! Thank you in advance. Keep up the good work I am sure that you inspire many people with your clothing. I wish you lived next door.

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    • Img_0260_large

      Apr 5, 2010, 06.03 PMby ginasophia

      I am sorry to be replying so late, I somehow missed your comment!
      It is true, there are no seam allowances included so beware!! And I do measure them flat to double check because the patterns are so simple it is easy to see how they will come together, but I also follow the sizing guide to an extent… usually I end up altering a little to add a bit of fit. I also find that I mix the patterns a lot. I will swap sleeves or neck finishings to suit my garment best. It is great with these books because they all have the same basic pattern blocks.

      And thank you so much, and I am glad I can inspire someone even a little because I get so so much inspiration form this online community.

  • Beach_baby_ii_large

    Mar 19, 2010, 07.05 PMby seasidelaundry

    A note to add to trouser comment about top stitching. You would do so well with it. Training the eye to follow a line becomes automatic-the edge of the foot against the seam or other stitching. Sometimes I cheat with painter’s tape. I am not skilled, just love the look because it fools people-they are certain your garment was store bought! My practice came doing aircraft seats-yikes-leather! So sweet-all the NYC lovers are now attaching you to the city. Good for NYC!

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    • Img_0260_large

      Mar 19, 2010, 08.18 PMby ginasophia

      thank you so much for the top stitching tip, (the painters tape is such a great idea)! I have been practicing and plan on attempting to add it to those trouser jeans of mine.

    • Beach_baby_ii_large

      Mar 19, 2010, 08.43 PMby seasidelaundry

      In the case of those trousers-they are amazing as is!

11 March

  • Img_0844_large

    Mar 11, 2010, 04.14 AMby ladysophie

    HI! I added you as one of my friends so just in case I add my reconstucted stretchy dress, it will be in your activity page. I see that you live in New York!! That is really cool!! I have been as close to New York, as 20 mins away, but I never got to go to the City. It was such a shame because I would just love to! And to think you live there, thats pretty cool!

9 March

  • Default_large

    Mar 9, 2010, 05.11 PMby littlemissny

    I really love your sewing projects!!! They’re all so cute!!! Just great!! :D

    And I love new york!! my dream: to go there anytime!! :D

18 February

  • Img_0024_large

    Feb 18, 2010, 12.46 AMby Natalia *

    I know the feeling all too well. (In response to your status)

15 February

  • Cara_kiss_large

    Feb 15, 2010, 06.07 AMby caramia-made

    Ohhhh I just googled Arequipa and it looks AMAZING!!! We will definitely have to plan a stop there for a few days… I will make sure to scout out some of the markets for some textiles – I can’t wait!!! Hope you enjoy the rest of your stay! =)

13 February

  • Cara_kiss_large

    Feb 13, 2010, 05.54 PMby caramia-made

    Hey just wondering where in Peru you are finding all those awesome fabrics? My hubby and I are talking about going backpacking through Peru, Chile and Argentina later this fall. I’ll be sure to leave room in my pack for FABRIC shopping!!! =)

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    • Img_0260_large

      Feb 13, 2010, 07.14 PMby ginasophia

      I am staying in Arequipa, a really lovely city in the south. I usually shop in the San Camilo Market, but you will find here (like in nyc) there is a fabric district! I certainly hope you get to come to South America, it has been amazing for me!!

22 January

  • Eb882cf3947765ff90adf9d40522a23e56385a98_large

    Jan 22, 2010, 12.20 PMby gray

    I have to completely agree with Stefilu! I like your style a lot! Have you been sewing a long time? Really great projects.

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    • Img_0260_large

      Jan 25, 2010, 01.33 AMby ginasophia

      Thank you! I’ve been sewing for about a year and a half, but I am on a bit of a hiatus now!

  • Queen-annes-lace_large

    Jan 22, 2010, 12.32 AMby stefilu

    Thank you :) You have a great portfolio of beautiful sewing projects

23 November

  • Img_20160502_133039_large

    Nov 23, 2009, 02.23 AMby elisana

    Thanks for the explanation! a tute would be great! i got some chiffon and was thinking about making a shirred dress for my daughter, but wasn’t quite sure how to line it.

    the good thing about LB is that summers are a bit cooler than the city, and winters a bit warmer :)


22 November

  • Dsc09336_large

    Nov 22, 2009, 10.48 AMby Laura Jane

    all your work is really good ! how did u gt featured thats amazing!! i love the box pleat skirt x

19 November

  • Img_20160502_133039_large

    Nov 19, 2009, 03.25 PMby elisana

    Hi Gina, I love your creations. I saw your chiffon shirred dress and wanted to ask a question: did you do the shirring with both the main fabric and the lining together? how / where did you attach the lining to the fabric? your dress is so versatile!

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    • Img_0260_large

      Nov 19, 2009, 09.02 PMby ginasophia

      This dress was super easy. I did attach the lining and shell, simply by shirring them together! I think I will make a simple tutorial for it sometime in the near future to make things clear.
      Thank you so much for your comment and questions, I hope I helped.

      (ps I made it specifically for my trips to your hometown long beach! I hope the recent weather hasn’t been too brutal)

10 November

  • Missing

    Nov 10, 2009, 08.18 PMby joanrobinson

    Hey Gina, thanks for your compliment about my zebra sequin skirt! For some reason, when I reply to you about the skirt, it doesn’t post, I have no idea why, so I am going to try here. . .

    I bought the fabric from fabric.com about a year ago on sale at def. under $10 a yard. I was a little intimidated by sequins too, but it turns out it is pretty much like any other delicate fabric, except for its tendency to unravel and make a sparkly mess. So I just quickly zig-zagged over the edge of each piece before doing anything else.

    If you made one, let me know!! joan

23 October

  • Missing

    Oct 23, 2009, 04.04 PMby strickmeise

    Thank you for your nice comment on Bela’s baptizing suit. It’s a wonderful felling, that the big work is successful. Thank you

16 October

  • Me_large

    Oct 16, 2009, 01.30 PMby djoule

    Hey ! Thanks a lot for the nice comment on my danielle :)

15 October

  • Ac4a70405d8b457fbb40090c28f2b6342de79bda_large

    Oct 15, 2009, 03.33 AMby alazycalm

    Thanks – I just feel like… what’s the point of sewing something yourself if you can’t put pockets in?? heehee, well I’m kind of kidding, but I do love pockets a little too much! :)

7 July

  • Bs_large

    Jul 7, 2009, 10.08 AMby hasi

    Hi, thanks for your comment on my pyjama pants. I took a burda pant pattern (it was in the june issue) and made a waistband of double laid fabric and took a silk band to tighten the pants. Hope you understand, my english ist not really good :-)

29 April

  • 8ab9509d9fa33e712edcdf947fa2c60d55949dc3_large

    Apr 29, 2009, 04.10 PMby alizon

    Hey, thanks for your comment on my bags…the seams on the bottom corners are angular, I did the sides first and then the bottom :)

24 April

  • Zdj_cie066_large

    Apr 24, 2009, 04.14 AMby skwarynia

    Thank you very much for adding my greish grey top to your favourites:D:D